New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated July 2023

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Taylor Froelich, assistant editor, at

Alfa Laval Inc.
Richmond, Virginia

Contact: Ted Haley, U.S. commercial valve manager, 978-872-5330; email:, website:

New products: Alfa Laval recently released two new hygienic valves, the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CIP and Unique Mixproof Process. These two innovative valves allow manufacturers concerned about product integrity a cost-effective way to enhance product safety that also boosts process efficiency and sustainability.

The Unique Mixproof CIP is a double-seat valve that safely and efficiently manages the flow of cleaning media during cleaning-in-place (CIP).

The Unique Mixproof Process is a more compact version that is configurable and available in various sizes to meet manufacturers’ fundamental hygienic processing requirements.

Both valves are capable of routing two different fluids without the risk of cross-contamination, allowing for more uptime and reduced total cost of ownership.

With the double seat design, the valves can easily handle high pressure without the risk of pressure shocks. They also are FDA, 3A and other recognized standards certified.

When combined with Alfa Laval’s v20 Think Top, released in March, the Unique Mixproof valves eliminate product loss while delivering up to 90% savings in water and CIP media. This allows for a lower total cost of ownership while minimizing the environmental impact in the process industries.

Additionally, Alfa Laval recently released Alfa Laval Analytics.

Alfa Laval Analytics uses artificial intelligence for online condition monitoring that helps hygienic industries prevent unplanned downtime, extends the lifetime of valuable assets and helps reach sustainability targets.

“This is a big step for the hygienic industries. Our new Alfa Laval Analytics solution detects potential machine faults before they occur and helps diagnose the root cause. In close dialogue with our customers, we have developed an easy-to-use and reliable solution that brings peace of mind and keeps equipment at peak performance at all times,” says Torsten Pedersen, head of connectivity and monitoring at Alfa Laval Fluid Handling.

Alfa Laval Analytics can be added to all new and existing pump installations from Alfa Laval. It also includes a one-year subscription, including online installation, training in use of dashboard and ongoing support. It collects and analyzes pump vibration data around the clock to provide a clear and intuitive overview of the health condition of the equipment through a simple dashboard.

Amcor Flexibles North America Inc.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Contact: John Kearny, marketing director, dairy, 920-527-7893; email:, website:

New products: Amcor recently released three new film products for the cheese packaging industry.

The next generation 40-pound block film is optimized to keep processors’ products protected and their operations running smoothly. Compared to thicker films on the market, Amcor’s solution provides material savings, labor savings, less down time and reduced environmental impact while also improving performance and product protection.

Amcor also is working on a solution to take optimized tubestock film to create pre-made pouches, which will still deliver material savings and improved sustainability but is targeted toward cheese processors that don’t have the capability to produce bags in line.

The Amcor ICE XP coextruded forming films are produced using a proprietary coextrusion process that delivers production efficiency, product protection and consumer appeal.

ICE XP films deliver enhanced performance for deep and critical draw applications, including fresh Mozzarella balls and loaves. It also offers downgauging from heavier competitive films without compromising performance, as it provides high puncture and abrasion resistance for difficult applications.

The next generation bulk shredded cheese film for foodservice applications maintains the performance customers want while also delivering cost savings compared to other bulk shred packaging options.

The bulk shredded cheese film protects freshness and flavor of the product and is designed to deliver superb machinability and excellent sealing properties while withstanding abuse, abrasion and puncture resistance throughout the distribution process.

Amcor is continuing to invest in the future of dairy packaging to enhance capabilities, leverage new technologies and innovation and delivering meaningful expertise and insights to customers, the company says.

One way the company is upholding this is through its Innovation Center in Neenah, Wisconsin. Customers can access Catalyst collaborative innovation, a blend of insight, creativity and engineering to provide pragmatic packaging design, help customers accelerate growth and move brands forward.

Catalyst is designed to save time, reduce risk and improve outcomes during the process of concept to reality, Amcor says.

BAK Food Equipment
Burr Ridge, Illinois

Contact: Zack Olson, sales and marketing specialist, 630-974-6690; website:

New products: BAK Food Equipment recently introduced its N&N Nadratoski MIX and MIX V series open and vacuum intermeshing twin shaft paddle mixers. The mixers gently, effectively and quickly combine most types of products, including dairy.

MIX and MIX V feature two dependent intermeshing counter-rotating paddle shafts that are placed at different heights and run at the same preset speed. They also have a large ejection flap in the lower half of the mixing bowl as well as low clearance between the shaft and the bowl itself to make unloading product more quick and efficient.

“These mixers are the ideal solution for any operation looking for quick, easy and uniform mixing of a variety of food products,” says John Bobak, founder and CEO of BAK Food Equipment. “Not only will these mixers provide food processors with the perfect mix, but these highly reliable mixers will keep mixing for decades.”

For applications in need of a vacuum system, the MIX V mixers also feature a reinforced bowl and a tight top cover, allowing for 99% vacuum ideal for improving protein extraction, liquid absorption, distribution and absorption of spices and additives, density control and elimination of air bubbles in the mix.

Pine Brook, New Jersey

Contact: Nate Knox, regional sales manager, 973-615-6433; email:, website:

New products: The latest innovation from BELL-MARK is the InteliJet LP thermal inkjet printer for inline packaging equipment.

It features the newest advancement in thermal inkjet technology, TIJ 4.0, which is significantly improved over TIJ 2.5 technology.

The InteliJet LP offers print quality up to 1,200 dots per inch and ran reach printing speeds up to 2,400 for printing on most items. It has a 22-millimeter print head width, which is almost double the size of previous TIJ 2.5 printers, as well as increased throw distance. It can be arranged with up to a total of four print heads all controlled by a single print controller.

The print controller also houses two 775-mL ink reservoirs that are hot-swap capable, meaning they can be changed at any time without stopping production.

The InteliJet LP features a 7-inch color touch-screen human machine interface which gives users the ability to load, manage and create print files with its integrated label creation software.

The new product offers cheesemakers a thermal inkjet printer that can easily handle the demands of high throughput applications where print quality is crucial. Quick printing speeds can help increase production without having to sacrifice print quality, and its highly efficient integrated ink system will reduce operational costs and downtime, allowing for significant cost savings to the end user.

BluePrint Automation
South Chesterfield, Virginia

Contact: Michael Cothran, North Central sales manager, 1-804-895-5666; email:, website:

New products: BluePrint Automation (BPA) recently introduced its new Spider 300v case packer.

The Spider 300v is a two-robot case loading system with vision allowing cheesemakers and co-packers to pack both vertical and horizontal pack patterns on the same line at the same time.

This versatile secondary packaging solution allows for random product arrival at high speeds, providing great flexibility in packaging formats.

The Spider 300v was built for high-speed packing and quick changeover between recipes and is capable of handling standard regular slotted container cases, three-sided displays and a wide range of other secondary containers. It is ideal for stand-up pouches of shredded cheeses.

The packer also is built with a new standard modular frame designed to reduce cost by minimizing wiring, and significantly minimizes footprint of the line by eliminating bulky external electrical cabinets, the company says.

Easton, Maryland

Contact: Bruce Skinner, sales manager, 410-822-6900; email:; website:

New products: Caloris recently announced it has developed a new generation of compact MVR evaporators with reduced complexity and increased robustness compared to existing options on the market.

The Caloris CVT Evaporator can accommodate low building heights and has a small footprint, making it ideal for installation in existing facilities. Positioning the vertical turbofan on top of the vapor separator contributes to the sleek design of the falling film evaporator.

The evaporator also features high evaporation capacity in a compact design, high overall energy efficiency, short installation and startup times, lower construction and installation costs, regenerative heating of system feed which optimizes overall energy efficiency, and chemical grade, sanitary food grade and 3A approved configurations are available.

Chr. Hansen
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contact: Julien Biolley, director, marketing and business development, 414-491-3360; email:; website:

New products: Chr. Hansen has been committed to bringing value to the dairy industry through research and innovation for nearly 150 years. Its focus on productivity has allowed for the introduction of many new solutions for both cheese and dairy product manufacturers, from cultures to technology-based solutions.

For cheesemakers, Chr. Hansen recently introduced DVS Sinergia for pasta filata production. The multi-strain starter culture functions the same as the single-strain EASY-SET i400 series, but it has the added benefit of phage protection. The multi-strain composition means if one strain experiences phage pressure, the remaining strains continue at a high-performance rate of acidification, resulting in overall consistent performance.

Along with a wide range of cultures, Chr. Hansen also develops technology-based solutions such as its new CoaguSens. CoaguSens is an equipment system which allows cheesemakers to cut the vat at the right time every time, allowing for cheese standardization. It provides a real-time measurement of the coagulation process, allowing cheesemakers to control the variation of this step. With the CoaguSens, there is no need to rely on visual observation or subjective perceptions during what used to be the least controlled step of the cheesemaking process, the company says.

Chr. Hansen also recently introduced YoFlex Premium 11 for the fresh dairy segment. YoFlex Premium 11 is the most recent addition to the YoFlex Premium range with the highest texture development and limited post-acidification. The improved culture can be used for texture improvement of protein reduction.

The NOLA Fit enzyme also was designed to work with YoFlex Premium 11 through increasing productivity and providing cost savings for sugar. NOLA Fit is a lactase that converts lactose to glucose and galactose, enhancing sweetness perception while creating the option for going lactose-free at the same time.

Chr. Hansen also recently introduced FreshQ Premium 11, which aims to reduce post acidification while also protecting against yeast and other mold growth. It will keep yogurt fresh longer while also providing texture and taste.

Chr. Hansen is dedicated to supporting cheesemakers as they innovate for the future. Its technical experts can help cheesemakers explore new opportunities through its portfolio of science-based solutions.

Delta T Systems
Richfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Bob Proudfoot, sales manager, 262-628-0331; email:; website:

New products: Delta T Systems recently introduced a free cooling system to the market. Cheesemaking requires heating and cooling during the process, and Delta T Systems has more than 30 years of experience in designing heating and cooling solutions for the food industry.

The Free Cooling System, also known as a fluid cooler or dry cooler, is a high-performance free cooler designed to deliver energy-efficient cooling for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including cheesemaking and the dairy industry.

The system features advanced technology that optimizes performance and energy efficiency, including a state-of-the-art microprocessor controller that ensures precise temperature control and an integrated free cooling module that maximizes the use of ambient air. The system also features a modular design that enables easy installation, maintenance and customization to meet the specific needs of each application.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Free Cooling System to industrial and commercial application markets, which represents a significant breakthrough in free cooling technology,” says Jochen Naujokat, president of Delta T Systems.

“The Free Cooling System offers exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal solution for customers looking to reduce their energy consumption and operating costs.”

Delta T Systems also has plans to release a Smart TCU ­— a water circulating temperature control unit fully digitized with smart controls — and a free cooler/chiller combo unit that combines the free cooler and the chiller in one cabinet. These products are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Fristam Pumps USA
Middleton, Wisconsin

Contact: Ken Meulemans, customer service manager, 800-841-5001, ext. 165; email:; website:

New products: Fristam Pumps USA recently introduced the FCM Series Colloid Mixer.

The FCM Colloid Mixer is for the reduction of liquid droplet size suspended in a fluid solution. It allows for labor-saving, on-the-fly gap changes with an external gap adjustment lever that can widen or shorten the gap to produce more or less product shear without moving the inlet or outlet ports, or pausing the operation.

Users can dial in the particle size they need for shelf-stable emulsions, resulting in more consistent particle sizes with a tight distribution.

Additionally, the Fristam FCM is fully clean-in-place cleanable without the need for disassembly or parts removal.

Applications for the mixer include dressings, dips, oil and fat emulsions and dairy solids.

It also has a shear rate of 143,000 1/s, and it can product sub-micron particle sizes. The max inlet pressure is 250 psi with a maximum product flow rate of 50 gallons per minute and a maximum clean-in-place flow rate of 100 gallons per second. The mixer is bi-directional and has a 50 HP motor size.

HART Design & Manufacturing Inc.
Green Bay, Wis.

Contact: Todd Delebreau, director, sales, 920-468-5927; email:; website:

New products: HART Design & Manufacturing now offers cookers, moulders, extruders and more from its new partnership with MilkyLAB.

One of these new offerings is a String Cheese Production Line. The production line allows customers to produce string cheese automatically at a desired diameter and variable lengths.

It is made with stainless steel equipment designed for clean-in-place cleaning and created for optimized efficient processing.

The typical deluxe line includes a steam cooker-stretcher, feeding machine, extruder, pre-cooling and cutting system, brine vat and drying tunnel.

A variety of sizes and special features can be included with any given line.

Kassow Robots
Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: email:; website:

New products: Kassow Robots, a developer of 7-axis robot and cobot solutions for machine tending, quality assurance, material handling and related applications, recently introduced the KR1805 industrial cobot to North America.

The cobot offers the longest reach in the company’s KR series while also maintaining a considerable payload.

The KR1805 has a payload of 5 kilograms and a reach of 1,800 millimeters, making it ideal for completing precise and repetitive industrial tasks such as machine tending, assembly, quality assurance or pick-and-place tasks.

“The KR1805 is Kassow Robots’ king of reach, with the longest reach of any of our five high-performance cobots,” says Dieter Pletscher, global sales manager at Kassow Robots. “That extra-long reach combined with seven degrees of freedom makes this cobot ideal for myriad industrial applications for North American manufacturers.”

The unique seventh axis, or “wrist joint,” enables continuous dispensing, welding and material removal application regardless of the access angle without the need to reorient the arm.

The KR1805 also features a safety-compliant design to share a workspace with humans, weighs just 38 kilograms and has a small 160x160 millimeter footprint. Additionally it has an intuitive user interface similar to what is used in smartphones.

Key Technology
Walla Walla, Washington

Contact: Buffy Hagerman, marketing communications manager; email:; website:

New products: Key Technology recently introduced a reversible Zephyr horizontal-motion conveyor.

The Zephyr conveyor allows producers to achieve higher capacities than with an average horizontal-motion conveyor. It gently moves product with minimal bounce to protect quality and reduce noise.

It is equipped to flow in either direction, maximizing line versatility while improving sanitation and minimizing maintenance.

The reversible Zephyr is ideal for lines handling frozen shredded cheese and other frozen cheese products.

It features unique motion profile slides and conveys product with no segregation or stratification and reduces product damage and loss of coatings such as seasonings.

Zephyr offers up to twice the throughput of other horizontal-motion conveyors and limits noise to 75 decibels or less.

Loos Machine & Automation
Colby, Wisconsin

Contact: Steve Tautges, robotics procurement; email:; website:

New products: Loos Machine & Automation recently reworked its Robotics Division to provide more offerings for the food manufacturing industry.

Robotics plays a significant role in the food manufacturing industry by improving efficiency, productivity and safety. It also offers several benefits including increased precision, consistency, and the ability to handle repetitive tasks, the company says.

Loos Machine & Automation offers robots for raw product handling, packaging and palletizing. This includes sorting, filling, sealing and labeling of food products in various formats and sizes. This ensures accurate and efficient handling and simplifies handling both direct food contact and finished products to reduce packing time.

Pick-and-place robots with advanced grippers and vision systems can pick up and place food items accurately and swiftly. This can be useful in situations where delicate handling is required, such as in the bakery industry.

Vision-guide robots are capable of inspecting and sorting food products based on their appearance, size, color or defects. This allows for only high-quality products to reach consumers, reducing waste and maintaining consistency in the manufacturing process.

Loos robotics division also offers robots for processing and assembly and inspection and traceability for food products.

Additionally, the integration of robots in food manufacturing can increase productivity, reduce costs, improve product quality and enhance worker safety.

Marchant Schmidt Inc.
Fond du Lac, Wis.

Contact: Keith Knoke, sales director, 920-921-4760; email:; website:

New products: Marchant Schmidt recently released three new machines for hard cheese grating.

The HCR30 Pre-breaker is intended for primary stage, course reduction of hard cheese prior to finished grating in the High Speed Mill. Blocks or wheels of cheese are conveyed into the pre-breaker where drum rollers reduce the product into chips and fragments. The coarsely reduced cheese is collected in a metering conveyor and continuously transferred into the mill.

The High Speed Mill is a hygienic hammermill designed to specifically meet the needs of the cheese industry. It is ideally suited for grated product but also can be applied to soft crumble applications. The mills are designed for cheese converting plants with high-volume production requirements. The mill spins a shaft at high speed, while blades or hammers that are affixed to the shaft pulverize the cheese until small enough to pass through the desired sized opening in the screen.

Product then is dispensed onto a conveyor for further processing.

The large model SC2032 produces a constant steam of grated cheese, up to 8,000 pounds per hour, while the smaller SC1624 produces up to 3,000 pounds per hour.

The Cooling Drum is a chilling system that rapidly reduces the temperature of grated cheese after the drying step. It combines ultra-slow tumbling action with precise carbon dioxide injection to provide accurate continuous cooling for immediate packaging.

Matrix Packaging Machinery
Grafton, Wisconsin

Contact: Christine Duncan, marketing director, flexibles and trays, 262-268-4961; email:; website:

New products: Matrix recently released a Premier Elite Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine.

The machine is built with hygienic attributes for cheese and dairy applications. It features a stainless steel, sanitary design with all major components, including fasteners, bearings, shafts and motors, suitable for washdown environments.

The machine can produce several different bag sizes, such as pillow, gusset and flat bottom with a variety of films, including recyclable, at filling rates of up to 120 bags per minute.

The Premier Elite reliably and consistently produces bags with a seal that is not going to fail, the company says. It also features a compact design for a small footprint on the production floor.

Additionally, the machine provides cheesemakers a large amount of flexibility for running and packaging many different styles of bags, which is a key feature competing vertical form fill seal machines do not offer, the company says. This feature allows cheesemakers to create an expanded portfolio of products for retailers and customers alike.

Columbus, Ohio

Contact: Sarrina Crowley, marketing director, product inspection, 813-889-9500; email:; website:

New products: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Group recently released metal detectors for hazardous locations (HazLoc).

These metal detectors are ideal for manufacturing environments where dust-producing products can create and explosive atmosphere. By minimizing the risk of explosions in these environments, HazLoc-compliant metal detectors help processors and packers improve worker safety, safeguard their facility and protect their brands reputation while meeting regional compliance requirements.

The HazLoc construction is available for Mettler-Toledo’s gravity-fed metal detectors including the Profile Gravity Flow (GF) series, Profile Throat (T) series and Profile Super Throat (ST) series. All of these are suitable for free-falling powders, grains and granules.

The HazLoc compliant detectors feature dust-tight enclosures intrinsically safe components and qualified accessories. The dust proof electrical wiring and sealing also meets NEC standards.

Maple Grove, Minnesota

Contact: Amanda Meyer, 763-225-4575; email:; website:

New products: MGS, a global leader in packaging automation solutions, recently announced the release of its new Matrix TL top-loading case packer. It is designed for packaging facilities with low-to-medium production rate requirements and diverse packaging requirements.

The Matrix TL offers a complete form fill and seal case packing solution with a small footprint, competitive rate of speed and quick changeovers. It also can easily handle unique specifications of diverse packaging runs with speed and efficiency.

“There are already small case packers that produce 10 cases per minute or fewer and big packers that can churn out 25 cases or more that are more suitable for high-volume low-cost consumer goods,” says AJ Lee, sales director of pharmaceutical and medical device automation for MGS. “The Matrix TL hits that sweet spot in between, delivering strong production rates of 15-20 cases per minute in a small footprint.”

The Matrix TL also features drop-in tooling for easy format changes, customized pick head tooling that is simply swapped out for product changes and precise recipe packing selections.

Winneconne, Wisconsin

Contact: Carl Plamann, sales account manager, 920-582-7960/800-236-7960; email:; website:

New products: Multi-Conveyor recently released two new products for use in the dairy and cheesemaking industry.

The 1:2 Divert Conveyor System is designed for bags or boxes of cheese, whey, butter or other dairy products. The system features a two-position manual divert gate and a single pin-pull interlock release that allows the disconnect of a portable conveyor for relocation.

The fixed position 8-inch wide by 25-feet long table top conveyor employs two 90-degree curves to shape the system in the customer’s required footprint, feeding a downstream case packer ahead. An adjoining 13-foot straight running portable conveyor can be wheeled into place, pin-locked to the fixed main line and product can then be sent to an alternate packing destination when required.

The conveyor’s 1:2 diverts also are included and can be used to divide product into two separate lanes of travel that can include gates, paddles or guides that can be activated manually or automatically using programmable logic controls.

The conveyors are washdown suitable and include slotted cleanout holes and bolted construction with continuous welds. The motors and reducers were not required to adhere to washdown specifications, but Multi-Conveyor’s other offering does allow for washdown.

Multi-Conveyor’s multi-sectional stainless steel wash down rated 24VDC motor driven roller (MDR) conveyor system is designed for food applications. The system is a combination of straight running and curved MDR with an incorporated 90 degree case turner and pop-up reject section.

The 24VDC power supplies and drive cards are housed in stainless steel boxes mounted on the roller conveyor frames. Each drive card controls two drive rollers, one per section. The drive cards operate using standard accumulation logic, allowing the conveyor zones to remain full during production.

It also features a seamless transition to transfer boxes from the roller section to a 90 degree dual strand or dual lane case turner. Opposing belt speeds rotate cases to be accepted into an elevator ahead for where cases can then be lifted onto a palletizer.

Multi-Conveyor produces many new products every month, as each system it builds is unique by customer and application. Nearly all offerings can be used in the cheese, whey and butter industries, the company says. It also excels in washdown or sanitary agency compliant (USDA, WDA, FDA, 3A) systems for the food industry.

Kansas City, Missouri

Contact: 800-800-8552; email:; website:

New products: Multivac recently introduced new traysealers to its TX class of products, and a new Multivac Pouch Loader (MPL) and Multivac Pouch Rack (MPR) for chamber belt machines.

The TX6 series compact traysealers were developed for rapid product change and high cycle output for a range of applications. They have a long lifespan and, depending on the application, do not require compressed air or cooling water and can be applied to sealing only through to modified atmosphere packaging and MultiFresh vacuum skin packs.

Both the TX610 and TX620 are designed to be used with Multivac Smart Services and Multivac Line Control, allowing for extremely efficient line operation.

The traysealers also feature intuitive HMI controls and can easily convert to different pack formats without the need for tools. They also are easy to clean and maintain.

“Thanks to the launch of the TX compact class, we are able to fully satisfy the rising demand for compact tray packaging solutions, which are required to increase production efficiency in the smallest of spaces. Since the TX6 series with its minimal footprint sets the benchmark in this class in terms of reliability, flexibility and future-proofing, Multivac is making good on its promise with this new product family as well,” says Franziska Schreiber, product manager at Multivac.

When packing products on chamber belt machines, the filling of the film pouches and the loading of the machine often bottlenecks the process involving up to five employees.

The MPL is designed to streamline this process. One operator positions the products on the infeed conveyor of the machine, and then two other employees load the products by pulling the film pouches over the loading conveyor so the product can be conveyed automatically from the conveyor into the film pouch. Then the pouch is turned 90 degrees and placed on the machine conveyor to be vacuum packed and sealed.

This process allows for personnel costs to be reduced by up to 40%, the company says, without a decrease in production capacity. It also allows for a more hygienic process, as operators no longer need to lift the products to place them in pouches.

“Less contact with the product, therefore less risk of contamination,” says Korbinian Wiest, product manager for chamber belt machines at Multivac.

The MPL can be easily integrated into line solutions from Multivac with either the B 425, 525 or 625 chamber belt machines.

“We can for the first time offer our customers a complete solution from one source for pouch applications on chamber belt machines, enabling us to remain true to our PEAQ promise,” adds Wiest.

The MPL is designed to be combined with Multivac Pouch Rack, a compact pouch rack that can take up to 10 different stacks of various pouch sizes. Special pouch opening aids allow individual film pouches to easily be separated from the stacks and removed from the rack. It can accommodate pouch lengths in a range of 200 to 800 millimeters and widths between 150 and 600 millimeters.

Page & Pedersen International Ltd.
Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Contact: Jaquelin Page, president, 508-435-5966; email:; website:

New products: Page & Pedersen International recently introduced a QuickCheck SELECT Freezing-Point Cryoscope and the LactiLog Data Recording Reporting System.

The QuickCheck SELECT Cryoscope is a three channel instrument with an extended freezing point area so it can now test cream, lactose-reduced milk and raw milk. It measures fluid milk-based solutions used to make cheese and confirms if the water content is appropriate.

The QuickCheck provides cheesemakers confidence in the quality of incoming milk in accordance with AOAC recommendations for checking for added water for payment purposes. It also provides rapid real-time quality monitoring in the formulation of cheese “recipes” for each batch to ensure production consistency and predictable outcomes.

The LactiLog Data Recording Reporting System is software for automatically recording composition results and sending them to a computer. The updated version now includes energy corrected milk (ECM) results.

The newly released LactiLog REV 3.23 automatically, with ECM calculation and the LactiCheck MINI Milk Composition Analyzer, offers farmstead cheesemakers immediate feedback on cost of feed versus yield of cheese.

The ECM feature gives cheesemakers insight into how their cost investment in their feed program is translating into the bottom line. It considers the critical factors of yield plus fat plus protein per cow to allow cheesemakers insight into fat/protein rations which directly impact quality and yield in cheese. This is critically important to farmstead cheesemakers as it helps them to fine-tune their investment in feed costs.

Page & Pedersen also is developing a new Fat Cell Analyzer for release later in 2023. The Fat Cell Analyzer provides insight into the size of fat cells in milk. The analysis is specifically of interest where homogenized milk is used in cheesemaking, as the size of the fat globule is a direct result of homogenization. Customizing the size of the fat globule can have a critical impact on many aspects of the resulting cheese.

RELCO, A Koch Separation Solutions Company
Willmar, Minnesota

Contact: Tim Jenneman, sales, 320-222-0352; email:; website:;

New products: RELCO, a Koch Separation Solutions company, recently released small-scale pilot dryers.

The Parvus Nomad is a single-stage dryer designed for trial batches and smaller production volumes up to 10 kilograms/22 pounds of water evaporation.

The Parvus Multi-Stage dryer incorporates a wide body design and handles larger production volumes of up to 25 kilograms/55 pounds of water evaporation. The Multi-Stage offers the same moisture control and powder manipulation abilities as RELCO’s full-scale spray drying systems.

The pilot systems are intended to offer full flexibility to customers seeking the initial testing capabilities and future scalability, with the potential to integrate with other pilot technology to create data for full-scale planning.

These small-scale systems are ideally suited for high value milk and whey fractionation (lactoferrin), but at a size that caters to a customers’ small scale and trial needs.

Schenck Process
Kansas City, Missouri

Contact: Jon Goecker, industry manager, 816-801-3473; email:; website:

New products: Schenck Process recently released a Global Hygienic Blow-Through Airlock (GHB).

The GHB is a USDA dairy certified dismountable airlock ideal for applications where raw or finished products are being handled in the process and where inspection or system clean-out are required. Because the GHB is designed for high process rates, it has a number of features suitable for processes that have a higher sanitary requirement.

The GHB is a dismountable round inlet, blow through, convey line outlet rotary valve which incorporates seals and product contact surfaces that meet food safety requirements. Endplates and rotor can be disassembled and removed from the valve housing for cleaning. The endplates have specifically been designed for access to the seal area for cleaning or seal replacement. Roto removal and reassembly is completed with a few simple steps in minutes.

Each GHB comes equipped with a wide range of features including a design for NFPA 69 blocking valve requirement, 32 Ra surface finish on all wetted and primary food contact surfaces and a casting exterior surface that is free of all pits and porosity, providing an easy wipe and wash-down valve exterior.

The GHB was specifically designed for the dairy industry to facilitate the handling of bulk solid materials in pneumatic conveying applications.

Charlotte, North Carolina


New products: SEE recently launched a new website for its CRYOVAC brand food packaging solutions. The e-commerce website sells barrier shrink bags and rollstock directly to customers, focusing specifically on solutions for small business cheese packagers and processors.

The introduction of the small business e-commerce platform with lower minimum quantities allows SEE to offer its CRYOVAC brand packaging solutions to a whole new customer base, the company says.

The new platform allows customers to purchase and track orders, ensuring access to quality packaging that can help them grow their business.

Although the new e-commerce site currently focuses primarily on CRYOVAC’s rollstock and barrier shrink bags commonly used for artisanal cheese producers, SEE does have plans to expand customer offerings for additional dairy and non-dairy products on the site in the future.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery
Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Contact: Mark Navin; email:; website:

New products: Spee-Dee recently released its food-safe compact rotary filler for cheesemakers. This compact rotary filler helps cheesemakers quickly, safely and hygienically package dry grated cheeses such as Parmesan and Romano into rigid containers.

The rotary filler was designed with price and speed in mind, helping bridge the gap between inline systems and high-speed rotaries for cheesemakers. Unlike larger rotaries which take up a lot of space, the Spee-Dee compact rotary has a small footprint. The electrical panel mounting on the base of the machine reduces its overall size, allowing for easy integration into an existing space.

In addition to simplified integration, the reduced base size/footprint allows for easy access to all sections of the machine, simplifying changeover and cleaning.

Maintenance and changeover are made even easier with tool-less change parts to accommodate different sized containers. The rotary filler also features a patented magnetic funnel connection eliminating the need for the use of fasteners.

Spee-Dee’s Evolution Series EMFR Checkweighers also are now available in an ultra-hygienic design, making them a perfect fit for the cheese industry, the company says.

StoneX Financial Inc.
New York, New York

Contact: Dustin Winston, commodity market analyst, 208-410-8517; email:; website:

New products: StoneX recently launched StoneX Plus, a platform that leverages StoneX’s exclusive dairy market tools and analysis on a single customizable solution that empowers market participants to make smarter business decisions.

The StoneX Plus platform delivers access to leading market intelligence, insights and forecasts supported by a global team of commodities industry experts covering dairy pricing, production and trade data. Content on the platform is updated continuously, and clients have access to the global portfolio of StoneX exchange traded risk-management products.

The platform is fully customizable to allow clients to tailor charting and data specific to their particular business needs. Content covers all traded dairy market products across the CME, EEX, SGX-NZX and OTC exchanges.

“StoneX Plus delivers the necessary tools and intelligence that producers need to enhance their trading, pricing and risk management decisions. Like all commodities segments, dairy is not immune to natural price volatility, requiring market participants to have instant access to data to drive decision-making in both the short and long-term,” says Liam Fenton, global head of dairy and food group for StoneX. “The launch of StoneX Plus also furthers the company’s ongoing commitment to digitize key solutions and expand our offerings across different regions and industries.”

StoneX will be adding further updates to StoneX Plus in the coming months. Users of the platform will gain access to updates as soon as they become available.

Stora Enso
Helsinki, Finland


New products: Stora Enso recently released a new easy-peeling board material for vacuum skin packs enabling packaging fresh food on recyclable paperboard trays.

Trayforma BarrPeel is ideal for single portion meats, fish and cheese. It consists of 90% renewable wood fibers, keeping plastic usage to a minimum and significantly reducing the packaging’s carbon footprint. Vacuum-sealed skin packaging extends the shelf life of fresh food, also limiting environmental impact by preventing food waste.

The special surface of Trayforma BarrPeel material allows the overlaying polymer skin film to be easily peeled, providing packagers with an affordable solution that satisfies the increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging materials.

“With Trayforma BarrPeel, we improve environmental performance on two levels: protecting food to provide a longer shelf life, and reducing the share of fossil-based materials,” says Jaana Keskitalo, technical account manager of Trayforma and barriers at Stora Enso. “We’re especially proud that we can achieve this while also providing a great user experience. This easily peelable tray material lets consumers enjoy their product with minimal effort.”

The Trayforma BarrPeel packaging already is commercially available and was showcased at Interpack in Dusseldorf, Germany, May 4-10.

Sudpack Packaging GmbH & Co. KG
Ochsenhausen, Germany

Contact: Dieter Schmidberger, application engineer, +49-7352-925-1160; email:; website:

New products: Sudpack recently released its tubular bag PurePE, a recyclable bag for cheese maturing applications with increased material efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

It features 96% certified recyclability, the PE monostructure meets legal requirements for recyclable packaging, it uses 23% less resources compared to common film structures while still maintaining functionality and can be processed on fully automatic packaging machines, ensuring high process and packaging reliability.

Currently, the demand for PE-based film concepts is increasing significantly, Sudpack says. The innovative polyethylene-based cheese maturing film Tubular Bag PurePE meets sustainability requirements as well as featuring reduced thickness while still being highly puncture resistant.

Weert, Netherlands


New products: Syntegon recently released its new SVX series, four machines for the most common vertical from, fill and seal applications in different food industries.

“The new VFFS machine series combines high pack style flexibility with intuitive functionalities, giving frozen food, bakery, confectionery and snack producers a leg up on the competition,” says Martin Boutkan, product manager at Syntegon.

The SVX Agile and SVX Duplex were showcased at Syntegon’s booth at Interpack last month.

The SVX Agile can be used to form the basis of all single tube applications. The machine covers all basic tubular bag styles and can be upgraded with modules for corner sealed bags, 3-sided seal bags, doy-style and doy zip bags.

The SVX Duplex features two film lanes on the same 1,220-millimeter wide frame, leading to higher output rates for basic bag styles such as pillow gusseted and block bottom bags.

The core innovation of all SVX variants is a cross-seal drive consisting of four independently controlled servo motors. The optimized solution, which currently has pending patents, gives manufacturers full control over the vertical and horizontal movement, ensuring reliable seals. A combination of four motors and low inertia allows the drives to achieve the highest outputs.

“Customers continuously seek to maximize uptime and optimal performance of their packaging lines. Maintenance plays an important part in this regard, which is why we have designed the new SVX series as an easy-to-operate, reliable and robust system,” Boutkan says.

All of the VFFS machines in the SVX series come with a vast array of optional service agreement packages offering Syntegon services for all maintenance needs at a fixed price.

Additionally, Syntegon will offer its Synexio packages for various monitoring of the machines to optimize production and capacity management.

Trapo Automated Intralogistics
Reinach, Switzerland


New products: Trapo Automated Intralogistics recently debuted the Eco-Box Packaging System (EPS) at Interpack May 4-10 in Germany.

The EPS features shelf-ready packaging, making it convenient for retailers and consumers. It also provides up to 25% savings for cardboard material, as the lid is attached to the packaging.

The system contains blank magazines with the cartons, which are then separated and placed on a table. While advanced by a pusher, glue is applied and then a format-dependent punch presses the blank into the folding die which forms the carton and presses the glue. Open cartons then are transported by conveyors until they enter the filling station where cartons are precisely positioned using locks, servo drives and two alignment brackets each. Finally, the open flap of the carton is folded, glued and pressed.

Only a few components need to be changed, such as the pressure die for gluing, the suction pad and the forming tools for closing, which allows for reduced job changeover time.

Yale Lift Truck Technologies
Greenville, North Carolina

Contact: 800-233-YALE; website:

New products: Yale Lift Truck Technologies recently introduced the Yale ERP040VFL four-wheel integrated lithium-ion lift truck.

The ERP040VFL is designed and manufactured with lithium-ion power from the factory and allows warehouses in industries like food and beverage to reap the benefits of the advanced electric lift truck motive power source, whether they are transitioning from internal combustion engine-powered trucks or lead-acid batteries.

The truck does not follow the traditional approach where a battery box replacement converts counterbalanced lift trucks from lead-acid to lithium-ion battery power. Instead, the truck is designed from the ground up around a fully-integrated, space-saving lithium-ion battery pack.

The truck has additional advantages with lithium-ion power, such as lower energy costs compared to fossil fuels and lead-acid batteries, and fast charging. Zero tailpipe emissions and no gassing in battery charging or maintenance processes makes it a good choice for operations complying with FDA regulations and strict food safety standards, the company says.

The lithium-ion lift truck also features an open-space design to increase operator freedom and easy entry and exit, zero battery maintenance to allow operators to focus more time on meaningful productivity advantages and a repositioned center of gravity to enhance drive quality and improve truck handling in corners for greater operator confidence and performance.

Zepnick Solutions Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Megan Pickett, business development leader, 920-393-1528; email:; website:

New products: Zepnick Solutions recently introduced the Automatic 640 Hoop Erector.

The 640 Automatic Hoop Erector can automatically separate and assemble both Tosca and Arena hoops from stacks of side pieces. Either hoop also can be stretch banded if required and placed on a 640 Hoop Conveyor.

The system utilizes robotics and the same proven patented stretch banding that has proven itself over the past decade, but with improved automatic tail capture capability similar to traditional stretch wrappers, the company says.

Stretch banding also is much easier for operators to handle and meets recycling sustainability requirements versus traditional banders.

The system is configurable based on customer specific 640 box, layout and rate requirements. Standard configurations are capable of up to 60 hoops per hour.
The first units of the 640 Automatic Hoop Erector will be produced in the next year, Zepnick Solutions says.

The company also has plans to create a 640 hoop sleeve inserter process and will have more to share with cheese manufacturing customers next year.

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