New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated July 2021

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Trina LaSusa, assistant editor, at

Amcor Flexibles North America
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Contact: John Kearny, director of marketing, phone: (920) 527-7893, email:; website:

New products: Amcor Flexibles North America has introduced several new solutions for the cheese industry, including Amcor 40-pound tubestock solutions, Amcor Grab & Go sliced cheese packaging and AmPlify anti-glare print technology.

Amcor says its new 40-pound tubestock solutions are designed to drive operational efficiencies and deliver sustainability improvements as well as cost savings through materials and process automation.

The company says this solution requires some investment by the enduser to enable use of tubestock materials instead of pre-made bags and pouches, which drives savings and potential increases to throughput through an automated process.

Amcor Grab & Go sliced cheese packaging is designed to deliver the next generation sliced cheese packaging for grab-and-go deli applications that drive total system cost savings, according to the company. Amcor says this solution is supporting retailer deli resurgence and consumer preference as well as critical health and safety initiatives in a post-pandemic world.

Lastly, Amcor says its AmPlify antiglare print technology provides a high-performance, next-generation print technology to enhance operational performance while delivering a unique package design. This new print technology for the dairy industry is designed to improve operational efficiencies and output compared to standard industry offerings, according to the company.

Looking to the future, Amcor’s AmPrima PE Plus recycle-ready films will debut later this year. Amcor says AmPrima is the first structure in the marketplace that provides no compromise on operational performance compared to existing industry-standard packaging materials. This latest recycle-ready solution offers high-speed processing and converting capability to enable the dairy industry to deliver on more sustainable, recycle-ready packaging to the market, while maintaining current output, the company says.

Apex Motion Control Inc.
Surrey, Canada

Contact: Phone: 1-778-298-8292, email:; website:

New products: Apex Motion Control, which has specialized in robotic automation for the food industry for the past 20 years, recently launched a new function for the company’s Baker Bot — end-of-the-line palletizing for dairy and other food applications.

In addition to decorating cakes, pick n’ place, and loading and unloading trays and pans, the robot now can handle palletizing tasks and be integrated into most production lines without the need for safety guarding.

By utilizing the Baker Bot’s palletizing function, up to 11 cases can be placed on a standard North American pallet per minute with a stack height up to 76 inches and a 10-kilogram case load including the end effector. Apex Motion Control notes that it has many different options, from dairy applications to large robust industrial applications that require speed and capacity.

Apple Converting Inc.
Oneonta, New York

Contact: Mary Ellen Warrick, new business and marketing manager, phone: (607) 432-6500, email:; website:

New products: Apple Converting Inc. now is offering a new laminate structure for peelable cream cheese packaging.

Last year, Apple Converting says it helped a major cheese manufacturer replace existing lidding for its spreadable cheese and cost savings. The cheese manufacturer then reached out to the converter to create new packaging for its cream cheese.

Apple Converting says this new product moves away from the traditional foil packaging and takes advantage of thinner materials to provide a lower carbon footprint. The packaging and print are clean and crisp for excellent consumer appeal, the company adds.

In 2021, the company is working with an extruder to supply recyclable lidding for dairy products.

Automated Flexible Conveyor Inc.
Clifton, New Jersey

Contact: Phone: (800) 694-7271, email:; website:

New products: Automated Flexible Conveyor Inc. has unveiled a test laboratory.

Spanning nearly 1,000 square feet in its Clifton, New Jersey, headquarters, Automated Flexible Conveyor says the test laboratory features full-size powder processing equipment to simulate actual operating conditions in dry dairy, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other facilities.

Ideal for testing customer materials and verifying machinery performance, the test laboratory features the company’s AFC Spiralfeeder, an enclosed, flexible screw conveyor that automatically transfers powders and other bulk materials from its inlet hopper to a mixer, vessel or other discharge point without exposing the material to the plant environment. The company’s Batch-Weigh System, which automatically transfers, weighs and dispenses precise amounts of bulk materials, also is available on-site for product testing, the company says.

Typically stocked with a bulk bag unloader, sack tipping station and/or other bag handling equipment and accessories, the Automated Flexible Conveyor test laboratory is equipped to safely receive and accommodate bulk bags, Gaylords, pallet loads and bulk containers for large-scale testing. The tests are offered live in person, by video and online by live stream.

Automated Flexible Conveyor notes that its conveying and weighing systems can be used for dry and powder cheese/dairy applications, such as Parmesan and whey powder. The company also supplies custom-engineered systems to meet client needs.

Delta T Systems Inc.
Richfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Bob Proudfoot, sales manager, phone: (262) 628-0331, email:; website:

New products: Delta T Systems Inc. is introducing a completely new single and dual zone temperature control heater/chiller combo package.

Delta T Systems says these new units allow manufacturers to implement energy efficient control systems that combine highly efficient variable speed compressors and fan motors with a heating loop to precisely control temperature in a variety of production processes.

Fully configurable, compact and easy to use, the company says these new combo units include industry-proven controls that can log data, predict future issues and provide the necessary control to allow continued operation at a lower, controlled speed before a mandatory maintenance shutdown is required.

The combined unit allows the chillers to be air or water cooled with a capacity of up to 30 tons, and a heating unit capacity up to 36 kilowatts. Delta T Systems says key benefits include an integrated system with both circuits contained in a common cabinet, a standard single controller and program capable of controlling two processes at different temperatures and pumping capacities, and precise temperature control within 0.5°F using variable speed compressors, modulating valves, multiple proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control algorithms and numerous sensors.

The company says that the combined unit can be used in any application where chillers and temperature control units (TCUs) are used in tandem. The chiller temperature ranges from -10 to 100°F and allows TCU temperatures up to 180°F for water. Variable speed chillers can reduce electrical consumption by up to 50% over fixed speed units, according to the company.

The unit’s control program comes with all standard features, including adaptive controls, data logging, 4-inch touch screen, remote monitoring and industry 4.0 ready.

Demaurex SA
Écublens, Switzerland

Contact: Email:; website:
New products: Demaurex SA has announced that Wyzo, the world’s first high-speed pick-and-place sidebot, is now available for companies making their first steps into automation as well as for large manufacturers looking for versatility.

Compact and agile, Demaurex SA says Wyzo works safely side-by-side with humans without protective barriers or performance compromises. This new approach to collaborative production is ideal for lightweight applications in the cheese and dairy, food and beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

The company says that due to the high-tech robotic arm and built-in or external vision systems, the sidebot finds and picks products at 80 cycles per minute, with a payload of half a kilogram.

Through its advanced sensor technology, the company says Wyzo constantly monitors its surroundings for the presence of human activity, allowing it to maximize performance when on its own and also to slow to a safe operating speed when a human is in close proximity. As a result, Demaurex SA says manufacturers now can enjoy the performance of an industrial robot combined with the versatility and compact size of a cobot.

To meet a wide variety of production needs, Wyzo is designed to fit anywhere on the production floor. At less than 0.5 square meters and 1.80 meters in height, the sidebot fits through standard doors and elevators, offering unprecedented flexibility with a small footprint.

For manufacturers switching between products, the company says that Wyzo is highly compatible with all regular grippers on the market with changeover speeds of less than 9 seconds. To meet changing production demands, it also offers integrated pneumatic, electric and vacuum controls.

Demaurex SA notes that Wyzo’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is simplified for intuitive use by operators with no prior training in automated solutions. Its mobile terminal is as easy to operate as a smartphone and requires neither script nor programming to get Wyzo up and running, according to the company. Based on more than 30 years of software development for Delta robots, Wyzo’s pick-and-place software has been specially refined for ease of use and control.

Deville Technologies
Montreal, Canada

Contact: Paul Krechel, sales director, United States and International, phone: (262) 359-1616, email:, or Elie Mechaalany, sales director, Canada, Europe and United Kingdom, phone: 1-438-889-5288, email:; website:

New products: Deville Technologies has introduced the new generation of the Two-Way Cuber, in pneumatic or electric versions, for cheese applications.

Deville says its new Two-Way Cuber is designed to reduce 40-pound cheese blocks into size-specific cubes to feed dicers, centrifugal shredders and other equipment. The new cuber was developed to help processors increase capacity, blend cheeses and increased ease of use, according to the company.

Since neither a shredder nor a dicer can process a 40- and/or 20-pound cheese block, Deville says its high-capacity Two-Way Cuber was developed as an alternative means to reduce cheese blocks.

The Two-Way Cuber can process up to 15,000 pounds hourly, including full blocks and trims. Additionally, it provides live critical data for production efficiency.

Deville adds that the Two-Way Cuber is designed with sanitation top of mind, with 304 stainless-steel construction, FDA-approved plastics, hinged covers, fixed catch pans, adjustable castors and Allen-Bradley Sensaguard safety switches.

Islandia, New York

Contact: Phone: 800-963-3786, email:; website:

New products: Festo recently introduced an application-specific pneumatic cylinder for cheese presses that improves consistency and quality in large operations and low-volume artisan cheesemaking.

The stainless steel outer body of the Festo CRD cylinder represents the latest in sanitary innovation as its unique bell-shaped construction provides best-in-class hygienic design, according to the company. These cylinders are lubricated with NSF-H1 grease, which is safe for human consumption, biodegradable and meets FDA 21 CFT 172.878 regulations. Four bore sizes are available, with forces ranging from 678 pounds to 4,237 pounds at 6 bar.

The company says CRD cylinders hold accurate pressure for the desired time to ensure precise process control, which optimizes product consistency and quality. To further enhance control, Festo says it offers the VTEM piezo-operated directional valves to synchronize large banks of cylinders in automated systems, providing maximum flexibility and product range.

Low-friction seals prolong service life, according to the company. For environments experiencing intensive cleaning, Festo offers a dry-running seal option for optimum operation even when harsh washdowns have dissolved cylinder lubricant.

South Haven, Michigan

Contact: Matt Wermund, general manager, phone: (269) 637-9969, email:; website:

New products: FoodTools currently is focused on three research and development projects being designed to meet the needs of the growing and evolving cheese market.

FoodTools says the CS-3SA is its industrial cheese slicing machine using servo controls, a stainless steel blade and a pneumatic cutting system to portion hard wheels and blocks, but as more facilities are using exact weight portioning systems, the company’s research and development team is integrating the components to make the robust CS-3SA an exact-weight portioning solution.

Additionally, the 5-W three-dimensional wire harp machine breaks down large blocks of product into smaller cubes. FoodTools says its engineers are testing wire styles and layout configurations to achieve the smallest possible portions, giving dairy facilities a wider range of end products and use cases for their portioning solutions.

The final project is 5-MMB, a custom wire cutter used to break down blocks and logs into slices. The company says 5-MMB is an economical tabletop hand-operated unit that dairy facilities use before upgrading to larger fully automated machines. FoodTools says its customers have asked for a 2-way wire slicer in the style of the 5-MMB, and the company’s engineering team is developing the first prototype to be tested in dairy facilities later this year. This would give smaller dairy facilities a wider range of portioning options at the economical level, allowing them to grow into fully automated solutions.

Formost Fuji Corp.
Woodinville, Washington

Contact: Angela McDaniel, marketing coordinator, phone: 425-483-9090; email:; website:

New products: Formost Fuji Corp. recently introduced the Formost Fuji Alpha 8 Sanitary Wrapper with stainless steel hardware, sealed bearings, stand offs and slanted surfaces to reduce niches for microbial harborage. It allows access to the areas of the machine that can hide debris. These features now are available with a box motion end seal unit.

Formost Fuji says the sanitary design wrapper with a box motion end seal unit allows for industries, such as cheese, to have the sanitation benefits of a sanitary design flow wrapper as well as the ability to seal films that are thicker and more difficult to seal. The sanitary flow wrapper can be combined with a sanitary design attachless infeed conveyor that allows for easy belt removal and replacement for easy sanitation and maintenance.

The company says the new sanitary design box motion flow wrapper provides a quality, tight seal for difficult-to-seal films, while allowing the machine to be disassembled for thorough sanitation and maintenance. The box motion model offers a smooth transfer of product into the end seal unit, which utilizes a “flying knife” for an easily adjustable and quiet operation, according to the company.

This system also allows for taller products and longer dwell times, as well as additional seal pressure when needed. The company says the discharge conveyor has a “slide mechanism” that allows for easy access to the end seal area for maintenance and sanitation.

Fortress Technology Inc.
Toronto, Canada

Contact: Phone: (888) 220-8737, email:; website:

New products: To provide manufacturers in the dairy sector with a reliable, accurate and auditable testing procedure, Fortress Technology Inc. has unveiled the latest version of its Halo digital testing. Additionally, the company developed a new suite of easy-to-implement industry compliant data capture and connectivity tools.

Fortress Technology says Halo digital testing automatically and independently checks for all metal materials, including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel. Available on Fortress Technology’s range of digital Stealth and Interceptor metal detectors, the company says the self-check system is a fail-safe and cost-effective hardware and software solution to ensure dairy processing systems meet quality control standards, including Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Halo can be used on traditionally harder-to-test systems, such as throat, pipeline and gravity metal detectors, the company says. Fortress Technology says the latest Halo auto-test system also is beneficial when inspecting bulk bags and boxes on a conveyor-style metal detector. In addition to reducing operational costs, digital testing also reduces waste and product rework, the company says.

Rather than relying on operators to schedule, perform, document and submit inspection checks, Fortress Technology says Halo digital testing automates the timely aspects of the process, allowing dairy manufacturers to tackle this drain on resources and save thousands of dollars each month. Additionally, reducing the frequency of manual testing helps to eliminate the risk of human error and workplace injury at critical control points on a manufacturing line.

When specifying Halo on a Fortress metal detector, the quality control test is completed with 100% accuracy, the company notes. Fortress Technology says Halo digital testing gives dairy companies flexibility to manage and maintain data, and the users determine how often the system completes quality control tests and how the test data is digitally saved for future audits.

To support data capture, the new Contact Reporter and Contact Manager are designed to assist cheese manufacturers in maintaining compliance with all international food safety standards, including HACCP, Brand Reputation through Compliance (BRC) and GFSI/Safe Quality Food (SQF). Contact Reporter provides a robust, easy to use event logging and recordkeeping solution. Time-stamped data is extracted via USB on a machine-by-machine basis.

No complex integration is required, the company says. Users install Contact Reporter onto their business PC. The software then converts data from the metal detector into readable formats detailing contaminant events ranging from rejects to machine setting changes and test results.

Fortress Technology says Contact Manager automates data extraction, polling the metal detectors over a secure network connection and generating detailed reports.

Garon Foods Inc.
Herrin, Illinois

Contact: Jacob Marshall, sales, phone: (618) 942-4810, email:; website:

New products: Garon Foods Inc. has announced a new offering, Banana Pepper Strips in Preservation Fluid (NAL).

Garon Foods says the rustic cut will give cheeses a “homemade feel” that is desired by many customers for a more natural appearance than uniform diced sizes. The company’s preservation fluid (NAL) allows the pepper to distribute flavor and heat throughout the cheese. Cut, color, and food safety of the product will give Garon Foods’ customers an edge in the industry for quality ingredients, according to the company.

Garon Foods says its preservation fluid is natural and ensures food safety and quality with a long shelf life. In addition, the company’s process enables peppers to be added to natural cheese without the natural cheese crumbling after aging.

Garon Foods says its commitment to food safety and quality is of paramount importance and at the forefront of all the company’s products.

The company also has new products rolling out in 2021. In addition to the Banana Peppers, Garon Foods now can provide a strip cut size of any of its portfolio products, including but not limited to: Jalapeños, Habanero, Carolina Reapers, Poblanos, Fresnos and more.

Another new product on the schedule for this year is a colorful mix of Habanero colors tailored to the customer’s needs. Garon Foods says customer products will stand out with a mix of red, orange and/or green eye-popping colors. All of Garon’s offerings can be customized for size, from strip cuts down to a fine puree, in a uniformed size or more rustic appearance. The company says it is able to provide customizable creations.

Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies
Vancouver, Canada

Contact: Nick Pindred, Genesis Business Development, phone: 1-236-260-5219, email:; website:

New products: Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies has announced the availability of its new LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuators, designed to power simpler, safer and more productive robots and precision machinery used in pick-and-place applications for the food and packaging industry.

For cheese and dairy companies, Genesis says the LiveDrive offers a high-torque, compact, direct-drive solution that raises the standard for cleanliness and reduces maintenance requirements while increasing uptime and reliability. Since the new solution doesn’t contain a gearbox, the company says there’s no risk of oil leaking and contaminating the production line, making food processing cleaner and safer.

LiveDrive direct-drive actuators eliminate the need for gearing and are redefining the next generation of parallel robots and precision machinery, unlocking capabilities beyond the reach of conventional drivetrains, across many applications, according to the company. Genesis adds that LiveDrive actuators do not require gears, belts or lubrication, simplifying the drivetrain, delivering increased performance and lowering total cost of ownership.

The LiveDrive actuator has been integrated into the sidebot from Wyzo, a company of Demaurex SA, empowering the world’s first sidebot pick-and-place technology that can work safely alongside people, according to Genesis.

A LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series actuator is less than half the length of a typical servo-gearhead drivetrain, enabling greater utilization of machine work cells and factory floor space, Genesisi says.

Additionally, LiveDrive’s washdown-ready IP67 enclosure — with its smooth surfaces and minimal collection points — allows for easy cleanup.

LiveDrive’s direct-drive technology also eliminates backlash and improves system stiffness. Coupled with its higher torque-to-weight ratio, Genesis says LiveDrive creates opportunities for robot and machine designers to improve performance in highly dynamic applications.

Genesis LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuators are available with an extensive range of configurations and performance options. Standard models include four sizes, various voltage levels and support integration with third-party servo drives.

Genmac A Division of 5 Point Fabrication LLC
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Ron Herring, co-owner, phone: (920) 617-3802, email:, or Greg Rechlicz, director of operations, phone: (920) 458-2189, email:; website:

New products: Genmac A Division of 5 Point Fabrication LLC has introduced the Genmac Model 3005-LD Tu-Way Cheese Cutter designed to automatically cut cheese, butter or any other wire-cuttable product prior to packaging or further processing.

Genmac says the Model 3005-LD Tu-Way Cheese Cutter also is suitable to size cheese for immediate processing in shredders, dicers, mixers, grinder, melter, etc. The Tu-Way’s vertical and horizontal cutting action assures an effective, low-cost operation.

The 3005-LD has a discharge height of 35 inches with an angled chute and 40 inches with a straight chute. It is made with a formed stainless steel frame and stainless-steel cylinders. The slide-in harps make cleaning and wire changes easy, according to Genmac.

Additionally, Genmac is working on newly engineering a fully formed frame of its Model 1800 Single Direction Vertical Champ, and it will be introduced as the Model 1805 in the near future.

HART Design & Manufacturing Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Todd Delebreau, director of sales, phone: (920) 468-5927, email:; website:

New products: HART Design & Manufacturing Inc. now offers high-speed filling and packaging line equipment optimized for customers getting started in the cheese market.

HART says the HCC-25, designed for cream cheese applications, and the HPC-25, designed for process cheese models, produce filled, sealed packages (pouches in cartons) at rates up to 25 packages per minute.

Equipped with a modern system using touchscreen controls, the company says the HCC-25 and HPC-25 automatically produce pouches from rollstock, and precisely fill, seal and discharge packages.

Designed to Conformitè Europëenne and USDA standards, HART says this sanitary equipment features easy “plug-and-play” setup with minimal maintenance.

Hardy Process Solutions
San Diego, California

Contact: Hardy Service Center, phone: (858) 278-2900 or (800) 821-5831; website:

New products: Hardy Process Solutions is offering the Hardy Caseweigher for product inspection of packaged cheese to ensure correct weight for pricing or to meet retail customers’ weight requirements. Both small packages and bulk cheese can be inspected before shipping or before price codes are added.

Hardy says the new caseweigher machine is designed for simplicity using off-the-shelf components and either a standard control platform or an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix programmable logic controller platform. The company says cheese manufacturers or packagers would have enough flexibility to meet both current and future control needs.

At the heart of the equipment is Hardy’s checkweight controller sampling at 4,800 times per second to provide accurate and fast weight data for packages from 1 to 50 pounds at speeds up to 60 units per minute. Featuring a large touch screen display, Hardy says operators easily can navigate between different product recipes or adjust machine set-up parameters. The open frame is constructed of durable round tube that is available in either painted or stainless steel.

Maintenance-free motorized drive rollers further eliminate the complexities typical of chain or pulley conveyor drive systems. Stainless steel and food-grade belts are recommended to meet sanitary washdown requirements, the company notes.

Also available are in-feed and out-feed conveyors with a rejector to help ensure smooth operation with the ability to sort out cheese that is under or overweight.

Looking to the future, Hardy will be releasing new bench scales with built-in displays for cheese packaging as well as line extensions to its controller-class weighing instruments.

Hydrite Chemical Co.
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Felicity Plansky, membrane program manager tech services, phone: (715) 307-5154, email:; website:

New products: Hydrite Chemical Co. recently introduced Apollo No. 327 and Hydrite Membrane Soil Lead Mapping technology.

Hydrite says Apollo No. 327 is a non-ionic surfactant additive designed to improve cleaning of membrane filtration systems, intended for use on ultrafiltration and microfiltration polymeric membranes. Apollo No. 327 is formulated without alkylphenol ethoxylates (NPE-free and APE-free).

The company says the Hydrite Membrane SLM is an informed method for analyzing current membrane clean-in-place programs to provide insight into procedural changes for reduction in time, chemistry, energy or water. Hydrite says that by investigating a membrane system’s soil load map, recommendations can be made for optimizing the current program or investigating the impact of program changes while minimizing risks to production schedules and elements.

On tap for later this year, Hydrite is introducing Poseidon, a clean-in-place single phase cleaning product for food processing equipment.

Koss Industrial Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Phone: (920) 469-5300, email:; website:

New products: Koss Industrial Inc. has been named an Authorized Service Provider for sanitary pumps and valves by Alfa Laval.

Koss has been conducting repairs, maintenance, site inventory audits, and testing pumps and valves throughout its more than 40 years in business. Alfa Laval has chosen the company as an authorized provider of these services.

The new Authorized Service Provider distinction adds to the company’s status as both an Alfa Laval Master Distributor and Pump SuperCenter.

KPM Analytics
Westborough, Massachusetts

Contact: Bob Schumann, director of product marketing, phone: (859) 620-9828, email:; website:

New products: KPM Analytics has introduced two new models in its Unity Scientific SpectraStar product line that have applications for cheese and dairy producers: SpectraStar XT-3 and SpectraStar XT-R.

KPM Analytics says the new SpectraStar XT-3 serves as a basic analyzer for reliable analysis of the three most common constituents measured: moisture, oil/fat and protein. The XT-3 has a wide range of sample types and applications. Available dairy calibrations include milk and whey powders, aged and process cheese, butter and ice cream mixes.

The company says SpectraStar XT-R is a capable and flexible analyzer for the analysis of a wide variety of constituents in complex sample types such as processed foods, ingredients and feed. The XT-R can be configured with large AUNIR Ingot Lab calibrations and routinely is used by dairy producers to analyze forage for dairy cows for nutritional content.

The XT-R also supports Unity calibrations for more difficult parameters such as lactose, salt and pH in a variety of dairy products including cheeses and milk powders. Custom calibrations can be developed for proprietary end products such as processed foods using UCal 4 software, a complete quantitative and qualitative calibration software package, according to the company.

KPM Analytics says the SpectraStar series utilizes near-infrared reflectance (NIR) technology to deliver fast, reliable and cost-effective compositional analysis for a range of sample types in the dairy and cheese industry.

The XT analyzers are easy to use, and operators can be trained in 15 minutes to analyze samples and produce operator-independent results reliably, the company says. The SpectraStar XT analyzes samples in under a minute and delivers accurate analytical data on the production floor, where the data can be used to optimize the process, ensure product consistency and reduce waste, the company adds.

KPM Analytics says it soon will be sharing the release of new AMS Alliance iCinac Series Acidification Analyzers. The iCinac analyzers, available as wireless as well as wired options, are used to study, develop or assess starter cultures associated with food fermentation and are the only multi-channel solution that uses three-parameter probes (pH, temperature, redox). The iCinac is a popular analyzer with producers of cultured dairy products such as yogurt, according to the company.

Krohne Inc.
Beverly, Massachusetts

Contact: Jack Davis, district sales manager, phone: (612) 930-7930, email:; website:

New products: Krohne Inc. has introduced the Optiwave 3500, a 80-gigahertz guided wave level radar designed for continuous, non-contact level measurement in the dairy, food and beverage industries.

Krohne says the Optiwave 3500 is particularly efficient for measuring levels in confined tanks, with multiple agitators, spray balls or condensation. The new device has a flush-mounted PEEK Lens antenna with a small beam angle and dead zone for precise measurement in small and narrow tanks with agitators.

In terms of cheese, the company notes that one typical application that used to be quite challenging is a melted cheese balance tank.

Product thickness, rapid level changes and condensation all add to the difficulty of measurement, but with a flush-mounted antenna properly oriented, this is now feasible, according to Krohne.

The Optiwave 3500 is equally suited to measure levels in larger tanks or silos at a very competitive price compared to sanitary alternatives like contact sensors or flush-mount pressure sensors, Krohne says.

Marchant Schmidt Inc.
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Contact: Deann Czoschke, marketing communications, phone: (920) 921-4760, email:; website:

New products: Marchant Schmidt Inc. is offering a more hygienic Auto Cheese Deboxing System. The upgraded design automatically removes the corrugate from 40-pound cheese blocks as fast as 12 boxes per minute.

Marchant Schmidt says the system reduces labor, improves safety and eliminates ergonomic issues often seen with manually opening cheese boxes.

The company recognized the need for full washdown capability after an occasional open cheese block is processed. Marchant Schmidt says stainless non-tubular sanitary construction now can be combined with automatic robotic loading and unloading of the pallets, providing labor savings and injury reduction.

Geneva, Switzerland

Contact: Enric Odena Garcia, category marketing manager, Markem-Imaje Centre of Competencies, email:; website:

New products: Markem-Imaje has launched the Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) 9330 printer for coding products with information such as best-before-dates and lot numbers. Ensuring this data is of a sufficient quality to remain legible throughout the product lifecycle is vital for traceability, stock management and brand reputations, according to the company.

Markem-Imaje says the CIJ 9330 specifically was designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses for quality and cost-effective product coding in food and beverage. The company notes it is particularly relevant to cheesemakers, as a large proportion of the market is dominated by small- to-medium sized companies.

The entry-point printer has the dual benefits of ease of use and cost effectiveness, alongside featuring the technology used in higher-end products supplied by Markem-Imaje to some of the world’s largest food manufacturers, the company says.

The company says the CIJ 9330 provides 8,000 hours of non-stop printing before preventative maintenance is recommended. With Markem-Imaje’s Intelli’Swap technology as part of the printer, this maintenance can be completed in six minutes by the customer.

Quality of coding is automatically maintained with Markem-Imaje’s Intelli’Jet technology that automatically adjusts pressure and sensor controls, maintaining the highest standards, the company says.
The CIJ 9330 offers opportunities to develop more sophisticated coding and tracking with the use of Markem-Imaje’s CoLOS software. The company says CoLOS can connect to any device and data source with a wide range of options to take additional steps with coding and tracking, such as brand messaging and QR codes.

Markem-Imaje says the CIJ 9330 is available with a complete portfolio of dedicated Markem-Imaje Inks. There is a set of 12 different solutions that cover all needs — from standard applications to higher demanding requirements where printing quality, dot definition, resistance to rubbing or withstanding fluids are necessary.

The ink range also includes five different MEK-Free Inks (methyl ethyl ketone, also known as butanone), contributing to more sustainable operations, the company says. MEK-free inks cut volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by up to 50%.

Supporting small and growing operations, Markem-Imaje offers rental programs that are customizable and scalable to fit with growth objectives.

Multi-Conveyor LLC
Winneconne, Wisconsin

Contact: Jim Paulsen, account manager, phone: (920) 582-7960, email:; website:

New products: Multi-Conveyor LLC is both a standard and custom conveyor manufacturer. It builds systems specific to the cheese industry, and in accordance with agency and sanitation compliance.

Multi-Conveyor says it designs new, unique systems that rotate, elevate, incline, decline, accumulate, twist, turn, sweep, divert, merge, push and transfer cheese and dairy products. Whether raw, wrapped, processed, individually or case packed, the company says it is suited to meet a wide range of applications.

One recent example includes Multi-Conveyor’s sanitary stainless steel welded 2-to-1 conveyor merge system using FIFO (first-in, first-out) technology. The plastic belt conveyor merges plastic wrapped bulk cheese using new FIFO technology. In addition, Multi-Conveyor’s electrical team incorporated pulse and photo-eye sensors, a CompactLogix processor, PowerFlex 525 drives, servo-motor controllers and variable-frequency drives, to develop a merge concept solution that alleviated gaps between product while allowing for more consistent spacing.

Key sanitary features in the new conveyor’s design were stainless steel welded frame design and continuous welds (ground and polished); stainless steel drives and drive mounts; stainless steel idle ends; washdown duty motors; and reducers, among others.

Multi-Conveyor notes that it is food agency compliant to meet regulatory and food safety demands put forth by USDA, FDA, Wisconsin Dairy Alliance, 3-A Sanitary Standards, American Meat Institute, Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee and others. The company says key factors that must be considered with any conveyor system include designs for safety, ease of use, maintenance, longevity, sanitation, quality components and how to meet or exceed the application’s requirements, as well as after-sales service, parts and warranty.

Multi-Conveyor has plans to build several new cheese conveyors, each with their own individual requirements, throughout 2021. Those systems are promoted based on customer approval with regard to distinctive features, the company says.

Multivac Inc.
Kansas City, Missouri

Contact: Mike Hanneken, product market manager, thermoforming, phone: (816) 801-3653 or (816) 922-9016, email:; website:

New products: Multivac Inc. has launched the Multivac F 286 thermoformer for snack stick and cheese stick applications.

Multivac says the F 286 provides an efficient thermoforming solution for products with a maximum draw depth of 20 millimeters. One of the main features is the improved forming and sealing force, allowing for a maximum output of up to 240 packs/minute.

The company says other key benefits include vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging; the capability for a variety of films and materials to run the solution; reprinted registered films are possible; hanger holes, straight cross cutting or zigzag cutting available; and an integrated printer for code dating.

Nelson-Jameson Inc.
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Jess Dolinsky, lab product manager, phone: (800) 826-8302, email: ; website:

New products: Nelson-Jameson Inc. has introduced the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced and 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler.

Nelson-Jameson says the new 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced is designed to help food testing labs gain productivity. Featuring a new automation technology, the company says this plate reader gives food safety professionals new options to rapidly and accurately count and document microbiological colonies on 3M Petrifilm Plates indicator tests.

By rapidly automating the colony-counting step, the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced saves food safety labs time and increases productivity, according to the company. 3M Petrifilm Plates are inserted into the device, with imaging and information automatically displaying on a USB-connected computer in less than six seconds, processing up to 900 plates per hour. For food and beverage manufacturers looking to streamline their operations, Nelson-Jameson says the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced is the perfect compact instrument to help modernize their lab.

The new 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler provides an innovative solution for environmental microbial sampling applications, the company says. Made for use with downstream detection methods such as 3M Petrifilm Plates and the 3M Molecular Detection System, Nelson-Jameson says this new technology provides the food manufacturing industry a broad solution for proactive, integrated environmental monitoring and food microbiological testing.

Nelson-Jameson says the 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler is designed with acrylic scrub dot technology to quickly and effectively disrupt biofilm and enhance sample collection, and comes with or without a stick to easily access hard-to-reach spaces. The product also features proprietary 3M Wide Spectrum Neutralizer for neutralization of sanitizers commonly used in the food industry.

Orbis Corp.
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Contact: Samantha Goetz, phone: (262) 560-5364, email:; website:

New products: Orbis Corp. now is offering the 40 x 48 Odyssey reusable plastic pallet designed for the efficient handling of case products, like cheese, milk and other dairy products, in cold storage and refrigerated warehouses.

Orbis says the Odyssey rackable pallet supports heavy loads and provides stability with unique design features, including permanent molded-in frictional elements to minimize load shifting and optional steel reinforcements.

The company says the pallet has a high strength-to-weight ratio capable of unsupported rack loads up to 2,800 pounds and is highly resistant to impact from equipment. Additionally, the pallet has a lightweight design.

The Odyssey reusable plastic pallet helps to minimize product spoilage and loss with its hygienic, cleanable plastic pallet that supports efficient distribution processes, including compatibility with automated systems and fast truck loading and unloading. The pallet’s all-plastic construction is easily cleaned and moisture resistant, the company says.

Coupled with its dimensional consistently, the Odyssey plastic pallet is ideal for use with automated systems. Designed for the efficient handling of cased products in cold storage and refrigerated warehouses, Orbis says the Odyssey can help cheesemakers ensure supply chain success through the safe storage and transport of their products.

Page & Pedersen International Ltd.
Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Contact: Torben S. Pedersen, vice president/engineering, phone: (508) 435-5966, email:; website:

New products: Page & Pedersen International Ltd. recently launched the CheeseCrafter Total Quality Management System and the LactiCyte-HD Somatic Cell Counter for use in the cheese and dairy industry.

Page & Pedersen International’s new CheeseCrafter Total Quality Management System is an easy-to-use software providing a Production Guide (make sheet) and full quality management recording/reporting in an automated, customizable and intuitive format.

The company says the new software was specifically designed for cheesemakers, whether they have a small, artisanal operation or work on a larger scale. Users can codify recipes (make sheets), track materials/ingredients by lot numbers to help in tracing as well as re-order requirements and keep control of brine baths, where applicable.

CheeseCrafter is open to customization in many areas. It can work alongside existing record-keeping provisions that are already in place or as a complete substitute.

Page & Pedersen International says benefits include: full ingredient traceability as well as general record-keeping to facilitate any recalls; make sheet recording with active files for confirming when each step is completed allowing for confirmation of when and by whom various steps in the production are done; prediction of optimal yield per batch and modeling different approaches to improve make; export capabilities to other software systems; and full quality assurance documentation of each cheese.

The LactiCyte-HD Somatic Cell Counter provides rapid, accurate somatic cell counts from 0 to 10 million cells. Based upon an automated microscope-based image cytometry, the company says the LactiCyte is faster and more accurate than other existing methods.

Page & Pedersen International says the new somatic cell counter helps cheesemakers confirm the quality of the milk is sufficient to consistently provide optimal yield and quality in the cheeses. It also provides insight into cow, goat and sheep health, spotting even low levels of mastitis instantly so action can be taken and can help to save costs.

Paxiom Group
Las Vegas, Nevada

Contact: Val Miller, digital marketing specialist and project manager, phone: (702) 450-0808 ext. 637, email:; website:

New products: WeighPack Systems Inc., part of Paxiom Group, has unveiled its Swifty Bagger Side Load automatic bagging machine, offering new features for customers who require individually wrapped products, such as cheese sticks, to be oriented in a specific direction.

WeighPack says this compact machine can load pillow and gusseted bags ranging in length from 150 to 350 millimeters and in width from 120-260 millimeters, either with zippers or without. Additional options are able to provide nitrogen gas flush for customers looking to increase product shelf life as well as labeling configuration to print expiration dates on the bag. The system creates a distinct appearance within the pouch that works well for marketing purposes.

The company says the automated solution is designed for dairy or food packaging products that are required to be standing up “soldier style” within a pouch or single items.

The Swifty Bagger Side Load is cost-effective, easy-to-clean and its straight-flow design provides easy accessibility while allowing the operator to monitor the entire filling process from the front of the machine, according to the company. WeighPack notes that an accumulation table can be positioned prior to the manual case packing or also can be fully integrated with complete end-of-line systems to include case erectors, pick-and-place case packers, drop packers, case sealers and palletizers.

For future launches and machine customizations, Paxiom Group says to visit its website and sign up for product updates at the bottom of the home page. The company adapts technology and creates custom solutions for its clients.

PDC International Corp.
Norwalk, Connecticut

Contact: Gary Tantimonico, phone: (203) 853-1516, email:; website:

New products: PDC International Corp. has unveiled the StackAlign Stacking and Sleeving Multipacker System, a proprietary system designed to allow a number of individual units to be grouped or multipacked by stacking and shrink sleeving them.

PDC International says its shrink sleeve labeling and shrink sealers are used throughout the international dairy industry. Applying heat shrinkable tamper evident neckbands, full body shrink sleeve labeling or twin packing, PDC International says its systems are ideally suited to the “24/7” demand and high sanitation requirement of dairy environments.

The StackAlign system takes individual products from an in-feed conveyor, counts and stacks them, placing them onto fixed pedestals on a servo-controlled indexing conveyor. The product stacks are then centered and aligned prior to sleeve application. A dual zone hot air tunnel provides a smooth, tightly fitting finish.

The company says the system is ideal for consumer or industrial products that stack flat on top of one another. Capable of running 200 parts per minute, stacks can be made from two to 10 products depending on package height. The shrink sleeve can underlap and overlap the stack of products, grouping them securely for either distribution or shipping directly to the store shelves.

The PDC StackAlign uses servo-controlled rollers to meter individual parts onto an elevator while counting and stacking. Two servo-controlled elevators work successively to create stacks to maximize throughput. Prior to arrival at the elevator, individual parts are inspected by sensors to identify non-conforming units. Those that pass inspection continue on, while failed units are purged from the system, the company says.

PDC International says the elevator system requires no mechanical change parts to switch between pack sizes; these changes are made electronically via stored recipes on the human-machine interface (HMI).

The sleeve is applied by one of PDC’s mandrel style R-Series sleeve applicators. Then the sleeve is tamped down to confirm the film is correctly located on the stack. Sensors confirm the sleeve is in the proper position before entering the dual zone shrink tunnel.

Transition from the indexing conveyor to the discharge conveyor is achieved by a pair of hugger belts. Final orientation of the stacks can be adjusted to meet pack out needs, the company notes.

Primera Technology Inc.
Plymouth, Minnesota

Contact: Kellie Garber, senior global product manager, phone: (763) 475-6676, email:; website:

New products: Primera Technology Inc. has announced that shipments for its new LX3000 Color Label Printer will begin this month. Pre-orders will start immediately.

Primera says the LX3000 Color Label Printer is used by cheesemakers to print labels at a high quality. LX3000 uses the same platform as Primera’s popular LX910 Color Label Printer but with the addition of large, individual ink tanks and a reusable thermal inkjet print head. Print quality is exceptional with native 1,200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution with a maximum print resolution of 1,200 dpi by 4,800 dpi, the company says. Labels up to 8 inches wide by 24 inches long can be printed. Print speed is up to 4.5 inches per second.

Each cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) tank holds 60 milliliters of ink. Pre-primed, reusable print heads have another 42 milliliters of ink, for a total of 222 milliliters of “out of the box” ink. Both dye and pigment models are available as separate stock keeping units. The company says replacement ink tanks are easy to install and are self-priming.

The Big Ink system on LX3000 uses all-new dye and pigment inks optimized for brightness, durability and optical density. In particular, Primera says LX3000’s process black has a very high optical density for the blackest blacks ever released by the company in a CMY printer. Process black has many advantages for labels over the carbon black inks used by other color label printers, including better water resistance, compatibility with a broader range of specialty label media and more resistance to smearing, according to the company.

As Primera’s top-of-the-line color label printer, LX3000 is ideal for users that need to print up to 7,500 labels per day. The company says the rugged, powder-coated steel cover and all-steel frame helps to protect the printer in most office, warehouse and factory environments.

LX3000 is compatible with Windows 7, 8x and 10. A macOS printer driver will be available for download later this year. Interfaces include Ethernet and USB 2.0 wired ports; wireless connectivity also is available with an Ethernet-to-wireless adapter. Primera maintains a list of tested and recommended third-party wireless adapters.

Printer drivers are available online along with a free and easy-to-use label design and printing software from Seagull Scientific called BarTender 2021 for Windows.

ProActive Solutions USA LLC
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Jerome Molacek, vice president of technical service, phone: (800) 279-7761, email:; website:

New products: ProActive Solutions USA LLC has launched the ProTech Support Team to provide comprehensive food safety, quality, safety and sanitation support to food manufacturers.

ProActive Solutions USA says the ProTech Support Team is a dedicated team of accredited experts to help food manufacturers achieve compliance in their food safety, quality and sanitation programs.

For cheese manufacturers that are using ProActive Solutions USA as a cleaning and sanitation chemical service provider, ProTech provides another set of eyes when preparing for regulatory or third-party audits. The company says this allows cheese manufacturers to partner with a company that can provide total food safety, quality and sanitation program support.

Over the past eight months, ProTech has developed, implemented and executed food safety and quality programs for many cheese and dairy product manufacturers.

Provisur Technologies
Chicago, Illinois

Contact: Mark Lowden, sales manager, slicing, phone: (312) 597-1779, email:; website:

New products: Provisur Technologies recently introduced interleaving capabilities on the compact and powerful Formax SX330 Slicer designed for cheese applications.

Provisur says the Formax SX330 slicer now is available with a reliable and accurate automatic paper interleaver. The servo-controlled paper drives precise and consistent paper placement while minimizing sheet breaks at slicing speeds up to 800 revolutions per minute. The paper easily can be rethreaded during roll changes or sheet breaks with a push of a button, which minimizes machine downtime, according to the company.

R.A Jones
Covington, Kentucky

Contact: Paul Wolf, director of customer service for R.A Jones and Coesia NAM, phone: (563) 594-691, email:; website:

New products: R.A Jones is offering remote assistance capabilities for customers across markets, including dairy. Through a suite of cloud-based services and designated service staff, manufacturers can reach faster diagnosis and receive real-time support without an on-site visit.

Built around a programmable logic controller interface and high-quality audio, a live video feed and file-serving features, R.A Jones says its remote assistance support allows machine operators to connect with experts and troubleshoot errors and interruptions on-demand. If operators encounter issues with equipment, they simply engage with skilled technicians via smartphone, tablet or laptop to troubleshoot the source of the problem and work to find a solution.

Utilizing the information technology platform and hardware allows manufacturers to benefit from R.A Jones’ technical expertise and find resolution efficiently, reducing downtime and minimizing expenses associated with service calls, the company says. R.A Jones says the remote option cuts unnecessary travel-related costs and expedites the maintenance process, maximizing uptime and productivity as well as eliminating any concerns around viral spread following the coronavirus outbreak.

Beyond faster diagnosis and safe service from afar, R.A Jones says its new remote assistance capabilities also contribute to workforce development.

Serving as the eyes and hands for off-site technical experts allows operators to gain important maintenance knowledge and develop skills they can apply to the manufacturing line moving forward, the company says.

R.A Jones is a global provider of packaging technology for the dairy, food, beverage, chemical, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and industrial industries. The company says its remote assistance capabilities are applicable for a wide range of solutions.

R.A Jones is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Solon, Ohio

Contact: Lian Wang, global marketing manager, fluid transfer, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, phone: (508) 351-7101 or (508) 826-3969, email:; website:

New products: Saint-Gobain recently developed Versilon SPT-70 FB IB, a new dairy, food and beverage dispensing tubing that imparts essentially no taste or odors to the transferred fluids. Safe to be in contact with food, all layers of Versilon SPT-70 FB IB tubing are compliant with FDA, European Union and global food contact regulations.

Saint-Gobain says Versilon SPT-70 FB IB’s smooth inner surface reduces the risk of particle entrapment and inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth, resulting in cleaning and sterilization cycles becoming more effective.

The new tubing also has tough braid reinforcement for use under elevated working pressures, the company says.

Manufactured with a platinum curing process designed to meet the requirements of dairy, food and beverage sanitary standards, Versilon SPT-70 FB IB silicone tubing can easily withstand repeated cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) cycles, making it ideal for repeat-use applications, according to the company.

Additionally, its flexibility, durability, and chemical and temperature resistance provide a combination of characteristics required in many hot and cold food and beverage applications. Typical applications include ice cream and soft-serve dispensing and dairy dispensing featuring bottle filling, hot filling and food handling.

Schenck Process LLC
Whitewater, Wisconsin

Contact: Steve Vollmer, food industry manager, phone: (816) 801-3375, email:; website:

New products: Schenck Process LLC has released Global Hygienic Airlock (GHA), a USDA Dairy accepted dismountable airlock that is ideal for applications where dry raw or finished products are being handled in the process and where inspection or system clean-out are required.

Schenck says that because the GHA is designed for high process rates, it possesses a number of features suited to processes that have a higher sanitary requirement, such as dairy.

The round inlets and outlets of the GHA incorporate seals and product contact surfaces that meet food safety requirements. FDA and EC 1935/2004 approved materials are used in the product contact areas.

Endplates and the rotor can be disassembled and removed from the valve housing for cleaning, according to the company. All endplates have specifically been designed for access to the seal area for cleaning or seal replacement. Upon reassembly, the rotor end clearances can be adjusted and set by use of the integral adjustment screws included in each endplate.

Schenck says a unique feature of the GHA is the rail system, consisting of externally mounted precision shafts that are fixed to the tail side endplate on one end and are supported by special composite linear bearings pressed into the valve housing on the other. The endplate/rotor assembly can be unbolted from the housing, and the assembly can be pulled from the housing and drive coupling while still remaining rigid to the housing via the rail system.

The company says these features simplify removal and provide access to the internal valve cavity, rotor pockets and all other product contact areas for quick and easy cleaning. Once the cleaning process is complete, the endplate/rotor assembly simply slides back into place through use of the rail system and is secured with the supplied fasteners.

The GHA comes equipped with a Valve Interference Detection (VID) system that is designed to protect the airlock from damage and prevent product contamination due to interference between the valve rotor and housing, according to the company. The VID system employs ceramic bearings and other innovative techniques to electrically isolate the moving rotor from the valve housing and drive system. An electronic evaluation unit monitors the resistance between the rotor and housing, allowing it to determine if the circuit is functioning properly and if the rotor is contacting the housing.

With a number of features designed to meet hygienic process requirements, the new GHA serves as an integral component to systems designed for sanitary applications, Schenck says.

Siemens Corp.
Washington, D.C.

Contact: Email:; website:

New products: Siemens Corp. is introducing its new Sinamics G115D, a new, compact and powerful drive system specifically designed for horizontal conveyor applications. The drive system comprises the motor, drive and gearbox in one unit and is offered in two versions — wall-mounted and motor-mounted.

Siemens says the Sinamics G115D drive system is characterized by a robust design with a high IP protection class (up to IP66 / UL Type 4X) and is suitable for use in harsh environments. Due to its compact dimensions, the Sinamics G115D easily can be installed in confined areas. The drive system also can be operated reliably over a wide temperature range of -22 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, enabling operation in deep freezing applications.

Sinamics G115D is suitable for applications in food and beverage industries.

Its power ranges from 0.37 to 7.5 kilowatts for wall-mount applications and 0.37 to 4 kilowatts for motor-mounted applications. The company says the drive system can be put into operation quickly and easily with comprehensive integration into the Totally Integrated Automation portal including Startdrive commissioning software or the Sinamics Smart Access Module web server for Wi-Fi setup and diagnostics.

To be prepared for digital transformation and to enable cloud-based analysis, Siemens says Sinamics G115D is integrated into the entire MindConnect portfolio and is compatible with MindSphere applications such as Analyze MyDrives.

Due to Profisafe, the Sinamics G115D has safety integrated in the form of Safe Torque Off SIL2, which standardizes and facilitates the certification process. For flexibility in terms of installation, service and maintenance, the solution is equipped with a plug-in connector and flexible connection possibilities. The device particularly is suitable for interaction with Simatic controllers such as the Simatic S7-1200 or Simatic ET200 for motion control, the company notes.

Duncan, South Carolina

Contact: Marty Albert, key account manager, food industry, phone: (331) 215-0309, email:; website:

New products: Stäubli has unveiled three TX2 6-axis robot models which include the Humid Environment (HE) versions: the TX2-140, TX2-160 and TX2-160L.

Stäubli says the Stäubli Robotics advanced range of Humid Environment (HE) robotic solutions are designed for the dairy industry and safe handling of all foods in primary processing environments. The company says the range offers hygienic design with a fully enclosed and pressurized structure free of retention areas — preventing bacteria development, full washdown capability, compatibility with NSF H1 food-safe oil and many more features while maintaining market-leading precision, speed and accuracy.

The TX2-140 has a reach of 1,510 millimeters and the TX2-160 of 1,710 millimeters. They both have a load capacity of 40 kilograms. The TX2-160L, a long-arm version of the TX2-160, has a reach of 2,010 millimeters with a load capacity of 25 kilograms. With these new models, Stäubli says it has closed the gap between the compact TX2 90 and the large TX200. While two mounting options are available for the TX2-160 — floor and ceiling — the TX2-140 also can be affixed to a vertical surface at any angle, allowing for 360-degree mounting possibilities.

Another feature of the new machines is their compact design, which Stäubli has streamlined for cleanroom compatibility. They feature a large and efficient work envelope. There are no external cables or hoses to disrupt the contours; all media and supply lines run internally inside housing that is completely sealed to protection class IP 65 standard (optionally with IP 67 overpressure unit), and the connections can be concealed vertically under the robot pedestal on request, the company says.

Stäubli offers a complete range of 4-axis and 6-axis robotic systems, collaborative and mobile robotics, as well as software to meet the needs of the market internationally. Stäubli is proud to have won the Reddot Product Design Award 2021 for its revolutionary 4-axis TS2 series industrial robots, the first fully enclosed SCARA arm of the world.

Synder Filtration
Vacaville, California

Contact: Synder Sales Team, phone: (707) 451-6060 or (707) 451-6064, email:; website:

New products: Synder Filtration has added the fXT (S-PES 1kDa) and fMT (S-PES 5kDa) MAX membranes to its line of OptimaFlow Ultrafiltration membranes.

Synder says these new membranes are functionalized polyethersulfone (PES) membranes that provide enhanced performance — particularly greater protein retention in high purity applications such as whey protein isolate.

The company says these membranes have been tested in the field for nearly a year by major dairy endusers and some also have seen further improvements in clean-in-place efficiency and recovery when using these elements.

Both fXT and fMT only are available in the MAX (high pH/temperature) configuration.

TC Transcontinental Packaging
Chicago, Illinois

Contact: Michael Sachau, market development director, phone: (303) 335-6613, email:; website:
New products: TC Transcontinental Packaging has launched two new sustainable packages for the cheese industry. The first is a post-consumer recycled (PCR) film for shredded cheese, and the second is a recycle-ready overwrap for fresh cheese.

TC Transcontinental says the sustainability aspect of both products differentiates them in the market. First, the new PCR film is a standup pouch with barriers made with up to 35% of post-consumer resin. For cheesemakers, the company says this new pouch helps them reach their sustainability objectives by reducing the amount of virgin resin in their packaging and contributing to building a circular economy for plastics, where plastic never becomes waste.

The new pouch also protects the product with high-performing puncture-resistant film, maintains freshness and flavor using a high-moisture barrier film and has exceptional tear strength and machinability, according to the company.

As for the overwrap, TC Transcontinental says it is a recyclable non-barrier secondary package made from 100% polyethylene (PE). The overwrap is pre-approved by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition for the How2Recycle label and can be recycled at in-store drop-off sites. How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that communicates recycling instructions to the public. This 100% recyclable package contributes to increasing the availability and quality of post-recycled plastic, and again, building a circular economy for plastics, the company says.

TC Transcontinental’s focus for 2021 is to continue developing new sustainable structures for recycle -ready or made-from-recycled plastic packaging that are ready to commercialize. The company says it has a team of research and development gurus that test and analyze structures to ensure they meet customers needs for performance, in terms of production efficiency as well as shelf life for product freshness, cost and sustainability.

TC Transcontinental is committed to delivering on its 2025 sustainability commitment and is working on being a sustainability partner for the long term, the company adds.

Tetra Pak
Lausanne, Switzerland

Contact: Website:

New products: Tetra Pak recently announced the development of 14 new Best Practice Lines (BPLs) for cheese manufacturers, including Cheddar and Mozzarella lines specifically designed for North American markets.

Leveraging more than 50 years of experience in the cheese category, Tetra Pak says the new BPL concepts provide a complete production solution for customers and are optimized to fit their needs. The company says the processing lines utilize proven equipment combined with industry expertise to create a safe and easy route to profitable cheese production with a higher yield, while incorporating traditional cheesemaking techniques.

The hygienic production process of the lines enables a longer product shelf life as well as consistent and replicable quality. Sustainability also is a factor, with solutions focusing on reducing water, steam and power consumption, the company adds.

Thermal Care
Niles, Illinois

Contact: Tom Stone, national sales manager, industrial markets, phone: (224) 221-6568, email:; website:

New products: Thermal Care recently released a new outdoor packaged chiller, designed with the flexibility to provide process cooling year-round with a wider range of operating conditions.

Thermal Care says Accuchiller KSE Series chillers are fully packaged, integral air-cooled outdoor units manufactured to work in the harshest weather environments. Units are factory tested and ready for easy installation — users run piping and power to the unit and it is set for operation. The company says KSE chillers are used by cheese and dairy product manufacturers to remove heat from the dairy process and cool milk down to the required temperature.

A key feature of the new outdoor chiller is the variety of climates where it can be used. Energy saving variable speed EC fans allow the chiller to withstand ambient conditions from -20°F to 125°F, according to the company. The process fluid circuit also allows for more flexibility with a set point temperature range from 20°F to 80°F.

KSE Series chillers come with an advanced outdoor programmable logic controller system with ModBus TCP/IP & RTU and a 7-inch color touch screen similar to the controllers used on Thermal Care’s Accuchiller NQ Series portable chillers. The company says this robust control system provides premium performance and extensive diagnostic capabilities with a multitude of communication options, making it industrial internet of things- ready, including OPC/UA, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP and LonWorks.

Additionally, screen layouts are improved to simplify finding data in an easy-to-follow format. Connecting to Thermal Care’s optional CONNEX 4.0 system allows for integrated connectivity and secure remote access to all related connected equipment, the company says.

KSE Series chillers are available from 40 to 720 tons in a combined system. Units come with or without integrated pumping packages in either low or high pressures designs with an optional redundant standby pump. The high pressure design allows it to support entire plantwide cooling system needs.

Thermal Care also offers a proven line of smaller outdoor packaged chillers available from 4 to 30 tons.

Urschel Laboratories Inc.
Chesterton, Indiana

Contact: E-mail:; website:

New products: Urschel Laboratories Inc. recently introduced the new Affinity Integra-D Dicer.

Following the success of the large Affinity cheese dicer, Urschel says the new USDA, Dairy Division-accepted Integra-D offers processors many of the advantages in a scaled-down footprint. The Integra-D provides the latest in precision cutting and a turnkey upgrade for processors with Urschel RA series machines. The company says it offers processors a beneficial upgrade with the ultimate in sanitation, a larger infeed, larger impeller case, newer design and potentially 20% to 50% higher capacities.

The dicer accepts infeed product up to 4.75 inches. With similar characteristics as the large Affinity, Urschel says it effectively processes all types of cold-temperature cheeses, including high-fat or imitation varieties. The Integra-D produces precision small to mid-range size dices.

Whitehall Specialties Inc./NewFields
Whitehall, Wisconsin

Contact: Erica Sorenson, corporate project manager, phone: (715) 538-2326, email:; website:;

New products: Whitehall Specialties Inc., recently released a new line of loaf-style analogue dairy cheese products and is announcing a new Gouda-style loaf product.

Whitehall says its Gouda-style loaf is a processed cheese product that resembles the taste and other functional characteristics of natural Gouda cheese. This loaf product can be used cold as a part of a charcuterie board or can be melted into a sauce application, the company says.

The company offers packaging for foodservice or retail applications across the cheese industry as well as to cheese manufacturers or industrial food producers for use in consumer applications or to be sold as a traditional loaf product.

The new Gouda loaf can be converted from 40-pound block form into fine or conventional shreds, diced or other formats, and used in frozen applications. The company notes that it can be a creative taste enhancer in a blended formulation for a range of foodservice or consumer pack products.

Depending on the applications, Whitehall works with partners to find the right flavor profile for their high-volume uses.

Both dairy and plant-based NewFields product launches will be coming in 2021. As foodservice begins to restart following the pandemic, the company is ramping up its slice-on-slice products with more choices. Additionally, NewFields is building out its loaf offering with new tastes, including spicier options.

NewFields says White American Jalapeno loaf product makes a great addition to a foodservice and retail lineup of loaf-style products. The Jalapeno loaf is a processed cheese product that resembles natural Pepper Jack. The company says this specific product will excel in sauce applications but also can be used in cold dishes or melted in other hot dishes.

Springville, New York

Contact: Stephen Dunlap, manager of marketing and distribution, phone: (716) 592-8553, email:, website:

New products: Winsmith, a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered gearing products, announced the launch of a new Winsmith IP69K Certified Stainless Gearmotor, which provides ingress protection for dairy and food processing environments.

Winsmith says the new gearmotor combines the Winsmith Stainless Conveyor Drive with a robust stainless motor to provide a complete IP69K-rated solution to meet heavy washdown requirements in cheese and dairy manufacturing .

The Winsmith Stainless Conveyor Drive features continuous, smooth housing for easy washdown and minimal bacterial growth, according to the company. The Winsmith Drive was IP69K-certified for severe wash down with 176°F water and steam at 1,450 pounds per square inch, 4 gallons per minute.

The Winsmith IP69K-rated motor features epoxy coated windings; a 300 series stainless steel housing, end bells, output shaft and conduit box; double lip shaft seals; and O-rings between end bells, housing and conduit cover.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.
Greenville, North Carolina


Contact: Phone: (800) 233-YALE; website:

New products: Yale Materials Handling Corp. has launched the new Yale ERC050-060VGL series cushion tire lift truck with factory integrated lithium-ion power.

Yale says the new truck is designed for the challenges facing cheesemakers and other food manufacturing applications, and produces zero harmful emissions during operation and charging to support compliance with food safety regulations. Additionally, the truck has zero battery maintenance requirements and fast charging times to help operations maximize labor utilization and maintain productivity despite workforce shortage and increasing costs, the company says.

Available in 5,000- to 6,000-pound capacities, the ERC050-060VGL is a counterbalanced lift truck completely designed around a fully integrated, space-saving lithium-ion battery pack, according to Yale.

Overall, the new truck’s design approach enables the truck to combine the benefits of lithium-ion power, including improved productivity and zero emissions, with enhanced ergonomics that maximize operator comfort, convenience and performance, Yale says.

Cheese Market News provides these new product profiles as a service to our readers and does not assume liability for errors or omissions. Cheese Market News does not endorse the product of any advertiser. Please note that many new products in this section are patented and have registered trademarks. For consistency's sake, we have elected not to include those marks on individual products.

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