New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated July 2022

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Taylor Froelich, assistant editor, at

Amcor Flexibles North America
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Contact: John Kearny, director of marketing, dairy; 920-527-7893; email:; website:

New products: Amcor Flexibles North America offers sustainability solutions, including the new Amcor AmPrima PE Plus and various recycled content.

The AmPrima PE Plus recycle-ready cheese packaging is a better end-of-life packaging choice that doesn’t sacrifice product quality or benefits, the company says.

The packaging has been prequalified for the How2Recycle label for applications that meet the clean-and-dry requirements. It also ensures film clarity to allow customers to view the product inside, provides a suitable surface for complex graphics and print finishes to help the packaging stand out on shelves, includes stiffness and strength to stand up to handling and transportation demands, delivers heat resistance to enable fast line speeds and is compatible with most opening and closing features.

The AmPrima PE Plus packaging features a 58% carbon footprint reduction when recycled as compared to the non-recyclable current market offering.

Amcor also is working to include increasing amounts of recycled content in future packaging to achieve greater sustainability without compromising on product performance in the coming months.

Pine Brook, N.J.

Contact: Nate Knox, regional sales manager; 973-615-6433; email:; website:

New products: Bell-Mark recently released a new thermal inkjet printer that offers the newest thermal technology in a low-cost, high-performance print solution for coding and marking applications.

The InteliJet TSi features a simple but extremely versatile design and can replace a CIJ printer at a fraction of the cost and without the maintenance requirements, the company says.

Bell-Mark’s thermal inkjet technology allows customers to simply replace the ink cartridge to get the machine up and running again, nearly eliminating the risk of constant maintenance and greatly reducing downtime.

The TSi also can be mounted to new or retrofit machinery by bolting it onto any packaging machine, and it comes with a 7-inch color touchscreen HMI that can monitor a wide array of operating conditions. It also features built-in label creating software.

The InteliJet will allow cheesemakers an affordable way to print directly on to their products packaging, such as printing date codes, lot numbers, bar codes, logos or any type of variable data.

Bell-Mark’s thermal inkjet includes everything necessary to easily install and run within minutes of unboxing the package, the company says.

Bioionix Inc.
McFarland, Wis.

Contact: John Van Arsdale, director of sales and marketing; 608-469-3696; email:; website:

New products: Bioionix Inc. recently released the Coaxial Sanitary System CXS-T1 Cheese Brine Treatment System.

The CXS-T1 system generates oxidants automatically to combat foodborne pathogens, wild yeast and mold, and spoilage organisms in the brine. A consistent low level of oxidation creates a harsh environment for introduced microbe contaminants.

However, the free available oxidation remains below drinking water standards and thus produces no effect on the cheese product being produced, the company says.

Later in the year, Bioionix also intends to release a new spray application to replace the use of Natamycin, which will provide customers with substantial cost savings and an opportunity to add a “clean label” to products.

CHL Systems
Souderton, Pa.

Contact: 215-723-7284; email:; website:

New products: CHL Systems designs, builds and installs systems that move materials, make products and pack merchandise.

Specific materials, delicate product handling or space limitations are among the requirements that often necessitate a custom-designed and built system.

CHL offers a wide variety of custom design and build engineering solutions for mechanical systems, robotics and equipment needs.

In the coming year, CHL will continue advancing automation and robotics in the food industry through its partnerships with FANUC, Staubli and Soft Robotics. The company is in the process of working with them to find new solutions in the pick and place, pick and pack, and palletizing sectors of food production.

Chr. Hansen Inc.
Milwaukee, Wis.

Contact: Julien Biolley, director, business development and marketing, 414-491-3360; email:, website: www.

New products: Chr. Hansen has developed a range of VEGA Boost cultures, the newest addition to its VEGA Culture Kit.

The new culture was used to create a dairy-free fava bean cream cheese with sensational taste, good nutrition, sustainability and affordability, as well as with the option to be allergen free.

Development of the alternative cream cheese with VEGA Boost cultures was performed with the expertise and best-in-class ingredients from Ingredion, AAK and Givaudan, which have been working with Chr. Hansen on plant-based dairy alternative concepts at MISTA, a California-based future-food innovation ecosystem.

In the fall, Chr. Hansen will continue making advancements regarding solutions and services for optimizing productivity, functionality and cost.

Deville Technologies
Écublens, Switzerland

Contact: Elie Mechaalany, office: 514-366-4545, cell: 438-889-5288;; website:

New products: Deville Technologies recently developed a Powder Application System that automatically adjusts powder flow based on the quantity of cheese to maintain the proper percentage of targeted powder on the product.

The new Powder Application System also features a coating system to ensure dosed powder adheres to the cheese instead of spreading to the floor and environment, which results in a better-quality final product, the company says.

The system has been specifically designed with a technology that doses and automatically adjusts dosing to eliminate the impact of the fluctuation in cheese flow, which will minimize the amount of wasted powder while maximizing the powder adherence to the cheese.

This will provide increased accuracy of powder application, a better coated product, less powder waste, minimal cheese and powder on the floor/in the surrounding environment, reduced dust in the environment, improved maintenance and cleaning time, and minimal equipment needed, which results in a much smaller footprint, Deville says.

In the coming months, Deville will remain at the forefront of innovation, working with clients to develop solutions based on their needs. The company plans to release new solutions to facilitate the continuous process of trims and off-cuts and increase the accuracy of cheese shred blends while reducing labor costs.

Digi International
Hopkins, Minn.

Contact: 952-912-3444; website:

New products: Digi International, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services recently introduced the Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller (IEC).

The new technology is designed to help close the gap between field devices and the cloud. The Digi XBee IEC provides a deployment-ready upgrade to existing industrial sensors through the use of wireless and cloud innovations.

It can be used to help companies monitor sensors or remote-control assets over long-range, low-power wide area networks including LoRaWAN, CAT-M1 and NB-IoT.

The Digi XBee IEC is compatible with 90% of existing industrial sensors and controls, the company says, allowing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to use an IoT alternative.

The new technology can be used for enterprises across industries such as energy, utilities, oil and gas, water and wastewater, logistics and agriculture.

“Two of the biggest challenges companies face in industrial IoT projects are money and time. Traditional SCADA systems are very expensive and can take months to deploy and configure for a company’s specific needs ... Digi developed the IEC using today’s most advanced technologies to create more intelligent, secure and cost-effective solutions,” says Nik Kitson, director of OEM solutions business development for Digi.

Dynamic Conveyor
Norton Shores, Mich.

Contact: 231-798-1483;; website:

New products: This spring, Dynamic Conveyor released a new DynaRoller.

This new conveyor line is a modular zone-powered roller conveyor system featuring a simplistic mechanicals and controls design. It also has industry-leading capabilities and safety features, the company says.

The design includes a side channel that encloses all motor and drive components, making it one of the safest roller conveyance options on the market, Dynamic Conveyor notes.

It also is integrated with a patented omnidirectional transfer unit (OTU) to allow for right angle transfers and diverting to meet the most demanding sorting needs.

The DynaRoller line can be used for packaging, sorting, fulfillment, end-of-line manufacturing, robotics integration and other light to medium duty unit handling applications.

“There is not a motorized-driven roller conveyor system quite like this one. The OTU allows for complex sortation and diverting capabilities to maximize throughput. Additionally, the integrated safety controls make this one of the safest conveyor systems on the market today,” says Paul Kuharevicz, a project engineer for Dynamic Conveyor.

Evaporator Dryer Technologies Inc.
Hammond, Wis.

Contact: Nick Gillis, spare parts sales, 715-796-2313; email:; website:

New products: Evaporator Dryer Technologies Inc. (EDT) recently has introduced a Mini CIP (clean-in-place) Nozzle Assembly with a 0.5-inch inlet and a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute.

The Mini CIP Nozzle is a smaller version of the company’s standard nozzle size in its CIP line. It is designed for cleaning tight spaces, such as underneath calandria distribution trays and ductwork, which allows for high-quality cleaning, increased productivity, reduced downtime and elimination of the risks and hazards associated with manual cleaning.

This makes it ideal for cheese and dairy processing plants, the company says.

Genmac A Division of 5 Point Fabrication LLC
Green Bay, Wis.

Contact: Ron Herring, co-owner; office phone: 920-617-3802, cell: 920-609-3793; email:; website:

New products: Genmac 5 Point Fabrication LLC introduced a new vertical cutter for cheese blocks or other wire-cuttable products to divide them into uniform portions for retail purposes or further processing, such as dicing, shredding, melting or blending.

The Model 1805 Vertical Cutter was designed to limit the footprint the machine will take up within a processing facility. It also provides easy load and unload as the machine stops at the end of the cut to allow the customer to unload the product at whatever pace works best with their facility’s production style.

The company also is planning to release a Harp Cart later in the year, designed to help store Harps and Platens for various cut sizes.

Hart Design &
Manufacturing Inc.

Green Bay, Wis.

Contact: Todd Delebreau, director of sales; 920-468-5927; email: T_; website:

New products: Hart Design & Manufacturing now is offering equipment optimized for customers getting started in the cheese industry.

The HCC-25 for cream cheese production and the HPC-25 for process cheese produce filled, sealed packages at rates of up to 25 parts per million.

The system features touchscreen controls and automatically produces pouches from a roll stock, precisely fills them, and then seals and discharges completed packages in cartons.

It is designed to CE/USDA standards, and the sanitary equipment features an easy “plug and play” setup with minimal maintenance, the company says.

International Media and Cultures Inc.
Denver, Colo.

Contact: Venkat Mantha, senior food technologist, 303-337-4028, ext. 112; email:; website:

New products: International Media and Cultures Inc. recently release dEnsure, an anti-caking agent that does not contain starch, flour or cellulose.

Ensure is a clean-label product, the company says. It is designed for use as an anti-caking agent at cheese conversion plants.

The company plans to release other cheese-related formulas in the coming months.

Key Technology
Walla Walla, Wash.

Contact: Buffy Hagerman, marketing communications manager, 509-540-7415; email:; website:

New products: Key Technology introduced its VERYX 2.0 digital sorters this past year.

The VERYX 2.0 sorters improve and automate the process of product quality control, removing undesirable defects and product conditions so the product that reaches the end customer meets their quality expectations. The sorter also automatically removes any foreign material and contaminants, ensuring they do not reach end consumers and result in costly recalls that impact the processor’s brand reputation.

In cheese processing, VERYX eliminates product clumps and product shreds that are off-color. It also can inspect cheese sticks and eliminate product that is misshapen or broken, and in the case of breaded cheese sticks, the VERYX can detect product that is incorrectly coated, the company says.

For removal of foreign materials, the sorter can detect a broad range of organic and inorganic foreign materials that might accidentally contaminate the cheese line during processing, such as packaging materials that inadvertently get shredded along with the cheese.

In the coming year, Key Technology plans to continue developing new sorting and conveying solutions to maximize food safety, optimize product quality, increase yields and improve product efficiencies.

The company also recently released a new Auto Diverter for use with Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors that features a stronger diverter blade and an improved pneumatic hold-down system to achieve longer equipment life and greater accuracy for better performance of downstream systems.

Marchant Schmidt Inc.
Fond du Lac, Wis.

Contact: Keith Knoke, sales director, 920-921-4760; email:; website:

New products: Marchant Schmidt Inc. has released a new cheese debagger.

The DB20 Cheese Debagging System is specifically designed to meet hygienic and reliability requirements in North America and automatically removes plastic wrap, resulting in a reduction in labor and injuries.

Special technology provides the flexibility to handle a variety of cheese formats from 40-pound blocks to specialty wheels. The integrated inspection system ensures that all the plastic has been removed and surface contaminants are rejected.

Winneconne, Wis.

Contact: Carl Plamann, sales account manager; email:, website:

New products: Multi-Conveyor is an accredited, certified 3-A Dairy custom conveyor manufacturer. The company specializes in accumulation, rotary, multi-lane, low-profile, variable belt size, speed and material designs that are built to customers’ exact application.

“Conveyor manufacturers need to be food agency compliant to meet regulatory and food safety demands put forth by USDA, WDA, FDA, 3-A Dairy and others,” says Joe Miller, chief operating officer of Multi-Conveyor. “Conveyors may require features such as clean-out ports, spray nozzles, belts, lifts and easily removable carry way and return way components. Standard sanitary features should include standoffs for frame mounted elements, sanitary supports and washdown rated power transmission components,” he adds.

Multi-Conveyor recently released a set of sanitary food-grade conveyors that combine dual lanes of cup-size containers to feed an existing metal detector.

The transfer area within the conveyor system incorporates a chain drift design.

Chain drift can be used to help minimize the distance between carry surfaces that are supported by separate conveyor frames requiring seamless parallel transition.

The conveyors are stainless steel, constructed for wash down sanitation and work well for small containers of shredded cheese or fresh Mozzarella, the company says.

Multi-Conveyor works to improve customers’ physical layout, ergonomics and functionality with its wide variety of conveyor parts to make a more user-friendly, cost-effective system that maximizes productivity and saves crucial floor space.

Key factors that are considered for customers when purchasing a new conveyor system are safety, ease of use, maintenance, longevity, sanitation, quality components, meeting or exceeding application requirements, quick changeover, after-sales service, parts and warranty, all of which are designed for future growth.

Multivac Inc.
Kansas City, Mo.

Contact: 800-800-8552; email:; website:

New products: Multivac Inc. has released a variety of new products this year, including a belted chamber machine model B425, TIJ 10 Inkjet Printer and the I-100 and I-110 X-Ray.

The B425 belted chamber machine allows for high-volume packaging of products in pouches. The two extra-long 51-inch seal bars with only 25 inches between the bars makes it ideal for products such as wedge cheese, cheese rounds and smaller cheese blocks as the reduced space between the seal bars allows for faster cycle times or less vacuum pump capacity.

Multivac’s new TIJ 10 Inkjet Printer features print quality that is ideal for printing text, barcodes or graphics and can be used on flexible films, labels, paper or Tyvek. It also offers almost zero downtime when two print heads are used in sequence so one can continue printing while the ink on the other is being replaced instead of shutting down the entire packaging line. The TIJ 10 also only has one wearable part, the print head, greatly reducing maintenance cost and time.

The I-100 and I-110 X-Ray inspection systems are compact models suitable for primary and secondary packaging up to a medium size. They can detect non-metallic foreign objects such as stone, glass or bone, as well as metallic objects even in packs with metal components.

Powder Process-Solutions
Chanhassen, Minn.

Contact: Scott Lodermeier, component sales and product manager; email:; website:

New products: Powder Process-Solutions this year has introduced the Rota Val BSMF200 square flange (washdown duty) rotary valve for dairy processing. The rotary valve also was exhibited at CheeseExpo in Milwaukee in April of this year.

The Rota Val BSMF300 Square Flange was specifically designed for feeding cheese curd from belts and block crumblers into pneumatic conveying systems.

The square profile inlet promotes efficient flow of curd into the rotor pockets, and the easily demountable design allows for fast and simple cleaning. Both end covers can be removed.

The Rota Val also can be ordered with an optional external seal package and washdown duty drive, making it ideal for use in heavy washdown and wet environments without concern for corrosion of parts, the company says.

It also is part of a large model line of modular rotary valves, so spare parts are interchangeable with other valve configurations used for powders and granules in dairy processing plants.

ProActive Solutions USA LLC
Green Bay, Wis.

Contact: Jon Graf, vice president, marketing; 920-437-8658; email:; website:

New products: ProActive Solutions USA has introduced Triumph, a cutting-edge single-phase cleaner.

With industry demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly and operations-focused cleaning products, Triumph checks all the boxes, the company says.

It will provide cheese manufacturers with more production time, lower water usage, decreased utility costs and meet increased sustainability objectives.

Triumph is formulated with sustainable biodegradable ingredient sources.

In the coming months, ProActive Solutions USA is working on new cleaning products for specialty cheese vats and moulds.

Schenck Process
Kansas City, Mo.

Contact: Jon Goecker, industry manager, food; 816-801-3473; email:; website:

New products: Schenck Process this year has introduced a new Global Hygienic Airlock (GHA). The machine is USDA Dairy-accepted and is ideal for applications where dry raw or finished products are being handled in the process and where inspection or system clean-out are required.

The GHA, designed for a high process rate, possesses a number of features suited to processes that have a higher sanitary requirement.

These include round inlet and outlet seals and product contact services that meet safety requirements and are made of FDA and EC 1935/2004 approved materials. Endplates and rotors have been designed for easy access to the seal area for cleaning and seal replacement.

The GHA also features a rail system of externally mounted precision shafts, which simplifies removal and provides access to the internal valve cavity, rotary pockets and all other product contact areas for quick and easy cleaning.

Schenck’s new GHA comes equipped with a Valve Interference Detection (VID) system designed to protect the airlock from damage and prevent product contamination. It uses ceramic bearings and other innovative techniques to electrically isolate the moving rotor from the valve housing and drive system.

With a number of features designed to meet hygienic process requirements along with acceptance by the USDA Dairy Grading Branch, the new GHA serves as an integral component to systems designed for sanitary applications, the company says.

Sealed Air Corp.
Charlotte, N.C.

Contact: 800-648-9093; website:
New products: Sealed Air Corp. recently released prismiq, a new digital packaging brand.

Prismiq offers unique digital printing and smart packaging capabilities to cheese customers, including minimum order quantities, the ability to easily change package graphics, personalizations through printing variable images or data, low set-up costs and more.

Digital printing directly on rollstock films and shrink bags always has been a challenge in the fresh cheese industry due to ink adherence issues for products designed for low temperature and low humidity storage, the company says.

Sealed Air’s proprietary inks and printing systems are designed to support its packaging applications that are very demanding due to abuse through shipping, cold chain distribution and brand image quality requirements.

Traditional printing methods for these materials limit the ability to easily change graphics and can have long lead times, the company says. Prismiq technology prevents this.

In the coming year, Sealed Air is continuing to invest in proprietary digital printing technologies that offer quick turn-around times, flexible minimum order quantities and expanding customized printing solutions.

The company also has partnered with industry experts to create new smart packaging codes that will enable automation, track and trace and proof of authenticity.

Metuchen, N.J.

Contact: email: to be connected with a representative in the customer area; website:

New products: Spex, an Antylia Scientific company, recently has launched a detection kit to be used with qPCR that can detect Salmonella or Staphylococcus aureus in cheese.

Detection kits for both bacteria strains are designed to provide rapid and accurate test results with high specificity and work with any qPCR system that supports the two-color channel.

The Salmonella detection kit targets proteins for pathogenicity associated with Salmonella infection. The use of the invA gene for detection is in line with FDA requirements and can detect more than 600 strains of Salmonella species and more than 200 strains of non-Salmonella species. The kit includes an internal control primer and probes, Master Mix, positive control, internal control, yellow dye, ROX and water.

The Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) detection kit is a probe-based kit that identifies the S. aureus species. The primers and probes target a specific gene in the strain and then activate an FAM channel, providing a positive result if S. aureus is present. The kit includes an internal control primer and probes, Master Mix, positive control, internal control, yellow dye, ROX and water.

StoneX Financial Inc.
Chicago, Ill.

Contact: Charlie Hyland, head of EU dairy; +353 1-634-9140; email:; website:

New products: StoneX Financial has introduced new over-the-counter (OTC) swap contracts for Cheddar, Cheddar curd, Gouda and Mozzarella in Europe.

The new OTC price risk management tools settle against the Cheddar, Cheddar curd, Gouda and Mozzarella prices announced by the European Energy Exchange (EEX). This will allow anyone with exposure to cheese prices in Europe the ability to lock in fixed cheese prices through a cheese financial swap in Europe.

Suedpack Oak Creek Corp.
Oak Creek, Wis.

Contact: Simon Hermans, vice president, sales and marketing,
Suedpack North America; email:; website:

New products: Suedpack has launched a variety of sustainable packaging options for the cheese industry in the past 12 months.

These include options that cover material reduction, alternative non-plastic materials and recycling ready or recycling friendly packaging solutions.

The new Ecocraft product line, for example, offers a reduction of up to 80% for plastic used in conventional packaging styles by replacing the bottom forming webs with a thermofomable carton. The lamination of carton and high barrier sealant can be printed on both sides to offer maximum shelf appeal and can be used with both MAP and vacuum packing methods.

The company also has launched a fully recyclable (depending on geography and legislation) Mono PE and Mono PP line for sliced, chunk, String and shredded cheese. All applications can include a zipper and are printable in addition to being available with or without a peel or peel-reseal option.

Synder Filtration
Vacaville, Calif.

Contact: Synder sales team; 707-451-6060; email:; website:

New products: Synder Filtration recently introduced fXT and fMT MAX sanitary ultrafiltration elements.

The fXT and fMT MAX membranes are new additions to Synder’s line of OptimaFlow ultrafiltration membranes. They are functionalized PES membranes that enhance performance and feature greater protein retention in high purity applications such as whey protein isolate.

The membranes have been tested in the field by major dairy end-users, and some reported further improvements in CIP efficiency and recovery when using these elements.

Synder Filtration will continue optimizing its popular membranes for improved flux and separation performance in the coming months.

Tetra Pak
Denton, Texas

Contact: Ryan Dykstra, processing customer manager, cheese and whey; 320-485-8229; email:; website:

New products: Tetra Pak recently introduced a new single shaft cheese vat to the North American market.

The OST 6 single shaft vat has been redesigned to be fully compliant with North American regulatory requirements. It features a dimpled heating jacket for efficient heating, upgraded patented knife panels and improved controls. It is available from 15,000L to 30,000L in steps of 2,500L in order to economically fit the varying demands and needs of the North American market.

Thermal Care Inc.
Niles, Ill.

Contact: Tom Stone, national sales manager, industrial markets; 224-221-6568; email:; website:

New products: Thermal Care recently updated its Accuchiller NQ series packaged chillers to come standard with both a Carel PLC and a Carel large 7-inch color touch screen for consistency throughout the product line.

The PLC is used to monitor and adjust to meet the demands of the process and is located on an ergonomically designed panel for easy viewing and operation.

NQ chillers are portable and easy to install for cheesemakers with varying heat loads who rapidly cool milk to storage temperatures to inhibit bacteria growth.

Thermal Care NQ packaged chillers with PLC control provide real time digital information with no confusing codes. Data includes operating temperatures, pressures, diagnostics and trends. It also allows for remote monitoring of the unit from various points throughout the plant for increased flexibility as well as newly available communications protocols.

NQ Series chillers are available in air-cooled and water-cooled models from 4 to 40 tons.

UltraSource LLC
Kansas City, Mo.

Contact: Matt Busenbark, labeling equipment manager; 816-360-2071; email:; website:

New products: UltraSource LLC has introduced the Nobac 5000 Auto to its Ravenwood line.

The Nobac 5000 Auto is an optional customer add-on that automates switching between products, pack size and label size.

By automating the switching process, the new machine can greatly reduce downtime. It offers options for full wrap, C and D wrap and top/bottom applications for products, as well as the use of linerless sleeves as opposed to manually applied cardboard boxes for some products.

Placement position of label reels are easy to set up and adjust with application speeds up to 150 parts per million, the company says. It also offers the option to link to weigh-scales from a variety of different manufacturers for fixed or variable weight products.

“Customers are immediately impressed when they see the Nobac in operation. They quickly recognize the potential for enhancing the appearance of their products with linerless labels without adding labor,” says Matt Busenbark, labeling equipment manager for UltraSource.

In the coming months, UltraSource also will be introducing a new double chamber vacuum sealer with innovative operating capabilities.

Unifiller Systems Inc.
Delta, British Columbia

Contact: Andrea Schwanbeck, business development manager; 604-375-4821; email:; website:

New products: Unifiller Systems recently introduced the M3 Depositor.

It can be used as a standalone machine or integrated into an advanced production line for applications including sauces, chowders, macaroni ready meals, batters, fruit fillings, delicate mousse fillings, salad dressings, soups and deli salads.

The M3 is compatible with triple lane production systems making it ideal for working over vacuum form, fill and tray sealing lines. It also can be used for depositing relatively viscous to liquid products with or without chunks, as it features adjustable nozzles to meet any configuration in cheese manufacturing.

The M3 is designed for individual portioning from each product cylinder and can make accurate deposits ranging from 0.7 ounces to 38 ounces at a speed of 120 cycles per minute.

It features three product cylinder sizes, a large 34-gallon stainless steel rectangular hopper and a tool-free design to allow for quick, easy cleaning and product changeover.

Universal Robots
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Contact: 1-844-462-6268; email:,; website:

New products: Universal Robots this past year released the UR20, the first in its new generation of high-performance industrial cobots.

The UR20 can be used to lift heavier and move faster in a larger work environment. It offers increased throughput to improve productivity; increased uptime through a boosted payload, speed, torque and serviceability; and the opportunity to help scale production capacity, allowing manufacturers to service more orders and new customers.

Yale Material Handlings Corp.
Greenville, N.C.

Contact: 800-233-YALE; website:

New products: Yale Material Handlings has released two new products that are beneficial to the cheesemaking industry.

The Yale Reliant is an advanced package of operator assistance technologies that automatically adjusts lift truck performance based on proximity to pedestrians and obstacles, load weight, equipment status and location-specific rules.
For cheese handling operations that rely on lift trucks to move ingredients and finished products, the Yale Reliant supports operator situational awareness and adherence to best practices. This can reduce the risk of a costly collision or other incident that could otherwise grind productivity to a halt, the company says.

The technology package triggers dynamic alerts to inform operators of proper operating protocols and initiates lift truck performance reduction based on facility-specific rules while leaving the operators in ultimate control of the equipment.

The Yale Reliant also features advanced dynamic stability, including limiting speed at the end of aisles, excluding equipment from designated pedestrian-only zones, automatically limiting speed to maintain proper following distance, restricting travel and lift functions if a load exceeds the weight limit and reducing cornering speed to avoid upsetting stability.

The Yale ERP-VTL is a three-wheel counterbalanced lift truck designed around a fully-integrated, space-saving lithium-ion battery pack. This produces zero harmful emissions and no off-gassing, making it a strong choice for operations subject to FDA regulations and strict food safety standards, the company says.

The design of the ERP-VTL provides fast charging, zero tailpipe emissions, and enhanced ergonomics, stability and efficiency.

Later in 2022, Yale Material Handlings also plans to release a four-wheeled version of the ERP-VTL.

Zepnick Solutions Inc.
Green Bay, Wis.

Contact: John Kisner, vice president, engineering; 763-954-1462; email:; website:

New products: Zepnick Solutions Inc. (ZSI) now has added process engineering services to its current packaging, electrical controls and automation engineering services.

ZSI has been offering expertise to numerous cheese manufacturers on their cheese systems after block molding/forming through finished pallets for 15 years.

Now the company also offers expertise in front end liquid/dry ingredient handling, pasteurization and cheesemaking.

This allows Zepnick to support a client throughout the entire cheesemaking process for all of their engineering needs.

The company also is investing in the development of new automation solutions to help support clients through the current challenge of finding qualified employees.

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