New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated March 2019

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Kate Sander, editorial director, at

AGC Heat Transfer Inc.
Bristow, Virginia

Contact: George Adams, director of sales, 503-887-2933; email:, website:

New products: AGC Heat Transfer Inc. is launching the Pro5Snap plate as a direct replacement and upgrade for the R5 and AGC Pro5 style plate.

The Pro5Snap still includes the following upgrade features compared to the R5 plate, such as lower pressure drop, clean-in-place response, enlarged inlet, and fully drained leak detection but now features a snap-in style gasket allowing for a glue-less application.

Pro5Snap plates are completely interchangeable within plate heat exchanger sections housing R5 or AGC Pro5 plates.

AGC Heat Transfer has announced it will launch plates Pro8 and Pro10, which will be upgrades for Clip8 and Clip10. These plates are expected to launch later in 2019. For more information about upgrade features as compared to OEM Clip8 and Clip10, contact George Adams, director of sales.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contact: Axel von Wardenburg, vice president of sales, 414-559-5961; email:, website:

New products: ALPMA USA has launched the ALPMA Sulbana Dry Salter for Pasta Filata Cheeses.

ALPMA USA says the new machine partly or completely substitutes brine bath systems to save costs and floor space, while also decreasing the carbon footprint of Mozzarella production. Salt concentrations up to 1.3 percent can be achieved.

Using this new machine, dosing and mixing of the dry salt into the cheese are flexible, the company says. At the inlet of the machine the capacity is detected by measuring the thickness and speed of the cheese flow. These parameters regulate the amount of salt dosed.

The salt is transported via a small, speed regulated auger and trickles onto the cheese via a chute. In the following transport auger the salt is mixed into the cheese. After production the dry salter is CIP cleaned.

This new machine is executed and manufactured according to the USDA standards.

Looking ahead, ALPMA USA is developing a camera system to detect transparent plastic foil residues and mold on all 6 surfaces of a cheese block to substitute operators in automatic cheese conversion lines.

Apple Converting Inc.
Oneonta, New York

Contact: Mary Ellen Warrick, quoting & estimating, 607-432-6500; email:, website:

New products: Apple Converting Inc. now offers a Metalized Laminate Structure with a high barrier as an option for its peelable food lidding.

The company says the new structure was developed for sealing cups with spreadable cheese that needed longer shelf life than other dairy products. It is designed to seal multiple types of cups, tubs or tray materials for any food lidding requirement.

Later in 2019, the company plans to release Printed Shrink Tubing for the cheese market.

Bioionix Inc.
McFarland, Wisconsin

Contact: John Van Arsdale, sales manager, 608-469-3606; email:, website:

New products: Bioionix Inc. has recently released its CXS Coaxial Sanitary System for brine decontamination.

The Bioionix CXS system uses an electro-catalytic process to disinfect cheese brine, preventing microbial contamination such as Listeria and various wild molds.

Bioionix says the new system uses cheese brine to produce reactive oxygen that disinfect on contact and produce activated BioIonix SuperOxidants residual to disinfect brine and equipment. As the cheese brine flows through the Bioionix catalytic reactor, SuperOxidants are produced which disinfect the brine and also the food contact surfaces of the equipment.

The Bioionix brine disinfection system features a fully automated programmable logic controller driven system with touch screen technology, which provides consistent disinfection performance with hands-off operation. It allows cheese manufacturers to kill harmful bacteria and mold within the brine on a continuous and automated basis, using no additional chemicals.

Bioionix is looking to develop spray technology for finished cheese wheels using the same electro-catalytic technology.

Crane Engineering
Kimberly, Wisconsin

Contact: Sara Peters, marketing communications manager, 920-257-0141; email:, website:

New products: After 80 years distributing fluid processing technology to manufacturers in Wisconsin, Crane Engineering is launching an e-store this spring.

Crane Engineering says its new online store is focused on providing fast and easy access to the fluid processing technology cheesemakers need. Pumps, pump parts, valves and filters from brands like Fristam, SPX-APV and Sani-Matic will be available.

Registered customers can save time finding pricing, and even search for equipment faster by applying their own customer part numbers to commonly ordered equipment, the company says. Customers also can access order history.

In addition, registered customers can also build purchasing teams, ensuring all purchases go through the proper channels before checkout.

The store will open in spring of 2019 at To pre-register for an account now, visit

Delta T Systems
Richfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Dan Brandenburg, director of sales & marketing, 262-628-0331; email:, website:

New products: Delta T Systems has recently introduced new combination process heater and chiller units. The new units allow manufacturers to implement energy-efficient control systems that include variable speed compressors and fan motors to control temperature in a variety of production processes.

Delta T Systems has included industry-tested controls that can log data, predict future issues and provide adaptive control to allow any process to continue to operate at lower, controlled speeds before a mandatory maintenance shutdown.

Both heating and cooling circuits are contained in one unit and are managed by a single controller and program capable of controlling two processes at different temperatures and pumping capacities.

The new unit includes precise temperature control within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit using modulating valves and proportional-integral-derivative control algorithm, in addition to variable speed chillers that can reduce electrical consumption by up to 50 percent over fixed speed units.

Units are customizable to accommodate any process requirements and footprint. Multiple proportional-integral-derivative algorithms can control various temperature processes, eliminating the need for a separate temperature control unit and the space it utilizes, the company says.

In May 2019, Delta T Systems will introduce Smart Temperature Control Units (TCU). This is a water-circulating TCU for temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which comes with a high efficiency pump complying with the Department of Energy 2020 regulations.

The unit is equipped with transducers to measure flow, temperature and pressure to and from the process. The proprietary controller has a 4.3-inch touch screen, is Industry 4.0 ready, and capable of logging data with integrated preventive maintenance warnings, the company says.

Deville Technologies
Kenosha, Wisconsin

CContact: Francis Chartrand, vice president of sales, 514-366-4545; email:, website:

New products: Deville Technologies now offers FAM’s three new centrifugal shredders for cheese.

FAM, a Belgian manufacturer of cutting solutions for the food industry, recently expanded its partnership with Deville Technologies, a North American company supplying solution-based manufacturing technology for the food industry with a special focus on cheese.

Deville Technologies is now the exclusive North American distributor of cutting solutions from FAM, and FAM is the exclusive European distributor of the full line of cheese cutting solutions from Deville Technologies.

The FAM Centris 400C was developed with smaller and mid-sized cheese companies in mind. The FAM Centris 400C Optitec and FAM Centris 400C Hytec offer significantly increased shredding capacity with unmatched cut quality, due to TurboTorque Technology. The latter shredder is certified hygienic with USDA Dairy Division Acceptance, Deville says.

All shredders were designed for cheese processors looking to make optimal use of limited floor space. They can increase productivity while minimizing costs and maximizing profits, the company adds.

The new trio enables cheese processors to focus exactly on the features they find most important, the company says. The shredders are operator friendly and versatile, as cut shapes can be changed in a matter of minutes due to the interchangeability of the lightweight cutting heads. They offer improved consistency of shreds and have a low cost of ownership as the throw-away blades are inexpensive, Deville continues.

All three shredders are powered by the new patent-pending SureShred 16C cutting head, the first ever cutting head to receive USDA Dairy Division Acceptance, Deville says. The SureShred 16C features “Set and Forget” technology. It can be preset so the shred size remains consistent without adjustments or measuring tools, even after cleaning.

Whether the cheese is hard or soft, sticky or dry, whether cutting in V-shreds, oval shreds and/or crescent shreds, the SureShred 16C has proven to result in better cut quality, the company says. It consists of 16 cutting stations, increasing capacity.

FAM also has developed a newly designed grating head that can be used with the new centrifugal shredders. The grating head is capable of cutting a new variety of shreds, increasing the cutting versatility and reducing the number of machines needed in production lines, the company says.

Diana Food
Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Contact: Teresa Kilgore, category manager for sweet & beverages, Diana Food North America, 551-795-9757; email:, website:

New products: Diana Food has launched a new line of organic colors for confectionery, dairy and beverage products.

The newly certified organic color spectrum includes a blue shade obtained from spirulina as well as a pink/reddish shade from red beet and other appealing, naturally-occurring hues like yellow, orange, red and purple.

These colors, which are the latest additions to the company’s existing coloring solutions are derived from natural ingredients that are sourced by Diana’s dedicated team of agronomists for optimal quality, the company says.

Diana Food says the colors are all non-GMO, USDA-certified organic and were created with natural integrity in mind.

“The concept of ‘natural’ is the foundational principle of the company that goes back to the very beginning. Diana Food has a legacy of ‘natural’ that preceded coloring foods. Our commitment to selecting the best of what nature has to offer is an accidental coincidence that works to our customers’ advantage in natural, organic colors,” says Teresa Kilgore, category manager for sweet & beverages, Diana Food North America.

The company’s team of agronomists are based in farming areas around the world to work closely with local farmers and seed developers throughout the growing cycle to select the best available varieties for maximum color impact, those with the most vibrant shade intensity, the least color lost and least taste impact, the company says.

Its sourcing also ensures full supply chain transparency and traceability, guaranteeing food safety with International Organization for Standardization and Food Safety System certifications.

For customers seeking a custom color solution, Diana Food can create specialized blends by using these organic colors as a developmental toolbox for inspiration.

Garon Foods Inc.
Herrin, Illinois

Contact: Breanna Nimmo, sales representative, 618-942-4810; email: ,

New products: Garon Foods Inc.has released several new flavors and blends made with its Sweet Hot Peppers for use in the cheesemaking process and in other dairy products.

The company says the Sweet Hot Peppers are produced using Garon Foods’ Infused Acidified Preservation and balance heat with a sweet flavor. Then, the peppers are combined with a variety of fruits or savory herbs to create delectable and aromatic blends that can be added directly to the cheesemaking process or into other products.

Additionally, the company has recently developed a bold Harissa Seasoning, which can be placed into oil and used as a rub.

Garon Foods also creates custom dry blends and says its upcoming flavor products for 2019 will be consumer-driven.

H&C Automated Solutions
Hastings, New Zealand

Contact: Ivan Gonzales, marketing director, dairy, 708-551-2520; eContact: Chris Linssen, vice president of sales, 847-226-6276; email:, website:

New products: H&C Automated Solutions has recently developed the 7-pound cheese loaf robotic debagger, which removes vacuum-packaged plastic film by utilizing two six-axis robotic arms to pick up, orientate, cut and remove the packaging material from a cheese loaf.

The H&C cheese loaf robotic debagger offers a fully automatic, sanitary design, satisfying a growing demand within the cheese industry for labor savings and food safety assurance solutions.

H&C Automated Solutions specializes in reverse packaging technology, preparing bulk raw material for cheese converting. As products change within the cheese industry, the company says it will continue to offer more innovative developments in the near future.

HART Design & Manufacturing Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Todd Delebreau, director of sales, 920-468-5927; email:, website:

New products: HART Design & Manufacturing Inc. has introduced its HD-LPR04 Automatic Programmable Cutter to yield exact-weight wedges from cheese wheels.

The new cutter allows the user to select how many wedges the wheel will be cut into and the exact weight for each wedge slice using touchscreen controls.

The HD-LPR04 automatically loads, pre-weighs, centers, stabilizes, precision cuts, then discharges the cheese wheels continuously. HART says the cutter achieves accurate, superior cut quality each time.

Hard to soft cheese wheels, up to 17 inches diameter by 7 inches high, may be cut at rates up to 50 wedges per minute on the HD-LPR04 Wheel Cutter. The total size of the machine is 200 inches by 50 inches with an overall height of 76 inches.

Another new offering from the company, the HART HD-LPR06 Automatic Wheel Cutting Line includes an infeed conveyor, disc cutter (engraver and slabbing), corer, scale, exact wedge weight programmable cutter and discharge conveyor.

The HART HD-LPR08 Automatic Wheel Cutting Line also is able to discharge cut wedges individually, in a single file line, with an inline weigh and reject system to sort out off-weight and trim pieces.

Krohne Inc.
Beverly, Massachusetts

Contact: Leah Normand, 800-356-9464, 978-535-6060 (in MA); email:, website:

New products: Krohne Inc. has recently released several flowmeters for food applications.

The company has begun manufacturing the updated OPTIMASS 1000 Straight Tube Coriolis Mass Meter at its newly opened manufacturing and calibration facility located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Krohne says OPTIMASS 1000 is designed for exceptional measurement capabilities with the flexibility and options of high-end meters, at a competitive price. It can operate reliably between -40 and 130 degrees Celsius.

The OPTIMASS 1000 is designed with a close-coupled twin tube configuration with an optimized flow splitter, manufactured to be durable and capable of handling flow rates, even during pressure fluctuations. It also comes with a standard measuring tube, ensuring the highest level of safety, the company says.

The OPTIMASS 1000 utilizes KROHNE’s modular electronic converters, which can be fitted across a range of flowmeters, allowing instruments to address unique applications, providing either basic functionality or high-end diagnostic capabilities. The OPTIMASS 1000 can be fitted with most industry standard hygienic connectors and DIN, ANSI and JIS standard flanges.

Krohne will showcase its new OPTIMASS Coriolis range of flowmeters and OPTIWAVE transmitters at Booth# 901 during ProFood Tech 2019, which takes place March 26-28 in Chicago.

The KROHNE OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters on display will be ideal for all process and custody transfer applications. Measuring mass, volume flow, density and concentration of liquids and gases, OPTIMASS is available in several designs, from twin bent to single straight tube. All OPTIMASS flowmeters provide continuous flow measurement, the company says.

Also on display will be KROHNE OPTIWAVE radar (FMCW) level transmitters, offering non-contact level measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and other solids.

OPTIWAVE 3500 is the ideal level transmitter for liquids with hygienic requirements and OPTIWAVE 6500 is for powders and dusty atmospheres, providing continuous, non-contact level measurement in high and narrow silos, hoppers or containers for flour silos, the company says.

With measuring distances up to 328 feet, OPTIWAVE is offered with several antenna options. Operators can select the antenna most suitable for corrosive or abrasive media, high pressure or temperature, and applications with agitators.

Marchant Schmidt
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Contact: Deann Czoschke, marketing coordinator, 920-921-4760; email: , website:

New products: Marchant Schmidt has introduced the IDC120 Deli Cube Machine, Vacuum Powder Handling for shred lines and an MS80ie Inline Cubing Machine.

Marchant Schmidt says the IDC120 Deli Cube Machine is a staggered involute blade cutting system that produces excellent cube quality and can easily integrate with existing process lines. Pre-cut slabs of cheese are loaded onto the infeed belt, then are continuously cut at high speed. The modular machine can be configured to make cubes with equal sides, short sticks or snack bits with a quick change of the cutting parts.

Marchant Schmidt says its new Vacuum Powder Handling for shred lines uses remote powder delivery systems to eliminate the need for heavy lifting and the risk of injury.

Shred process lines require that the powder dispenser needs to be refilled frequently. Traditionally, this has been achieved by an operator carrying a bag of powder up a staircase and dumping it into the dispenser.

Marchant Schmidt’s Vacuum Delivery System for handling utilizes a vacuum conveyor mounted above the Powder Dispenser to deliver the flow agent from a floor level bag dump station or a bulk bag. The Powder Dispenser can be equipped with a scale or level sensors to control the high/low limits within the dispenser. Maintaining a more consistent level in the powder dispenser will lead to a more accurate application rate of the powder, the company says.

An integrated dust collection system in the bag dump station reduces airborne powder while the bag is emptied into the hopper. Remotely locating the bag dump station in a separate room can further reduce the powder in the production room. Marchant Schmidt says this contributes to a healthier working environment and requires less daily clean up.

Another new offering, the MS80ie Inline Cubing Machine was developed with an inline design and narrow size. The company says this system was designed to address concerns about floor loss, wire break detection, cleanable design and inline construction.

The MS80ie Inline Cubing Machine is equipped with electric servo actuators with integrated force control to maximize production and urethane belts for better hygiene practices and easy cleaning, the company says.

Product Inspection
Lutz, Florida

Contact: Lanel Menezes, business manager of X-ray, 813-889-9500; email:, website:

New products: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched the new X34 X-ray inspection system to help cheese manufacturers quickly identify small contaminants.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection says the X34 X-ray inspection system provides detection of metal fragments, and other dense contaminants in products such as 20-pound blocks of wrapped cheese.

“As food production and packaging methods increase in complexity, the risk of contamination from foreign bodies such as metal and glass has increased. These contamination incidents can lead to expensive product recalls. The X34 provides a combination of technologies which enables producers to detect smaller contaminants reliably at high-throughputs, ensuring product safety and delivering brand protection,” says Mike Pipe, product inspection specialist, Mettler-Toledo.

The system is equipped with advanced software that enables automated product set-up without the need for manual adjustment from the operator, decreasing the chance of human error and reducing the number of false rejects, the company says.

The X34 is a single lane X-ray system designed for inspecting a wide range of small and medium-size packaged products. One of its key features is a 100 Watt “Optimum Power” generator, which automatically maximizes detection sensitivity. This is complemented by an advanced 0.4-millimeter detector for the accurate detection of minuscule contaminants.

In addition, the X34 can be equipped with the ProdX advanced data management tool to store images of foreign body contamination, which can be viewed remotely in support of connectivity, traceability and compliance. The system also features a touchscreen, allowing users to increase the viewing angle of stored images while maintaining image consistency.

The X34 offers ingress protection, with an IP65 rating as standard and IP69 available through upgrade, the company says. Cooling is enabled through an air conditioner, which allows the X34 to operate in high ambient temperature environments.

“As food trends change over time, it’s important that manufacturers choose product inspection equipment which is suited to the task at hand. With the introduction of the X34, Mettler-Toledo offers food manufacturers and producers state-of-the-art, reliable contamination detection across a variety of applications,” Pipe says.

All Mettler-Toledo X-ray generators include a 5-year warranty when a standard or comprehensive service contract is purchased.

Multi-Conveyor LLC
Winneconne, Wisconsin

Contact: Carl Plaman, sales account manager, 920-582-7960 or 1-800-582-7960; email:, website:

New products: Multi-Conveyor LLC has recently released its Perfect Timed 2:1 Merge Conveyor to merge plastic wrapped bulk cheese using new first-in, first-out (FIFO) technology.

Multi-Conveyor says the new conveyor uses pulse and photo-eye sensors, a CompactLogix processor and PowerFlex 525 drive, servo motor controllers and variable frequency drives to develop a new merge solution that alleviates large gaps between products while allowing for consistent spacing.

The new conveyor’s virtual axis measures “pocket length” on the merging conveyor and a pulse is generated in specified inch increments of travel. A product is then released to the pulse on a FIFO basis. Multi-Conveyor says the pulse-generated FIFO conveyor merges two lanes into one using precision timing to evenly distribute wrapped or packaged cheese for a 30 percent increase in product output.

Key sanitary features include stainless steel welded frame design, continuous welds; stainless steel drives and drive mounts; stainless steel idle ends; and washdown duty motors and reducers.

Multi-Conveyor provides custom and standard conveyors. Its systems are 3A Dairy, USDA and FDA compliant to meet food safety and cheese conveyor compliance, the company says.

For 2019, Multi-Conveyor will focus efforts on its Slim-Fit low profile brand and its new line of stainless steel custom super sanitary 24V Motor Driven Roller conveyors.

Nelson-Jameson Inc.
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Lisa Strey, product manager, lab, 715-384-1055; email:, website:
New products: Nelson-Jameson has recently introduced Lab Armor Beads, Bead Baths and Blocks.

Lab Armor Beads are small, dry, metallic thermal beads designed to replace water in laboratory water baths and ice in ice buckets. The beads help to shield lab personnel from microbes and invading organisms with a concurrent thermal antimicrobial design, the company says.

According to data by Nelson-Jameson, most baths are compatible, no matter their age — with the exception of circulating water baths. The Lab Armor Beads are available in 0.75-, 2-, 4- and 8-liter volumes.

The company says its new bead bath design showcases the robust properties of Lab Armor Beads, which includes exceptional temperature uniformity and quick warm up times to safely incubate multi-well plates, petri dishes and open-top samples at any angle. Bead Baths are available in 6-, 14- and 20-liter sizes.

Nelson-Jameson says Bead Blocks can replace common solid, drilled-out aluminum blocks in dry bath instruments and eliminate the need for using multiple different size blocks to fit different sample vessels.

The bead blocks have a temperature range from -80 to 200 degrees Celsius and come in two sizes in five available colors. Single blocks include 0.25 Liters of Lab Armor Bath Beads, and double blocks include 0.5 liters of Bath Beads.

Page & Pedersen
International Ltd.
Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Contact: Jacquelin, president, 508-435-5966; email:, website:
New products: Page & Pedersen International Ltd. has released the new LactiCheck Milk Composition Analyzer, Model LC-03, in response to market demand for testing a wide range of products including raw milk, processed milks, cream and cheese and yogurt recipes.

The Model LC-03 delivers three separate calibration channels to provide comprehensive composition results within 60 seconds.

The company says new LactiCal-L and LactiCal-H calibration controls offer operators of milk analyzers the validation of skim milk and high fat composition results. Pre-assayed and certified in convenient UHT packaging, the LactiCal also offers long shelf-life and easy storage.

The Model LC-03’s results provide a complete composition profile of the milk’s fat, solids, protein and lactose can be provided at line, in lab, or on farm. There is also an option for results to automatically be captured by a computer for further reporting needs, the company says.

The Model LC-03 also has a sanitary steel exterior and a computer interface.

Page & Pedersen International says this analytical tool can be integrated into any point of the chain of supply to optimize outcomes, including quality and profitability.

“The market is demanding more channels to facilitate greater accuracy in results. The LactiCheck-03 delivers on those requirements,” says Torben Pedersen, vice president, Page & Pedersen International.

For 2019, the CheeseCrafter Total Production and Quality Management software will be updated to allow it to be used from a tablet by the vat on the production floor. The update now allows several features: make sheets can be downloaded, actual production notes can be made in real time, and all data can be saved and collected for further review and reporting.

Willmar, Minnesota

Contact: For cheese product innovations: Steve Ejnik, vice president, cheese equipment & systems, 320-212-5608, email:; or Tom Gumpert, sales engineer, cheese equipment & systems, 612-309-2207, email:; For lactose and powder product innovations: Jon Bloch, sales manager, North America, 320-905-4122, email:; or Mark Litchfield, vice president of sales, 612-309-2207; website:

New products: For 2019, RELCO LLC is increasing its cooperation with Innovative Dairy Systems in New Zealand to expand RELCO’s offerings for draining/matting/Cheddaring belts. In addition to new feature upgrades, RELCO’s cheese belts now are being sold in Australia and Ireland.

RELCO says its new cheese belts use proprietary belts for improved hygiene and life expectancy. Designs are customized for curd height, retention time and style/number of stirrers to allow a large variety of cheese and give control to the cheesemaker. Four different belt widths can achieve design capacities for continuous belts from 2,000 pounds per hour to 33,000 pounds per hour.

RELCO also has added new options to the L-Tech Lactose Solution to address new requirements for finished product color and ash content. L-Tech Lactose Solutions can be customized for individual customer requirements while also adjusting for different feedstocks. The company says the solution retains the best-in-class two-stage drying system.

In addition, RELCO is adding new powder sampling options, new hose real and precision motion control to TRU-FINISH tables. New powder samplers incorporate batch identification and can be packaged automatically into sachets that allow traceability for end users. The company says the TRU-FINISH upgrades provide higher degrees of automation and precision to the addition of salt and ingredients.

Later this year, RELCO with one of its partners will be releasing a combined solution for non-dye based inspection services including field repairs.

Somic America Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Contact: Peter Fox, senior vice president of sales, 651-419-6050; email:, website:

New products: Somic America Inc. has introduced the SOMIC-FLEXX III, a new machine that allows manufacturers to pack primary packages in a flat, nested position or a standing display orientation.

The company says SOMIC-FLEXX III opens the door to solving more North American retail packaging challenges. The new machine has the capability of running a broad range of retail ready and standard shippers to meet the needs of food producers and manufacturers with diverse customer requirements.

The SOMIC-FLEXX III can handle single or multi-component packaging, and it is designed to run one-piece corrugated blanks for standard wraparound shipping cases and two-piece tray and hood for retail ready presentations.

Somic America first debuted the Somic-Flexx III at the PACK Expo held last fall, and the new machine’s demonstration received positive reactions.

“Seeing it live gave people a better understanding of how fast and flexible this machine is. It was built to meet any retailers’ packaging demands, and utilizing the newest industrial automation technology from Rockwell Automation makes it even more attractive. Our machine takes the collating, grouping and packing of stand-up pouches, flow packs, rigid containers and other items to a new dimension,” says Peter Fox, senior vice president of sales, Somic America.

Looking ahead, Somic says it will be installing about 20 new machines with several high profile customers in the first half of 2019.

Staubli Corp.
Duncan, South Carolina

Contact: Olivier Cremoux, Staubli robotics business development, 864-433-1980; email:, website:

New products: Staubli Corp. has introduced Stäubli Hazardous/Humid Environment Robots for handling cheese blocks and wheels.

These new robots can be used for several steps in the cheesemaking process, from cutting curd to handling cheese blocks, primary and secondary handling, and packaging cheeses, as well as a range of other applications.

Staubli Corp. says this is the only robot hygienically designed for the cheese industry using an H1 oil lubrication maintaining full dynamic performances of the arm. The robot also is food-grade certified with washdown capabilities.

For 2019, the company will release a new generation, food-grade Fast Picker TP80 HE to offer a solution for sorting, positioning or orienting on the conveyor and loading a thermoforming machine.

Additionally, Staubli Corp. will launch the TS2 at Automate 2019, Booth #7150. This unique SCARA robot is designed for the food industry for primary and secondary handling, and case packing, the company says.

Thermo Fisher
Scientific Inc.
Waltham, Massachusetts

Contact: 800-227-8891; email:, website:

New products: Thermo Fisher Scientific recently released the Thermo Scientific Xpert Heavy Duty HD X-ray Inspection System, its newest X-ray inspection system with 900 watts of X-ray power.

The new X-ray system enables food manufacturers to easily detect physical contaminants in large packages and dense, heavy products like cheese blocks, cases of spices and boxes containing various meat products. It has a large aperture width and height to accommodate big cases, boxes, bags and trays. The company says the X-ray also has an enhanced mechanical design for wash down and a water-cooled ceramic X-ray tube for long life.

Thermo Fisher Scientific says the new X-ray system delivers high penetration of food products in difficult applications, supporting the highest level of food safety and brand protection. It is designed for customers that must migrate to X-ray inspection for better performance compared to other large aperture metal detectors or to satisfy a customer mandate to upgrade to X-ray inspection.

Additional features of the Thermo Scientific Xpert HD X-ray Inspection System include three inspection widths to optimize price and system size, and an external water chiller for cooling the X-ray tube.

“The Xpert HD is one of the highest power X-ray systems in the world and is designed for challenging applications. The typical applications are where the product has high product effect in a metal detector resulting in reduced sensitivity, or when the customer must be able to detect non-metallic contaminants,” says Bob Ries, lead product manager, metal detection and X-ray inspection, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Chesterton, Indiana

Contact: Email to locate your local Urschel office. website:

New products: Urschel is now offering the CCX-D Cheese Shredder in a new two-piece design.

Urschel says this new shredder delivers a wide range of shreds at high capacities and is built to withstand rugged production environments. This new CCX-D Cheese Shredder builds on the long-standing Urschel Model CC Series of centrifugal slicers and shredders.

This new shredder’s two-piece cutting chamber provides greater access to reduce maintenance and labor time.The company says the shredder has a large 32-inch diameter cutting chamber that pairs with a powerful 10 HP motor to deliver highest capacity. Its sanitary cutting zone also is separate from the mechanical zone.

Other features include a swing-away feed hopper, a fully-enclosed motor and easily-accessible drive parts via rigidly attached, hinged panels. The starter enclosure also is integrated into the box for a sleek appearance.

Additionally, on the heels of Urschel’s recent introduction of the MicroAdjustable SL-14 Slicing Head, Urschel will be releasing the MicroAdjustable SH-14 Shred Head later this year.

Benefits include increased capacity by using a cutting head that offers more cutting stations than the standard, 8-station head, and may increase capacity by almost double. The company says the new slicing head can amplify production without the capital expenses associated with a new slicer/shredder or additional line.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.
Cleveland, Ohio

Contact: Miles Kishimba, industry analyst, food & beverage, 252-931-5398; email:, website:

New products: Yale Materials Handling Corp. debuted its new end rider pallet truck series earlier this year, designed to help operations boost labor efficiency and increase throughput in order picking, unloading and other warehouse tasks. The Yale MPE060-080VH end riders pallet truck series can ease the flow of goods through storage and on the loading dock, while creating greater efficiency in order picking operations for cheese and dairy distribution operations.

The company says Yale MPE060-080VH end riders feature a lineup of ergonomic, productivity-enhancing and maintenance-friendly features, designed to address the labor challenges and cost pressures facing supply chains.

Features include an optional extended platform that provides over 30 percent more usable foot space than leading competitors, “Ultra Cushion” to reduce shock and vibration, and “Precision Pick” to enable bi-directional control of speed and coast functions at the press of a button. LED platform and fork lights also are included for dim storage aisles and trailers, the company says.

The end rider is designed with extended service intervals of up to 1,000 hours, which the company says translates into service requirements reduced by as much as 50 percent. When service is necessary, the maintenance-friendly design offers quick, secure access to key components, enabling service tasks to be completed in reduced time.

Yale plans to launch new products later this year, with details to come in future announcements.

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