New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated July 2020

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Trina LaSusa, assistant editor, at

AGC Heat Transfer Inc.
Bristow, Virginia

Contact: Erica Perez, sales and marketing coordinator,703-988-5356; email:, website:

New products: AGC Heat Transfer Inc. recently introduced its new Pro8-MD, a dual-spindle, fixed-footprint cheese milk high-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurizer frame.

AGC says that typical cheese milk HTST pasteurizer frames are either tie-bolt or spindle closure. The tie-bolt style unit requires more effort to open and close than the spindle style. With a traditional spindle frame, the spindles thread through the end support and have limited extension.

AGC says its new Pro8-MD dual spindle design utilizes two spindles spanning the entire length of the frame to offer various benefits, including ease of expandability, a smaller footprint and more simplicity in use.

The full-length, dual-spindle design eliminates spindles extending outside of the frame when open. This fixed footprint allows users to make the best use of available floor space, the company says. The plate packs compress from zero to maximum capacity without replacing any frame components.

With a design containing one upper and one lower full-length spindle, users avoid the complexity of alternating between six tie-bolts to achieve even closing of the frame, the company adds.

Later this year, AGC plans to add an auto closure option for the Pro8-MD, allowing users to open and close the frame with the flip of a lever. The company also is launching its Pro10 plate as an upgrade for existing frames, which also will be provided in AGC proprietary frames.

Alfa Laval Inc.
Lund, Sweden

Contact: Zino Lappas, segment manager, 262-605-2600; email:, website:

New products: To optimize service performance and ensure a rapid response to requests for spare parts, Alfa Laval Inc. has introduced hygienic fluid handling service kits for easy and convenient ordering from its global channel partner network.

Alfa Laval service kits are available for a large range of dairy and cheese processing equipment, including pumps, valves and separators. All parts are specifically designed to match the equipment and operating conditions.

Each service kit for planned maintenance has been developed based on years of experience to help users conduct planned service in as little time as possible. Alfa Laval hygienic fluid handling service kits contain all the necessary spare parts to tackle breakdowns, repairs and scheduled preventive maintenance, and are sent in one shipment. The company says the kits include instructions for what is required for each specific service as well as the most up-to-date spare parts to extend the equipment’s lifetime and ensure it is running on the latest technology.

Alfa Laval Service Kits are available for: commissioning, upgrades, preventive maintenance, intermediate/inspection service, major/overhaul service, ancillary and upgrade kits, and parts that can be retrofitted for older equipment.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contact: Ruedi Bucher, vice president of sales for ALPMA-SULBANA, 608-426-6415; email:, websites:,

New products: ALPMA USA LLC is now offering employee hand and boot hygiene stations in partnership with Frontmatec.

ALPMA USA says employee hygiene is more important now than ever before, and the company is committed to helping the cheese and dairy industry protect their production process integrity by providing the equipment needed to achieve best practices in facility hygiene and sanitation control. A key feature available is the controlled entry system, which ensures that every employee entering the production area has washed their hands and cleaned their footwear.

In addition to the boosted pressure/foam cleaning systems ALPMA USA already offers, Frontmatec’s portfolio provides a wide range of state-of-the-art employee hygiene and sanitizing systems for food production and processing facilities.The hygiene portfolio includes automatic equipment for hand cleaning, sanitizing and drying, as well as boot and sole cleaning and sanitizing. Hand and boot cleaning stations can be offered as standalone units or used in conjunction as an all-in-one system.

Panels for drying boots and shoes, apron and safety gloves cleaning systems and lockers and benches also are available. ALPMA USA plans and implements complete, custom-made hygiene solutions for the entire plant.

AMAC Technologies
Anaheim, California

Contact: John Yamasaki, 714-299-5899; email:, website:

New products: AMAC Technologies recently launched its new ASL-300 shrink labeler ideal for mid-size processors and co-packers looking to elevate the shelf appeal of their products.

The ASL-300 applies labels to bottles, cans and canisters that are made from glass, plastic, tin or aluminum. Containers can be round, oval, oblong or square, ranging in size from a few ounces to multiple gallons. The ASL-300 also can bundle two-for-one promo packs or apply tamper-evident seals and other kinds of neck bands, as well as shrink labels with perforation that fully extend over the top of the container.

AMAC Technologies says it can tailor each ASL-300 with a variety of options to meet the needs of the customer. The labeler is suitable for a variety of industries including dairy, food, beverage and more.

This linear, intermittent-motion, single-mandrel shrink labeler is built with heavy-gauge stainless steel construction and a servo motor, the company says. Featuring a cantilevered design for simplified installation and changeover, it can be rolled up and braced to an existing conveyor.

Open construction enables easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. The dual-roll film unwind and feed system allows continuous operation with brief splicing stops, and the label feeding mechanism features multiple tension-control dancers for jam-free feeding, the company says.

Designed for ISO 9001/2200 facilities, the ASL-300 is a space-efficient solution at 34 inches wide and 43 inches long.

Label size changes are completed in 5 minutes on the 8-inch color touchscreen with no tools or change parts. The company adds that changing over to a new container size can take as little as 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the change.

To meet the needs of each customer, the ASL-300 is available with Allen-Bradley, Panasonic, Siemens or other programmable logic controllers. It also is pre-programmed with software that makes it easy to create and save new recipes, the company says.

From design and manufacturing through to installation, start-up and operation, AMAC’s service team is available to help customers across North America 24/7 with technical and commercial support.

Atlas Copco Compressors LLC
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Contact: Paul Humphreys, vice president of communications and branding, 803-616-9596; email:, website:

New products: Atlas Copco Compressors LLC has launched three new intelligent VSD+ vacuum pumps in the U.S. market. The DZS 100-400 VSD+ series pumps are a range of air-cooled, oil-free claw pumps made for harsh environment applications, including some cheese and dairy applications.

Atlas Copco says it has equipped its DZS 100, 200 and 400 VSD+ series pumps with corrosion-resistant materials and a durable internal coating, while also reducing the environmental impact through low energy consumption, small space requirements and improved pollutant handling. The DZS pump range is designed for conveying, clamping, drying processes and other applications.

Cleaning or replacing the pump claws does not require gearbox stripping and retiming, enabling quicker and easier access to the inside of the pump, the company says. Additionally, no new synchronization is necessary during the subsequent assembly, resulting in shortened downtimes and lower service costs.

To control the pumps, a VSD+ inverter drive has been integrated into the motors. This allows for the performance points of the claw pump to be specifically controlled and for power consumption to be reduced.

The new DZS range, along with the current GVS A VSD+ range, are the first models to work with the newly developed VSD+ App. The new app allows the vacuum pumps to be controlled and monitored in real time from a smartphone (iOS and Android). The performance of the pump can be adjusted to the process requirements with a few clicks, the company says.

When the pump is started, the app automatically connects via Bluetooth. Once the desired values have been entered, the DZS 100-400 VSD+ series starts operation immediately. Atlas Copco says it plans to make the app available for other vacuum pump models in the future.

Automation Products Inc. - Dynatrol Division
Houston, Texas

Contact: Steve Sawyer, factory sales, 713-869-0361 ext. 119; email:, website:

New products: Automation Products Inc.-Dynatrol Division has launched Dynatrol Density Systems designed for the measurement of density, specific gravity, degrees Baumé, percent solids and percent concentration of liquids and slurries.

Dynatrol Systems utilize vibratory principles to provide continuous measurement in-line or in vessels at process conditions, the company says. Results have been achieved on dairy processes including whey, milk, etc.

The Dynatrol Density Cell (model CL-10HY) achieves accuracy over a wide range of process changes in ambient temperature, pressure, viscosity or flow. The Dynatrol Density Cells are weather-tight and explosion-proof. There are no motors, bearings, spindles or moving parts to maintain, which provides and ensures a virtually wear-free and long operating life, the company says.

The Dynatrol Digital Density Converter Series 2000 incorporates an on-board microcontroller, is pre-programmed for simple calibration and arrives ready to use. A two-line LCD displays temperature, density, product frequency and status. It has a 4-20MA standard output and a RS-232 two-way communication.

Bioionix Inc.
McFarland, Wisconsin

Contact: John W. Van Arsdale, director of sales and marketing, 608-469-3696; email:, website:

New products: Bioionix Inc. recently developed an electrochemical reactor for automatically eliminating Listeria, yeast, mold and spoilage organisms from cheese brine, without adding chemicals.

New to the CXS lineup, CXS-T2 is designed smaller to accommodate operations with less than 10,000 gallons of brine with chiller flow rates between 20 and 90 gallons per minute.

The CXS-T2 Bioionix unit produces just the correct amount of SuperOxidants to treat the brine, disinfecting and killing problem bacteria. Bioionix customers consistently see yeast counts reduced from 25,000+ to under 100 in the brine and on cheese surfaces, a significant quality improvement, according to the company.

Bioionix says eliminating the biofilms on the equipment and piping is a benefit that provides consistent quality and automated cleaning in cheese manufacturing facilities.

Later this year, Bioionix will be launching a spray intervention of the SuperOxidants using a low-salt concentration brine as the liquid to deter yeast and mold growth on cheese. This application has the potential to replace anti-microbials such as Natamycin, the company says.

Cargill Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Contact: 800-227-4455; website:

New products: To help meet growing demand for simpler labels and familiar ingredients for dairy and culinary products, Cargill has added two new waxy corn-based starches to its label-friendly line: SimPure 99400 and 99405.

SimPure 99400 and 99405 provide moderate to high process stability in custards and similar dairy desserts that undergo intense heating and shear, such as homogenization,ultra-high-temperature pasteurization or retort processing. As a cook-up starch, SimPure requires minimum reformulation compared to modified starches.

Cargill launched the SimPure Functional Label-Friendly Starch portfolio in October 2017 to replace modified starches in frozen meals and slow cooked meats. Since then, it has added eight new starch products to this portfolio of functional, label-friendly starches.

CEM Corp.
Matthews, North Carolina

Contact: Dr. Ian Olmsted, product manager, process control division, 704-821-7015, ext. 1348; email:, website:

New products: CEM Corp. in March 2020 launched the all-new Phoenix Black microwave muffle furnace.

CEM Corp. says the Phoenix Black builds on the best-in-class technology found in previous generations of the Phoenix. Phoenix Black incorporates an updated cavity design with dual magnetron technology, delivering twice as much power for faster results.

The touch screen display integrates the Code of Federal Regulations-compliant software, which offers complete traceability and data management in a user-friendly format, the company adds.

The Phoenix Black offers improved flexibility compared to the previous model, the company says.

Changes in configuration are now available at the customer site, making future upgrades easy. The Sulfated Ash option now completely automates ash analysis, where acid treatment of the sample is necessary, such as in USP 281, ASTM D874 and more.

When coupled with an external balance, the Phoenix Black software automatically calculates and logs results with laboratory information management system data output capability.

CEM designs and manufactures systems for life sciences, analytical laboratories and processing plants worldwide. The company’s products are used in many industries, including food processing, pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical, as well as academic research.

Chr. Hansen Inc.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Tony Salvador, commercial development manager for cheese in North America, 209-324-5408; email:, website:

New products: Chr. Hansen Inc. recently introduced Pure Appeal cultures for cheese manufacturers to control browning and quality.

Pure Appeal is a flexible culture solution that empowers pasta filata cheese producers to control the degree of browning by up to 100% while maintaining other expected cheese functionalities.

Chr. Hansen adds that the live cultures in Pure Appeal also help protect the cheese during storage and conversion thanks to its additional property for inhibiting the growth of yeasts and molds naturally, without the use of additives.

Later in 2020, cheesemakers can expect new natural solutions from Chr. Hansen that modulate the flavor development in cheeses.

Closure Systems International
Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact: Kendall McLaughlin, innovation and business development manager, 901-821-2209; email:, website:

New products: Closure Systems International is launching the new 38D-KL closure for dairy beverages.

Offering improved application performance and drop-down tamper evidence, this one-piece high-density polyethylene (HDPE) closure is designed to deliver reliable performance in cold-fill, ambient and high pressure processing applications.

The new 38D-KL allows for minimal changeover disruption in manufacturing facilities and is compatible with a HDPE and polyethylene terephthalate 3-lead finish, from single-serve to gallon-sized packages.

In an effort to deliver a more sustainable product with reliable performance and quality, Closure Systems International now offers the new 38D-KL with up to 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content made from its proprietary PolyCycle PCR resin.

PolyCycle PCR is sourced from recycled milk jugs and other HDPE beverage containers, providing an opportunity for closed loop packaging and ensuring the highest quality sourcing. Both the HDPE and the PolyCycle PCR version of Closure Systems International’s new 38D-KL closure are 100% recyclable.

Vernon Hills, Illinois

Contact: Karen Danko, marketing specialist, 847-327-5886; email:, website:

New products: Cole-Parmer is offering the newly designed Masterflex Ismatec Reglo Digital Peristaltic Pump Series with applications for transferring and dispensing yogurts, ice cream and other fluid foods and beverages.

Cole-Parmer says the Masterflex Ismatec Reglo Digital Peristaltic Pumps are ideal for laboratory use, with flow-driven technology that supports precision dispensing, functional versatility in applications and a space-saving compact footprint for space-limited areas.

In comparison to its predecessor, the new Reglo pumps have a wider overall flow range with the option of dosing between 0.00009 and 368 milliliters per minute. The models also have features designed to deliver fluids accurately, including anti-drip technology to help conserve samples, speed ramping to better accommodate fluids with varying viscosities and touch-screen interfacing that supports programmable performance.

The cartridge design is synonymous with Ismatec Reglo pumps with a choice of two or four channels, both of which fit three-stop tubing. The cartridge configurations offer a choice of six, eight and 12 rollers, allowing users to choose the optimal balance of flow rate and pulsation. The company adds that the new Reglo pumps feature a 50-watt BLDC motor instead of the 75-watt PMDC motor used in older models, allowing for more efficient performance.

Each new pump has a 5-inch touchscreen display so it can be used with disposable gloves. This cloud-based platform allows users to remotely control and monitor a pump in realtime via a PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android).

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Janelle Crawford, regional marketing lead, 913-231-0116; email:, website:

New products: DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences recently added CHOOZIT BC cultures to its DuPont Danisco dairy culture range.

CHOOZIT BC cultures offer manufacturers a new, easy-to-use, label-friendly solution for browning control in pizza cheese, the company says.

This new formulation has been specifically designed for fast acidification, proteolysis control, phase robustness and the ability to consume more galactose during the cheesemaking process, enabling a high-quality pizza without impacting taste, texture or processing conditions. Pizza makers also can enjoy additional oven throughput, increased shelf life of the shredded cheese and sustainability benefits from these cultures.

DuPont also launched Bonlacta, an enzyme for the lactose-free dairy market. Now available in North America, Bonlacta allows for process optimization and cost reduction, enabling production of a variety of lactose-free dairy products at competitive costs, according to Dupont.

Bonlacta is fast acting under refrigeration conditions and is able to withstand high temperatures to enable new, optimized processes with faster lactose hydrolysis targets. The enzyme’s thermal properties make it optimal for flash pasteurization or high-temperature short-time processing used for fluid milk and milk-derived products. DuPont says the fast lactose hydrolysis process is further accelerated by salt addition, making Bonlacta ideal for use in fresh cheese and related dairy applications.

Bonlacta’s high purity ensures a clean taste in products stored at refrigerated or ambient temperatures. This can reduce off-flavors and undesired reactions in dairy products, bringing opportunities for use in new products such as hybrid milks with added ingredients, the company adds.

DuPont will team with experts from the industry to host webinars later this year that discuss challenges in both specialty and industrial cheesemaking and what solutions are available for manufacturers looking to maximize their opportunities for success.

Emerson Electric Co.
St. Louis, Missouri

Contact: 314-553-2000, website:

New products: Emerson Electric Co. has introduced the ASCO Series 158 Gas Valve and Series 159 Motorized Actuator designed for burner-boiler applications, including gas boiler equipment used for heating in the cheesemaking process. The products provide a new combustion safety shutoff valve option that increases safety and reliability and enhances both flow and control, the company says.

Emerson says the new valve offers a higher close-off pressure of 75 psi (5.2 bar), ensuring a safe shutoff in the event of a fuel train system failure and eliminating the need for additional safety components.

The flow rate allows the valve to address varying gas inlet pressures. Additionally, installation is made easier with end connectors that eliminate the need for piping unions and a ventless compatible monoblock design limiting greenhouse gas and vent emissions, the company adds.

The ASCO Series 158 is a gas valve range available in sizes from 3/4 inches National Pipe Threads (NPT) to 3 inches NPT in both single and monoblock constructions. The ASCO Series 159 Motorized Actuator has a rugged construction, can mount in any position and offers a visual indication of opening, the company says. This new safety shutoff valve is rated for an ambient temperature range of -40°F to 150°F and is offered with an optional watertight National Electrical Manufacturers Association-approved Type 4 enclosure.

The Series 158 and Series 159 meet standards for National Fire Protection Association, UL Certification, Canadian Standards Association and FM Global standards. The products also earned Restriction of Hazardous Substances and European Standards approvals.

Evaporator Dryer Technologies Inc.
Hammond, Wisconsin

Contact: Dave Lindahl, 715-796-2313; email:, website:

New products: Evaporator Dryer Technologies Inc. is offering new pneumatic hammers that provide short duration strikes to thin-walled equipment to dislodge powder deposits while maintaining the integrity of the equipment.

Evaporator Dryer Technologies Pneumatic Hammers are designed for use on equipment such as spray drying chambers, duct work, cyclones, baghouses, product hoppers and bagging systems.

These pneumatic hammers are available for single or double wall vessels. The company says its double-wall design seals through the cladding and maintains uniform internal surface temperature.

The pulse rate and impact force for the hammer is controlled by an integrated solenoid valve and modulated air pressure supply. Evaporator Dryer Technologies also offers a mounting system that eliminates damage and need for constant repair to the outer shell of equipment. Evaporator Dryer Technologies Pneumatic Hammers will provide long-term operation with limited maintenance, the company says.

Excel Engineering Inc.
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Contact: Jeff Kamin, business development, 920-926-9800; email:, website:

New products: With the unique challenges presented this year, Excel Engineering Inc. has created a rapid response group to assist facilities with efficient space utilization, designs to improve social distancing and an operational program focused on the health and welfare of employees.

Excel addresses process and facility challenges and understands the importance of integrating food safety into every aspect of each facility’s design. Designing to improve health and human safety is an essential part of a proper action plan and should be done in concert with all strategies, the company says.

The challenge of designing facilities to accommodate social distancing and clean design is an emerging necessity and desired requirement by clients, the company says. This design task can be accomplished in food facilities and requires a strategic focus on meeting the needs of the client with solutions that deploy resources that impact every level of a proper action plan.

Excel’s design teams listen, program and initiate layouts to enhance the operational changes and safety strategies to create the most effective solutions. The company takes a collaborative approach in developing a sound action plan that can make coordinated and practical solutions to produce efficient space utilization and cleaner facilities, while limiting exposure to potential threats to product, building occupants, owners and employees.

Avon, Ohio

Contact: Stacey Brown, marketing director, 866-769-1500; email:, website:

New products: Flavorseal has introduced its latest innovation in the Flavorseal family of seasoning transfer packaging for cheese processors, Seasoning Transfer Bags.

The company says Seasoning Transfer Bags make it easy for cheese processors to expand flavored cheese product offerings without significant investments in additional labor or equipment.

Seasoning Transfer Bags have the seasoning preapplied in an even coating inside the bag. Once the cheese is sealed in the bag, the spice is transferred to the surface of the cheese. There is no spice mess or waste to clean up in production, the company says Flavorseal adds that when the packaging is removed, the spice stays on the outside of the cheese, adding flavor and visual appeal.

In addition to its full line of seasoning transfer sheets and casings, Flavorseal will be offering expanded capabilities in roll stock films in 2020. Offering gloss and clarity plus quality barrier properties, Flavorseal’s new roll stock program is fully supported by its expert technical team, providing on-site support to make sure Flavorseal products run seamlessly on customer product lines.

Flexicon Corp.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Contact: 1-888-353-9426; email:, website:

New products: Flexicon Corp. recently introduced a new sanitary bulk bag filling system featuring dual swing-down fillers fed by high capacity weigh hoppers, achieving fill rates of up to 40 bulk bags per hour.

The filler design simultaneously lowers and pivots each fill head into a vertically-oriented position that places the inflatable spout connection collar, inflator button and four-bag loop latches within reach of an operator standing on the plant floor. Flexicon says this increases the safety and speed of connecting bulk bags as the operator can connect each bag loop and the bag spout without having to stand on a ladder or reach over equipment to secure the bag.

Bagging rates are further increased by reducing the time needed to load material into the bag, the company adds.The new system employs dual gain-in-weight hoppers positioned above the bulk bag fillers. This allows pre-weighed material to descend into the bag at higher rates and saves additional time by refilling the weigh hopper while the full bag is being removed and an empty bag is being connected.

Once the inflator button is pressed and the collar secures the bag spout, filling operations are automatic: the fill head raises and returns to horizontal orientation; a dedicated blower fills the bag with air which removes creases in the bag, allowing the material to fill corners to create a stable bag; the surge hopper’s roller gate valve opens; pre-weighed material fills the bag; the valve closes; and the inlet seal deflates and the bag loop latches release, allowing a forklift to remove the filled, palletized bag.

Ports on each filler are vented to a dust collection system to prevent displaced air and dust from escaping into the plant environment.

While a bag is being filled and then forklifted on one side, an operator can connect an empty bag on the opposite side, maximizing output. Widened base frames allow filling of portable totes in addition to bulk bags.

The all-stainless steel system is finished to sanitary standards and equipped with a NEMA 4X controls enclosure, allowing washdown.

Flexicon also manufactures bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag conditioners, drum fillers, drum/box/container dumpers, bag dump stations, flexible screw conveyors, tubular cable conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, weigh batching and blending systems and engineered plantwide bulk handling systems with automated controls.

FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc.
Ontario, Canada

Contact: Tanner Vandenberg, sales and marketing manager, email:, website:

New products: FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc. is offering Acrylic Vacuum Chambers for package leak detection in a variety of large food packages.

FlexPak Leak Detectors says its standard model FP392220 leak detector is one of the largest Acrylic Vacuum Chamber in production worldwide. Interior dimensions of the FP392220 packaging leak detection tank are 990 millimeters x 560 millimeters x 510 millimeters, yielding a total of 282.7 liters of testing space. The company also offers custom solutions for larger Acrylic Vacuum Chambers specific to a manufacturer’s products.

These tanks are used by numerous industries that utilize flexible packaging, rigid packaging, etc., to perform various ASTM packaging integrity testing methods, the company says.

FlexPak Leak Detectors has been suppyling Acrylic Vacuum Chambers around the world for more than 14 years.

Formost Fuji Corp.
Woodinville, Washington

Contact: Angela McDaniel, marketing coordinator, 425-483-9090; email:, website:

New products: Formost Fuji Corp. recently introduced the Alpha 8 Horizontal Sanitary Flow Wrapper.

The new Alpha 8 sanitary flow wrapper has the ability to be disassembled, leaving the wrapper wide open for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. The sections of the wrapper that can be removed are the Center Seal Assembly and the End Seal Assembly, which remain on custom-built rolling carts during the cleaning process, the company says.

Formost Fuji says the infeed conveyer offers a quick, tool-free disconnect from the wrapper, complete disassembly and an optional connection to a standalone drive/mounting station. For cleaning, the infeed conveyor chain allows for thorough sanitation throughout the conveyor.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Mike Connelly, vice president of sales, 952-250-2247; email:, website:

New products: FOSS recently launched a new smart-enabled dairy analyzer, the MilkoScan FT3, for instant multi-parameter testing of liquid and semi-solid dairy products with uptime and consistent results.

FOSS says the Milkoscan FT3 can test a range of samples including chocolate milk, drinking yogurt and whey protein concentrate for parameters such as fat, protein, total solids, freezing point and several others.

With its smart flow system, it recognizes and auto-adjusts to each sample and delivers results within as little as 30 seconds depending on sample type, the company says.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients
Amersfoort, Netherlands

Contact: FrieslandCampina Ingredients North America, 201-655-7786; website:

New products: FrieslandCampina Ingredients has unveiled a new high-concentration protein gel concept that the company says “could be a game-changer” for sports nutrition brands.

Formulated with the company’s Nutri Whey Isolate Clear, the application provides up to 15% protein content in a small, convenient portion and also enables flexibility in the end product’s format, from squeezable pouches to spoonable pots.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients says the concept aligns with many trends dominating the sports nutrition market, including single-serve and snackification, consumption on the go and compacting — with one serving able to supply the same amount of protein as a 500-milliliter, ready-to-drink beverage.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients adds that this new formulation is transparent, has adaptable viscosity and a clean, neutral taste profile.

Gericke USA Inc.
Somerset, New Jersey

Contact: 855 888-0088; email:, website:
New products: Gericke USA Inc. unveiled the Pulse-Line PTA PL dense phase pneumatic conveying system.

Featuring a patented design, the Pulse-Line PTA PL pneumatic conveying system automatically forms dry, bulk ingredients into separate, pulsed slugs for gentle transfer at low gas velocities, then injects additional air or nitrogen at key points along the conveying pipeline, the company says.

This pneumatic conveying system can convey powdered milk, powdered cheese products and other fragile materials or ingredients up to 1,500 feet in mass flow while maintaining the length of the pulsed slugs and safeguarding the particle size and shape.

Suitable for both batch and continuous processes, this system is custom-engineered for each installation to meet target throughput rates, conveying distances, particle size distributions and other requirements. Designed for dependable, unattended, 24/7 operation, the dry ingredient conveying system includes the feeding hopper, pressure vessel, pipeline, activators, conveying and secondary air supplies, plus the company’s computer-driven STP 61 touch-screen control system as standard.

The pneumatic conveying systems are assembled and tested in the company’s Somerset, New Jersey, headquarters and installed by the company’s engineering team. The company says the systems may be integrated into existing systems to extend conveying distances and improve throughput rates.

GNT Group B.V.
Mierlo, Netherlands

Contact: 914-524-0600; email:, website:

New products: GNT Group B.V. has developed a range of blue EXBERRY powders derived from spirulina with higher color intensity available in both standard and micronized powder form.

The company says these new EXBERRY high intensity blues are offered with a choice of carriers, including maltodextrin or sugar, and are guaranteed to be trehalose-free, ensuring good levels of consumer acceptance.

Food and beverage manufacturers can use the new powders to formulate products with high intensity blues from a natural and traceable source and at reduced doses. The blue powders offer superior solubility and stability in a number of applications, including ice cream.

GNT produces EXBERRY Coloring Foods from spirulina in its state-of-the-art, dedicated facility in Mierlo, Netherlands. In a recent investment program, the company doubled its spirulina processing capacity. Spirulina is a blue-green algae, valued for its coloring and nutritional properties and is widely and safely consumed globally, the company says.

EXBERRY Coloring Foods are coloring ingredients obtained from fruits, vegetables and edible plants using gentle, physical processes such as pressing, chopping, filtering and concentrating. The products retain the characteristic properties of the source material, and the concentrates are not selectively extracted.

To ensure the highest level of quality and year-round availability, GNT controls the entire EXBERRY supply chain, with cultivation and harvesting monitored by GNT’s agricultural engineers.


HART Design & Manufacturing Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Todd Delebreau, director of sales, 920-468-5927; email:, website:

New products: HART Design & Manufacturing Inc. is now offering a servo-driven HC-2SE Two-Stage Cutter yielding precise cheese portions; users simply slide their desired cutting format harp(s) and pusher(s) into place.

HART Design & Manufacturing says the cutter is servo-driven to achieve high-force cheese cutting without the need for messy hydraulics. From tiny cubes to snack sticks, 20-pound halves, bars and custom cuts, the company says this compact, stainless steel cutter can reduce 40-pound cheese blocks in several variations.

Servo gives users the option to control cut speed and reduce wire fatigue. For greater control and automation, the company says there are optional touchscreen controls with HART programming for cut recipes, speed parameters, integrated in-line system controls and other functions.

The HC-2SE allows one operator to load blocks and precision cut, then discharge cheese portions. It can be used as a standalone cutter or be integrated in-line with other equipment for sanitary, streamlined efficiency.

Convenient 120 VAC power with an approximate footprint of 80 inches x 90 inches (overall height 5 feet,7 inches), allow operators to process blocks of hard to soft cheeses (up to 14 inches long x 11 inches wide x 7 inches high nominal dimensions).

HART Design & Manufacturing says the servo-driven HC-2SE model has a cost-effective cousin that will be available later this year, its pneumatic HC-2SP Two-Stage Cutter with a minimalist design, optimized for maximum configurability. The HC-2SP pairs performance with prime cost savings, according to the company.


Hyster Co.
Greenville, North Carolina


Contact: 800-497-8371; website:

New products: Hyster Co. has launched the Hyster J60XN integrated lithium-ion forklift.

The company says the Hyster J60XN takes the efficiency, zero battery maintenance, power delivery, faster charging and long life of lithium-ion power and brings it to a counterbalance lift truck, with considerable attention toward design, ergonomics and reduced total cost of operation.

This truck’s design takes advantage of the form factor of lithium-ion batteries to lower the seat and drop the floor plate, offering an extra 88.9 millimeters of headroom for the operator, the company says. Space also is increased under the operator seat for easier entry and exit, along with more freedom to position feet while reversing and driving.

Additionally, the design moves the center of gravity lower and further back for improved stability and reduces overall truck weight for improved acceleration, maneuverability and reduced energy consumption.

The truck is FDA compliant, with zero emissions in operations and no gassing required during the charging process, which is especially important for dairy processing and distribution operations, the company notes.The ability to charge in about an hour makes lithium-ion power an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications, the company adds.


Industrial Magnetics Inc.
Boyne City, Michigan

Contact: Dennis O’Leary, chief business development officer,
231-348-5730; email:, website:

New products: Industrial Magnetics Inc. (IMI) has added two “rare-earth” magnetic circuit selections to its Opti Series of magnetic tubes.

The Opti-L and Opti-T circuits have been designed to meet the changing needs and requirements facing processing facilities with regard to various compliance and regulatory initiatives. They are regularly used in the cheese and dairy industries, the company says.

The Opti-L is a large-tube magnetic circuit with more than 12,000 gauss designed for product applications with poor flow characteristics or bridging tendencies. The Opti-T is a high-temperature circuit with durability and heat tolerance up to 356°F.

The Opti Series addresses new standards for magnet separators included in the Food Safety Modernization Act, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Global Food Safety Initiative, BRC Global Standards, Food Safety System Certification and Safe Quality Food certification.

The company says each circuit is designed to optimize values that have been identified and earmarked as critical measurements for the specification, purchase, audit, verification and validation requirements for magnetic separation equipment and meet a minimum and measurable threshold of repeatable magnet performance.

There are now six rare-earth circuit configurations in the Opti Series family. These are available on IMI products including magnetic Grates, Grate Tubes, Drawer-in-Housings, Pneumatic Line Housing, Ox, Bullet Magnet and Large Tube Housing.


International Media and Cultures
Denver, Colorado

Contact: Venkat Mantha, director of research and development, 303-337-4028 ext. 112; email:, website:

New products: International Media and Cultures recently launched Cultured Dextrin, a natural and culture-based anti-mycotic agent powder for shred and diced cheese products.

The “clean label” powder functions both as an anti-caking agent and an anti-mycotic agent to help preserve freshness in cheese, the company says.

Cultured Dextrin is made using strains of Lactococcus sp., Lactobacillus sp. and Propionibacterium sp. — cultures used in Swiss and Mozzerella production.

After the cultures are grown to their optimum level in a food-grade starter medium, they are suspended in corn solids for efficient drying at low temperatures to maintain viability.

The company says the resulting product is an off-white, free-flowing powder containing fermentation-derived metabolites, organic acids, nisin-like compounds, bacteriocins and other inhibitory compounds that are the byproducts of culture fermentation. These byproducts are known for their anti-molding property and extending shelf life.

JLS Automation
York, Pennsylvania

Contact: JLS Automation, sales, 717-505-3800; email:, website:

New products: JLS Automation recently introduced the Osprey Flex, its first vertical pack case packer.

This new machine is designed for both vertical and horizontal orientations in the case. Changeover from horizontal to vertical takes less than three minutes and the machine is essentially the length of a standard Osprey, the company says.

JLS says the Osprey Flex is important to cheesemakers as it allows them to address the retail-ready space or products that need to be shipped on edge. It can handle high-payload foodservice bags and features high-speed loading of retail stand-up pouches.

A quick-install cartridge converts to vertical pack while a new articulating gripper end of arm tooling stands bags up. With the Flex, no tool or vision change is required between stock-keeping units, just a simple recipe change, the company says.

On tap for later this year, JLS is developing a six-axis robotic capability in conjunction with Staubli to address hygienic food handling of heavy items and longer reach requirements.


Koch Separation Solutions
Wilmington, Massachusetts

Contact: Taylour Johnson, product manager, 978-694-7000; email:, website:

New products: Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) is expanding the manufacturing capacity of its Puron reinforced hollow fiber membrane technology by 50%.

KSS says this manufacturing expansion reflects the company’s growth and increased ability to serve businesses that utilize its reinforced hollow fiber membrane technologies for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment needs.

The company’s reinforced hollow fiber membrane solutions are among a suite of KSS membrane offerings that include Puron MP, Puron HF, Puron MBR and Pulsion MBR. KSS says the Puron hollow fiber membrane has a robust composite structure that makes it virtually unbreakable. Its ultrafiltration pores also facilitate high productivity and rejection while minimizing fouling and cleaning requirements, the company adds.

These membranes are used for water and wastewater treatment needs such as solids separations and pathogen removal. KSS hollow fiber membranes are widely used in markets essential to the global economy, such as food and beverage, automotive, life sciences, textiles, and pulp and paper.

Industrial water sustainability and reuse, coupled with Puron technology advantages, are driving growth in water and wastewater treatment operations. KSS says it recognizes the importance of businesses meeting their goals while also operating responsibly and sustainably, and its membrane technologies allow for optimal performance that also save energy and resources.

Koss Industrial Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Inside Sales Representative, 920-469-5300 or 800-844-6261; email:, website:

New products: Koss Industrial Inc. has added Koss 3-A Equipment Leveling Jacks to its line of 3-A authorized equipment leveling feet.

Koss says these new stainless steel leveling jacks make raising, lowering, leveling and tilting equipment easier than ever. Koss 3-A Equipment Leveling Jacks weld directly to equipment to quickly make it mobile or secure without additional tools.

Users turn the easy-to-grip wheel handle to raise the jacks off the floor so that the equipment is either mobile on its casters, or lower jacks to the floor so the equipment is stable and sitting on feet. Each jack has a load weight of up to 1,610 pounds per jack, and each jack can be adjusted to quickly level equipment or tilt for better drainage, the company says.

Hard-working and hygienic, Koss says its leveling jacks are 3-A symbol authorized. The jacks are made in the United States using 304 stainless steel and sealed with O-ring elastomers with no exposed threads.

Krohne Inc.
Beverly, Massachusetts

Contact: Leah Normand, 800-356-9464; email:, website:

New products: Krohne Inc. has launched the new Optiwave 6500C, a radar level transmitter for powders and dusty atmospheres.

The Optiwave 6500C delivers continuous high measurement in silos, hoppers and containers as well as for use in bulk storage for cheese, dairy, minerals, chemicals, power, paper, food and beverage industries. Krohne also says applications include silos or large vats being used in the creation of cheese or bulk storage of cheese that must be kept at specific levels.

The transmitter offers several features, including an 80 GHz (FMCW) bandwidth radar and a 70-millimeter lens antenna, making it ideal for environments with low-reflective media. With a measuring range extending more than 100 meters, the Optiwave 6500C is a well-suited choice for uneven surfaces or tanks with obstacles, the company says.

Other features include PEEK Lens antennas with both concave and convex lenses for distances up to 100 meters and a large LCD screen with a 4-button keypad for flexibility with different radar usage.

Loos Machine & Automation
Colby, Wisconsin

Contact: Troy Kilty, sales manager, 715-650-3208; email:, website:

New products: Loos Machine & Automation is offering new fully automated cheese barrel and block handling systems.

Through detailed up front planning and coordination, Loos Machine & Automation cheese barrel and block systems are custom and can be integrated with existing or third-party equipment.

The company’s 3D modelling designs allow its customers to visualize their equipment and systems to streamline design, review and accelerate the approval process.

With components like radio-frequency identification technology, pick-and-place operation, automated washing systems, patent whey collection designs and more — Loos Machine & Automation says it is here to assist the dairy and cheese industry. with solutions to increase workflow and productivity.

Multi-Conveyor LLC
Winneconne, Wisconsin

Contact: Carl Plamann, sales account manager, 920-582-7960 or 1-800-582-7960; email:, website:
New products: Multi-Conveyor LLC recently built an elevated conveyor to transport bags from three separate bag filling machines to ultimately feed a robotic tray packer.

The filled bags exit the bagging machines standing upright with the narrow edge leading. Three lanes merge into one, with a pneumatic traffic cop gate system. Once single filed, the bags are knocked down on their face (wide edge leading) and bump turned so the narrow edge leads as they travel for the remainder of the system.

The bags then incline, transport above shop level through multiple curves, including table top and friction belt variations, then decline back to shop level. Conveyor speeds range from 70 to 140 bags per minute or 200 feet per minute depending on product size.

Multi-Conveyor says the elevated conveyor provides uninterrupted shop production below and maximizes floor space. Fixed stainless steel guide rail brackets control product stability throughout twists, turns and elevation changes the entire length of transportation.

Multi-Conveyor is a manufacturer of standard and custom conveyor solutions for end users, integrators, engineering firms, automation/robotics, artificial intelligence, original equipment manufacturers and contract packagers across multiple markets.

Pentair Südmo GmbH
Riesbürg, Germany

Contact: Jeff Tocio, North American sales manager, 630-917-6317; email:, website:

New products: Pentair Südmo GmbH recently released the RV Solid Non-return Valve and SensoTop valve position unit for the North American market.

The 3-A certified RV Solid Non-return Valve is designed for use in the U.S. dairy industry as well as other hygienically sensitive production processes where product flow is only permitted in one direction. This valve technology reacts quickly to prevent backflows after switching off pumps, has robust design to withstand high flow rates and pressures, and also is easy to clean using clean-in-place processes, the company says.

Ensuring operator safety and cost-effectiveness are the drivers behind the development of Pentair Südmo’s new SensoTop, a new valve position unit. The company says this technology is based on more than 60 years of experience with process valves and components, including extensive experience with intelligent control technology.

Pentair Südmo says the SensoTop represents a smart valve position feedback unit as a cost-efficient alternative to obsolete solutions with external proximity switches. It sets itself apart with its many additional features and benefits, the company adds.

The SensoTop is ideal for use with a wide range of valve applications in dairy plants. The SensoTop can be quickly installed on process valves in new installations and is easy to retrofit into existing systems, the company says.

Pentair Südmo says the SensoTop offers many benefits for process plants including easy adaptation and fast commissioning, intuitive feedback position programming, safe operation as all moving parts are enclosed, clear visibility of valve positions through a 360-degree LED, hygienic design with IP 65/67 that meets watertight needs, and only one cable required for all feedback position.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Contact: Nathan Klettlinger, market manager, 330-697-7879; email:, website:

New products: ProAmpac is helping cheese manufacturers meet their sustainable packaging goals with its new ProActive Recyclable R-1000, a film designed for high speed form/fill/seal applications available in both high-barrier and standard-barrier formats.

ProAmpac says the high-barrier version works well for high-speed retail shredded cheese applications because of its high-oxygen barrier, heat resistance and low seal-initiation temperature. These sealing capabilities enable recyclable zippers to be applied without sacrificing hermeticity.

The standard barrier ProActive Recyclable R-1000 is engineered for high-speed secondary overwrap cheese package applications, replacing non-recyclable laminated structures such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PE) or biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP/PE) without sacrificing filling speed.

Designed to help customers meet their sustainability goals, R-1000 is available in standard- or high-barrier versions offering a recyclable alternative to traditional PET-based laminations. Due to its high heat-resistance, R-1000 outperforms typical mono material films allowing for high speed filling applications with superior seal quality, the company adds.

ProAmpac’s Signature Surfaces line of differentiating coatings gives the flexible product packaging a tactile design and feel to differentiate the cheese product packaging on the store shelf, the company says. These finishes offer distinctive visual effects along with a special touch creating a unique brand connection with consumers.

The Signature Surface Paper Touch offering conveys the look and feel of paper while still being in a high-barrier film package. The Signature Surface Soft Touch Matte offering imparts a soft feel to the films surface, and the Registered Matte offering enhances branding as glossy areas “pop” from a matte background.

Paper Touch and Registered Matte may be used with recyclable films or with structures containing post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials to increase the package’s sustainable footprint. ProAmpac says Signature Surfaces provide brand owners additional ways to stand apart in the retail environment.

Provisur Technologies
Chicago, Illinois

Contact: Mark Lowden, sales manager, slicing, 312-597-1779; email:, website:

New products: Provisur Technologies recently introduced the Formax SX330 with interleaver, a compact slicer with higher throughput than other slicers in this size range.

The Formax SX330 slicer offers blade speeds of up to 1,500 revolutions per minute, an open, hygienic design, and the versatility to slice a wide range of products with minimal changeover time.

Provisur says the slicer is available with several options, including automatic or manual product loading; simple portion takeaway conveyor or up to two scales and classifiers; and the option for a retractable blade to eliminate sliver slices. This slicer can be configured to meet specific application needs.

The company adds that the slicer is available with a reliable and accurate automatic paper interleaver. The servo-controlled paper drives ensure precise and consistent paper placement while minimizing sheet breaks. The paper can be easily rethreaded during roll changes or sheet breaks with a push of a button, which minimizes machine down time.


Willmar, Minnesota

Contact: Darin Fischer, cheese technologist, email:, website:

New products: RELCO LLC recently introduced the RELCO Curd Transport System option for its Tru-Finish Curd Table as well as the newly optimized RELCO Horizon II Vat focused on cleanliness, bearings, structural improvements, floating knives, improved sealing and sizing configuration options.

The RELCO Horizon II Vat features an enclosed horizontal single-shaft design for increased yields, uniform curd size, consistent moistures and low whey fats.

The vat’s key features include gentle cutting and agitation, agitator seals that can be changed without removing the gearbox, duplex steel knives, no internal bearings, improved sealing, customized installations to meet space and production requirements and three sizing configurations for custom applications. A manway is available at either end of the vat to accommodate multiple vat configurations for building design maximization. An optional steam or water heating system can be applied to meet cheesemakers’ optimal method for making cheese.

The RELCO Curd Transport System is a curd table hose management system that aids in overall safety and cleanliness. Removing hoses from the floor makes for safer work environment, while allowing for quicker turnover from table to table, the company says.

This curd transport system can manage hoses of multiple line sizes for either vacuum or blower application, and has single or dual unloader capabilities.

Additional benefits include reduced wear on hoses by eliminating hoses dragging or on the floor, powered travel that eases movement from table to table and verhead design to keep walking areas at the end of the tables clear.

RELCO, in partnership with Innovative Dairy Systems (IDS), is offering a draining, matting and Cheddaring belt with capacities for continuous belts from 2,000 pounds per hour to 33,000 pounds per hour using four different belt widths. Belting and mill replacement options are available. Together, the companies also are working on a cheese mill (quad-cut to reduce loading stress while cutting cheese) in the coming year.

Royal DSM
Heerlen, Netherlands

Contact: email:, website:

New products: Royal DSM recently announced the launch of its new Delvo Cheese CP-500 cultures for boosting the yield and resource efficiency of Mozzarella production.

Capable of achieving a higher moisture content in Mozzarella, the company says the new culture range increases yield by up to 1.3%, compared to the most commonly used Direct Vat Set culture in the United States.

DSM says these new cultures also enable cheesemakers to deliver products with superior taste and texture that consumers will enjoy and are ideal for creating Mozzarella for pizza, offering a mild buttery flavor, excellent stretch and melt behavior as well as reduced browning for an enhanced eating experience.

The company adds that the Delvo Cheese CP-500 cultures range enables cheesemakers to increase moisture content, offering the fast acidification expected by producers and a consistent performance in terms of texture, maximizing yield and improving the consumer pizza eating experience.

When combined with DSM’s Maxiren XDS fermented chymosin coagulants, the range enhances yield further, allowing manufacturers to optimize raw material efficiency and achieve high whey quality.

Somic America Inc.
Eagan, Minnesota

Contact: Peter Fox, 847- 915-9872; email:, website:

New products: Somic America Inc. introduced the new ReadyPack case packer last September at the 2019 PACK Expo in Las Vegas.

Somic says this is its ultra compact, entry-level case packer, a smaller and simpler application than the standard 424 T2 (D) machine in many cheese facilities, with added flexibility.

The case packer collates, cartons and closes, and is user-friendly due to Rockwell Automation controls. Depending on the product, it has a collating capacity of 160 products per minute. As a tray packer, it will case up to 18 packaging units per minute, and the wraparound model delivers at a rate of 12 units per minute.

The ReadyPack case packer is a lower-speed machine that uses the same technology as Somic’s higher-speed machines. It is simplified, and the number of operational groups has been reduced to save space and cost, the company says. The result is a less expensive machine, with a smaller footprint and a shorter lead time for delivery.

Somic’s plans for 2020 focus on refining the 424 case packer product handling mechanisms to be more forgiving with variable sized products, specifically cheese. The company says it often thinks of its case packers as precision machines living in an in-precise world, especially in the cheese market. Therefore, Somic is building in a larger operating window to accommodate the natural variability of what the company calls “living” products.

SPX Flow Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact: Chris Sinutko, global product manager, 262-728-4684; email:, website:

New products: SPX FLOW Inc. recently launched the new Waukesha Cherry-Burrell D4PMO valve within its D4 Series double-seat, mix-proof portfolio.

The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell D4PMO valve is designed specifically for the U.S. dairy market in line with the latest 3-A sanitary standard 85-02 for Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

SPX Flow says the D4 Series took mix-proof valve technology into a new generation. The valves, which have been popular since their release in 2018, are now proven in processes across the dairy industry and other sanitary applications around the world. These valves offer reliable separation of dissimilar products during continuous processing, with assured separation of clean-in-place (CIP) fluids.

The D4PMO is based on the proven design of the core D4 mix-proof range with additional features to meet PMO standards, such as maintaining zero pressure within the vent cavity and the impingement of CIP fluid during seat lift operation.

To manage seat lift detection, the D4PMO valve includes the advanced CU4plus control unit as standard. This unit has an innovative fully integrated position and seat lift detection with internal sensors, which eliminates external wiring to avoid disruptive adjustments and potential damage during handling or washdown. This smart control unit, combined with the design of the valve unit, make the overall D4PMO solution ideal to meet the high-quality demands of the U.S. dairy market, the company says.

SPX Flow adds that the D4PMO valve helps maximize plant uptime and allows flexibility in cleaning and dairy production schedules aswell as minimal CIP losses, giving it an appealing return on investment. It has a fully-balanced design for flexible flow direction and integrated flow channels for flushing the upper balancer during seat lift movement without the need for full actuation or additional external piping. It is available in mixed sizes to fit complex installations with minimal piping rework.

The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell D4PMO will replace the current WCB W75 Series within the SPX Flow valve portfolio and is available with special body centerline dimensions to match existing W75 series valves for easy upgrade.

Accordingly, the W75 Series will no longer be available for sale after the end of 2020. Individual spare parts and service will continue to be provided to support existing installations.

Duncan, South Carolina

Contact: Sales, 864-486-5421; email:, website:

New products: Stäubli introduced its new TS2 Humid Environment (HE) line, the first hygienically designed 4-axis SCARA robots with food grade design, the company says.

The newly developed TS2 HE line features a hygienic design for applications in humid environments to open up a range of uses for SCARA robots in the dairy industry’s food processing environment, where there is a high risk for contamination and bacteria development, the company says.

The HE version of the TS2 eliminates retention areas by draining fluids alongside its fully enclosed structure. Key components are made of stainless steel, and a specific coating covers the arm in order to withstand the full washdown cleaning processes required in a primary processing environment.

In addition, Stäubli says its technology inside the TS2 HE allows the use of a NSF H1 food-grade oil proprietary to the company to safely lubricate each axis without compromising performance. Theses axes are now put in motion by Stäubli’s proprietary JCS drive technology, which facilitates high-speed motion and high repeatability for ultra-short cycle times.

The new TS2 HE line completes Stäubli’s HE robotic range between the fast picker and 6-axis HE robots. The TS2 HE goes up to 1 meter reach and 8.4-kilogram payload, the company says.

Robots in the TS2 HE range offer a hygienic design, featuring a fully enclosed and pressurized structure; smooth, rounded and tilted surfaces to eliminate liquid retention; easy integration enabled by a small footprint and a variety of mounting options; compatibility with NSF H1 food-grade lubricant; protection against low-pressure jets of water (IP65) and immersion (IP67); stainless steel crucial components with specific coating to ensure durability; no external cables; patented Stäubli proprietary JCS gearbox; and easy maintenance with no battery located in the arm.

Südpack Oak Creek Corp.
Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Contact: Simon Hermans, director marketing and sales USA, 414-551-3532; email:, website:

New products: Südpack Oak Creek Corp. is offering films using renewable materials for the cheese and dairy industry.

Südpack says it is making use of natural resources by using renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or corn in its films and paper in combination with its films. The top and bottom films and flow packs of the company’s “xpect-line” are using renewable raw materials offering the same product protection as conventional plastics.

Südpack’s Planova Flow Pack film is based on Polylactic Acid (PLA) to help protect the environment, while also providing optimum protection for the packed products.

With the Südpack Craft Line, the company offers a high-quality range of film packaging with paper components. It includes the products Ecocraft Shape, Ecocraft Skin, Veraplex Craft and Planova Craft. On request, the products also are available in combination with Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper (License Code FSC-C148939). Additionally, Südpack R-Line uses post-consumer material approved by food regulations to increase the proportion of recycled material.

Südpack says these packaging solutions have unique potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint, serve as an alternative to petroleum-based films and positively influence the environmental balance of plastic packaging.

To improve recyclability, the company has adapted its product ranges: the xPEP-line includes films based on polyolefins and the Pure-line is based on polypropylene. Maximum functionality for further use and recycling of the packaging material is now available to customers using resealable solutions such as Multipeel, the safe-sealing Safe Peel, a versatile flexible film or the slimline flow packs, the company says.

Synder Filtration
Vacaville, California

Contact: 707-451-6060; email:, website:

New products: Synder Filtration is launching a new OptimaFlow Series line.
Synder says this new product line is available for all existing ultrafiltration and microfiltration standard and MAX membrane types in the same common element sizes and models. Custom models are available upon request.

By working closely with vendors to improve upon the current design, Synder has increased the effective membrane area by nearly 10% compared to a standard 31-milliliter spacer element through optimization of element construction and material selection, which can result in higher element throughput.

Synder says multiple OptimaFlow trials have been conducted on milk protein and whey protein applications throughout the dairy industry over the past year, yielding positive results. These are now being used to replace standard sanitary elements at several dairy plant installations worldwide.

With more than 25 years of experience as a membrane manufacturer, Synder invests heavily in research and development and membrane/application development. The addition of the OptimaFlow Series to Synder’s membrane offering highlights the company’s dedication to meeting the specific application needs of customers by offering an extensive product selection, maintaining a high level of quality and responsiveness, and providing industry-leading delivery times. All sanitary products meet USDA, FDA, and 3-A sanitary standards and Synder is a certified halal, kosher and ISO-9001:2015 manufacturing company.

Thermal Care
Niles, Illinois

Contact: Tom Stone, national sales manager of industrial markets, 224-221-6568; email:, website:

New products: Thermal Care recently extended the size range of Accuchiller NQV Packaged Chillers with variable speed compressors to now include 30 ton units.

Thermal Care says NQV chillers are portable and easy to install for cheesemakers with varying heat loads who rapidly cool milk to storage temperature to inhibit bacteria growth. The company adds that typically, cold water is pumped from the chiller and circulated through a water jacket of the pasteurizer and then returned to the chiller.

NQV chillers have been a popular energy saving option for processes where the heat load regularly varies, the comapny says. An NQV uses a variable speed compressor and a PLC to constantly monitor the heat load and adjust the compressor speed for peak efficiency and temperature control. The chiller works only as hard as necessary to provide optimum performance with significantly reduced power use.

Results have shown energy savings of up to 51% using a NQV chiller as compared to a conventional packaged chiller, the company says. Units are completely self-contained with integral pumping systems and are available for outdoor duty.

NQV Series Portable Chillers are available in 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-ton sizes in both air-cooled and water-cooled models.

Thermal Care will be releasing a new packaged chiller late in 2020 that will incorporate and combine multiple energy savings features along with several pumping system options.

UltraSource LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

Contact: Ed Lonergan, director of packaging and labeling equipment, 816-753-2150; email:, website:

New products: UltraSource LLC recently introduced the Kodiak, a new rollstock packaging machine.

UltraSource LLC says the Kodiak provides a large loading area of 400 millimeters to 600 millimeters that allows users to increase production with common web width packaging films. The machine frame starts at 20 feet in length and can be expanded up to 36 feet depending on customer needs.

The company says the Kodiak has a four-post die lift system for reliable and fast performance. The machine also can be configured with an optional large 15-inch full color touchscreen interface that facilitates machine operation and maintenance.

Whitehall Specialties Inc.
Whitehall, Wisconsin

Contact: Erin Reynolds, vice president of sales, 888-755-9900 or 715-538-2326; email:, websites:;

New products: This year, Whitehall Specialties Inc.’s NewFields Cheese division, which specializes in plant-based cheese alternatives sourced from natural plant ingredients, has launched its Premier Line of plant-based cheese for retail, foodservice and industrial customers including cheese and dairy manufacturers.

The line includes Cheddar-style, Mozzarella-style, American-style, shredded Parmesan-style, grated Parmesan-style and Blue cheese-style flavors packaged in a wide range of formats and sizes to meet most commercial needs, the company says.

The company says these new products are certified vegan, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten free and were created with minimal ingredients and natural integrity in mind, resulting in clean labels. The products are manufactured under strict allergen control parameters and proceed through an identity preserved process to ensure no cross contamination.

Whitehall Specialties produces high-quality, high-value customized natural and imitation cheese blends, cheese substitutes and imitation/analog cheese.The company has a history of meeting the needs of cheesemakers and the marketplace by providing expertise and innovation. For customers seeking on-trend solutions for the growing plant-based dairy segment, the company says NewFields Division’s Premier Line of plant-based cheese style options complements more traditional products.

Plant-based grated Parmesan-style cheese is available in retail 8-ounce packaging as well as 5-pound and 50-pound foodservice and industrial packaging.The company says it is suited for cheese and dairy manufacturers that provide packaged cheese and toppings to customers for retail and foodservice applications. Applications include vegan versions of standbys such as pizza and pasta as well as growing on-trend items designed to complement existing dishes or play center stage on vegan menus such as roasted vegetables with Parmesan topping, baked parmesan crisps, risotto and rice, crispy baked Parmesan and garlic fries and as a topping for soups.

Whitehall Specialties’ NewFields division is currently working on a shelf-stable, plant-based Parmesan version to be introduced later in 2020.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.
Greenville, North Carolina

Contact: 800-233-9253; website:

New products: Yale Materials Handling Corp. recently introduced the Yale MPE060-080VH end rider pallet truck, designed to help operations boost efficiency and increase throughput in order picking, unloading and other tasks in dairy processing and distribution applications.

Yale says the end rider packs a variety of ergonomic features to boost labor efficiency and enhance productivity. It also is precision engineered with an operator-centric mindset, industry-exclusive enhancements and smart features that keep the total cost of operation to a minimum, the company adds.

Precision pick enables operators to easily navigate between pick locations with the touch of a button, allowing operators to pick orders more efficiently via bi-directional control of speed and coast functions.

Ergonomic controls enable the operator to trigger all handle functions, including the horn, lift, lower and speed adjustment without repositioning their hand.

The smart acceleration feature automatically selects two distinct acceleration profiles based on application, load and task, while Yale Smart Slow Down automatically reduces speed in cornering for improved stability.

The standard operator platform has sufficient room to accommodate a size 13 shoe, with a durable, shock-absorbing rubber platform cushion with a triangle pattern and drain holes for improved traction, according to the company. Yale adds that an optional extended operator platform offers an exclusive cushion for all-day comfort, transmitting 30% less shock and vibration to operators, keeping them comfortable and focused.

The end rider is designed with extended service intervals of up to 1,000 hours. When service is necessary, the maintenance-friendly design offers quick, secure access to key components to help reduce time spent on service tasks. LED platform and fork lights can increase operator awareness and visibility in low light or congested areas, like dim storage aisles and dark trailers, helping to avoid unnecessary costs due to product and equipment damage, the company says.


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