New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated March 2017

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Kate Sander, editorial director, at


Charm Sciences Inc.
Lawrence, Massachusetts

Contact: Alexandra Zuleta, 978-687-9200 x133; email:, website:

New product: Charm Sciences Inc. has introduced its Peel Plate Colony Counter.

For those utilizing microbial indicators for cleaning validation, the Peel Plate Colony Counter counts colonies and collects data that can be integrated into a Laboratory Information System.

The colony counter is a stand-alone piece with a built-in computer, eliminating the need for a separate computer and connection, according to the company. It stores both a photographic and processed image of each test, outlining colonies in a color-coded method to facilitate interpretation. All data, including lot number, sample ID, date, time, count, cfu/g or cm2-surface, expiration date and images can be viewed in spreadsheet files or exported to an SQL (or compatible) database or Laboratory Information System.

The colony counter helps increase productivity and reduce human error with accuracy within 10 percent of an experienced microbiologist’s visual count; therefore, customers no longer require a trained microbiologist to read microbial tests because the colony counter does the work instead, the company says.

Charm Sciences also manufactures screening tests for antibiotic detection in raw milk. In 2017, several multi-spec screening tests have been validated and may be approved by the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments for screening raw milk entering the production plant, Charm Sciences says. These screening tests include the Charm TRIO test, a 3-minute test to detect betalactams, sulfonamides and tetracyclines that recently achieved validation from the AOAC Research Institute, and CowSide II, a multi-antibiotic inhibition test validated by the Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research, a European reference lab in Belgium.

Chr. Hansen

Contact: Kristen Katzman, marketing manager, food cultures and enzymes, 414-607-5930; email:, website:

New product: Chr. Hansen, a global bioscience company that develops ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, recently launched CHY-MAX Special, a coagulant for soft cheese.

CHY-MAX Special is a new, patented innovation in enzyme development that delivers benefits for soft cheese producers looking to enable an extended optimal period for consumption, according to the company.

Traditionally, soft cheese producers have used coagulants with high proteolytic activity to ensure suitable texture to reach the market fast, which can bring texture and flavor problems at the end of shelf life, according to the company. CHY-MAX Special has been developed to address these issues and has the benefits of no bitterness during cheese ripening, stable texture enhancing shelf-life extension, and potential for more cheese from the same amount of milk, the company says.

CHY-MAX Special is halal and kosher certified, non-benzoate and free of yellow prussiate of soda (YPS), which many retailers have identified as a “do not use” ingredient, the company says. CHY-MAX Special is suitable for vegetarians.

Looking ahead, Chr. Hansen expects to launch the next generation microbial coagulant, MICROLANT, in 2017. It aims to deliver more value to the cheesemaker than traditional microbial coagulants with functionality through lower protein degradation as well as potential for higher yield and reduced dosage, the company says.

MICROLANT is non-benzoate, YPS-free and compliant with the National Organic Program. It is halal and kosher certified and suitable for vegetarian cheese. It can be used for producing any type of cheese, such as hard, mold-ripened and lowfat varieties, the company adds.

Clean Water Technology Inc.
Los Angeles

Contact: Linda Englander Mills, vice president of sales, 414-336-8735; email:, website:

New product: Clean Water Technology Inc. (CWT) has introduced its Gas, Energy Mixing (GEM) System, a unique approach to flocculation and floatation technology. Unlike conventional dissolved air floatation (DAF) treatment systems that often require a large tank and rely on the particle collision method to remove contaminants, the GEM System entrains air into 100 percent of the waste stream while uncoiling polymers without shearing them, the company says. The resultant tight flocs float and are skimmed away in the GEM System tank.

Since solids and liquids already are separated before they hit the GEM System floatation tank, the user benefits from a smaller footprint than conventional DAFs, according to the company.

The GEM System also provides higher chemical efficiency, better contaminant removal rates and more flexibility in terms of flows and loadings and drier sludge (13 to 20 percent solids or more after decant) compared to conventional DAF treatment systems, the company says.

CWT’s GEM System also can be used to retrofit users’ existing DAF tank to double, triple or even quadruple a DAF unit’s initial hydraulic capacity.

Cheesemakers and milk, yogurt and ice cream processors have benefitted from superior removal rates of total suspended solids and chemical oxygen demand/biological oxygen demand, as well as fats, oil and grease, when using CWT’s GEM System, the company adds.

In addition, the company expects to launch a Dewatering Screw Press (DSP) in the next few months. The DSP will aim to remove moisture from sludge after biological treatment and will be able to treat sludge volume up to 600 kilograms per hour, according to the company.


Contact: Tim Kieny, vice president of marketing, 773-756-5910, email:, website:

New products: Coveris has introduced three new products, its Envio, Nextrus and MatteFX.

The Envio, forming and non-forming films for stick, string, block and ball cheeses, combines clarity with 10-color flexo printing to provide a forming film packaging solution that delivers maximum shelf impact, the company says.

Manufactured in state-of-the-art SQF Level 3 certified facilities, Envio delivers a 20- to 30-percent haze reduction when compared to many other forming films. It is fully compatible with HFFS equipment, and proper caliper control increases machine efficiencies and eliminates baggy edges, pinholes and tracking problems, the company adds.

Coveris’ Nextrus line of vacuum shrink bags delivers premium gloss that creates a low level of haze, allowing the product to shine through with maximum clarity and visibility. The outside PET layer and 10-color front and back printing help promote the product brand and shine on the shelf, helping to attract customers to the package, according to the company.

MatteFX is a surface print technology that gives a more artisan feel and natural look to brands and allows customers to see the product through its clear window, the company says. The technology gives the product packaging both a matte and gloss print as well as different tactile feels.

Data Specialists Inc.
Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Contact: Thomas Filak, national sales manager, 262-723-5726; email:, website:

New product: Data Specialists Inc. (DSI) has introduced its Producer Text Portal, which allows users instant communication with producers, according to the company.

The new product allows for producer test and quality information to directly be sent to the farm. The Producer Text Portal offers the ability for farms to log in to a website and set up alert conditions for themselves, field staff, nutritionists and other interested parties, giving them access to up-to-the-minute information.

With the Producer Text Portal, producers no longer will need to wait for a quality card to be mailed to them. Instead, they can get the information directly sent to their phone, with no extra effort by the manufacturer or cooperative, according to DSI.

In 2017, DSI also expects to be moving further down the supply chain, providing facilities with more real-time information and opportunities to look at operations from farm to finished product.

Delkor Systems Inc.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Contact: Paul Kritzeck, marketing production manager, 800-328-5558; email:, website:

New products: Delkor Systems Inc. has introduced a redesigned Cabrio Case, as well as its Trayfecta G Series former and LSP Series case packer.

The Cabrio Case, a shelf-ready package designed for pouches, bags and other products, has been redesigned using a new material that allows for more rigid products, such as cartons and cheese blocks. The patented case is a durable shipper and display tray for retailers’ shelves, according to the company.

The newly designed Trayfecta G Series can form a range of cartons, trays and cases, such as the Cabrio Case.

Similarly, the LSP Series case packer can pack a range of cartons, trays and cases, including the Cabrio Case. It is adaptable and can accept pouches and bags with different sizes and weights, according to the company.

The Trayfecta G Series and LSP Series are versatile and have both been created to fit an array of packages and products, the company says.

DuPont Nutrition & Health
New Century, Kansas

Contact: Jeff Lambeseder, regional product manager/North America — cultures, 913-738-3630; email:, website:

New products: DuPont Nutrition & Health recently launched CHOOZIT ST 20 and CHOOZIT PC FAST, two new offerings in the CHOOZIT cultures product line.

CHOOZIT ST 20 and CHOOZIT PC FAST specifically are designed to optimize production and consistently produce soft-ripened cheese without compromising quality, according to the company. Controlling acidification and rind formation times are important in making consistent, high-quality soft-ripened cheese, and CHOOZIT ST 20 and CHOOZIT PC FAST cheese cultures address these challenges, the company says.

CHOOZIT ST 20 cultures offer direct vat inoculation in the milk with an early and controlled acidification to achieve desired cheese texture.

Another benefit of CHOOZIT ST 20 cultures is a reduction in the risk of phage issues, which helps to optimize yield and maintain consistent cheese production times while maintaining a high standard of cheese quality and food safety, according to the company.

CHOOZIT PC FAST cultures offer rapid development of stable white rind, enabling packaging to start sooner, allowing for higher productivity, optimized capacity and improved inventory turns, the company says.

In addition, DuPont Nutrition & Health has completed an expansion at its Kansas City lab, which serves the cheese industry. The investment increased physical space, and additional employees were added to the cheese innovation team. New equipment includes three bio fermenters to simulate external pH control starter production, an incubator for growing cultures, two environmental cabinets for aging cheese and a cheese vat.

Later this year, DuPont Nutrition & Health expects to launch CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX for American-style cheese, including Cheddar, Colby and Jack. CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX is a one-bag, direct-to-vat culture system, helping to create a simple process, the company says.

The CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX single-pouch blend of fast acidifying mesophilic and thermophilic strains is formulated for reliability, dependability and phage robustness. CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX is adaptable to various processing parameters and provides consistent acidification from vat to vat each day, the company says.

Fonon Corp.
Orlando, Florida

Contact: Diane Merritts Gatto, senior marketing manager, 407-804-1000 x1911; fax: 407-804-1002; email:, website:,

New product: Fonon Corp. has released Flexion technology to be incorporated into its CleanTech product line. Part of Fonon’s Laser Photonics brand, CleanTech laser products are used for surface preparation, paint removal and surface cleaning; the newly released CleanTech systems offer a non-abrasive cleaning process that is safer and more eco-friendly than traditional methods such as abrasive blasting or chemical stripping, the company says.

Flexion technology provides an advantage over other laser cleaning systems on the market, according to the company. Flexion technology helps CleanTech to remove rust, paint, anodization and other surface materials in areas that typically are difficult to reach.

Included in the line are the CleanTech Megacenter Stationary Unit, which offers the Flexion technology, and a portable CleanTech Handheld, which does not include Flexion technology because it is not stationary but is useful in the field or on the factory floor.

Applications specific to the cheese and dairy industry include cleaning molds and press-forms of surface contaminants; cleaning stainless steel volumes and process equipment; and sterilizing food processing equipment, volumes and prep stations, the company adds.

The CleanTech Megacenter with Flexion technology offers a motion-control stage that operates in both x and y axis, allowing the ability to move in various directions and clean nested parts under the trajectory beam path. This technology allows the laser cleaning process to affect 100-percent of all sides of the exposed parts, the company says. The Megacenter is available as a standalone or can be integrated into a production line.

In addition, the systems — made in the United States — offer Class 1 enclosures for Class 4 lasers.

FoodTools Consolidated Inc.
Santa Barbara, California

Contact: Doug Petrovich, vice president of sales, 800-644-2377; email:, website:

New product: FoodTools Consolidated Inc. has introduced the FoodTools Model 5-W, an automatic cheese and butter cutter that slices blocks of cheese or butter into three dimensions.

The machine is automated, easy to clean and includes safety features to ensure that the operator is safe, the company says. It is designed for full wash down and is durable enough to withstand high production industrial facilities.

Designed and built to keep up with the demands of a large production facility, the Model 5-W has a speed of up to 60 blocks per hour.

FoodTool’s Model 5-W features smooth pneumatic horizontal and vertical wire cutting action; quick-change wire harps and bases with storage on the machine; stainless-steel wire mesh guards interlocked for operator safety; PLC controls for trouble-free operation; automatic offload to a table or exit conveyor; and a small footprint to help save facility space, the company says.

Fristam Pumps USA
Middleton, Wisconsin

Contact: Ken Meulemans, customer service manager, 608-831-5001; email:, website:

New product: Fristam Pumps USA has unveiled its sanitary, stainless steel FDS Series Twin Screw Pump.

The new FDS Series Twin Screw Pump is able to gently pump large solids, such as cheese curds; products with entrained air, like cream; and shear-thinning products, such as yogurt. The FDS pump handles both production and CIP, is hygienic and can be sterilized.

The FDS pump specifically was designed to overcome inherit issues seen in other twin-screw pumps, the company says. The pump aims to provide safe and easy maintenance with its front-loading seal and readily accessible casing, cover and screw design; long service life with solid shafts and stable bearings; and the flexibility to process and CIP with the same pump.

GEA North America
Columbia, Maryland

Contact: Bruce Blanchard, APC Dairy NAM, 715-245-8611; email:, website:

New products: GEA North America has unveiled its Combi Plus and its Dry Salt Doser Model SJ.

GEA North America’s Combi Plus is a continuous cooker stretcher that uses water, steam or a combination of both as a heating mechanism.

The tool, designed for pasta filata products with 45- to 53-percent moisture, is stainless-steel equipped with cleaning sprinklers and offers the highest hygiene standards, the company says.

The Combi Plus offers efficiency, minimum loss of fat and protein during the stretching process with steam, versatility, process flexibility and sanitization, the company says. Compared to traditional hot water stretchers, steam injection increases the production yield, the company adds.

The Combi Plus is made up of a main chamber with two augers and one paddle wheel. Low-pressure steam injection helps reduce water and energy consumption. New control systems of speed, steam dosage and pasta advancement speed help ensure the repeatability of recipes that can be preset, according to the company.

When working in tandem with GEA’s Dry Salt Doser Model SJ, an “accessory” for the Combi Plus, production rates range from about 2,000 to 13,000 pounds of cheese per hour, the company says.

GEA’s new Dry Salt Doser Model SJ is designed for precise dry salting application to the pasta filata curd ribbon. The SJ salt doser applies dry salt across the curd ribbon after the stretching phase, thereby avoiding damage to the curd structure, according to the company.

This placement helps avoid development of salty cooker water and the more corrosive environment associated with wet salt addition at the stretching machine, the company says. The salting unit also offers improvement in both dosing accuracy and salt distribution throughout the cheese matrix.

The machine is on wheels with the possibility to be moved onto different lines and its dosage is controlled by the inverter, the company adds.

The SJ dry salter is available for production capacities spanning the entire range of GEA industrial pasta filata production equipment.

G-M-I Inc.
Willoughby, Ohio

Contact: Rick or Don, 440-953-8811, fax: 440-953-9631, email:, website:

New product: G-M-I Inc. has introduced its new, patent-pending Strainer Gasket, which is officially accepted for use in dairy plants inspected by USDA under the Dairy Plant Survey Program and can meet Tri-Clover style requirements as well as other styles, according to the company.

To form the Strainer Gasket, the company’s new Strainer Barrier is bonded to an elastomer.

The Strainer Barrier can be, but is not limited to, stainless steel grades.

It consists of a circular disk with a plurality of perforations of various diameters — the holes also could be oblong, rectangular or square — in a specific pattern that is within a specific sized circle that is less than that of the inside diameter of the elastomer gasket portion, so there can be no chance of the elastomer migrating into any particular perforation during the molding process.

In addition, there are specific sized holes in a pattern between the outside diameter of the disk and the inside diameter of the elastomer gasket, meaning the elastomer will fill these holes from both sides to yield a more secure adhesion between the Strainer Barrier and elastomer gasket portion during the molding process.

Hydrite Chemical Co.
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Bob Forner, marketing manager — food, 262-792-2363; email:, website:

New product: Hydrite has introduced its Opti-Phos equipment system.

The Opti-Phos is a patent-pending equipment solution composed of a reaction vessel and delivery system. The system combines monosodium phosphate with caustic soda to produce disodium phosphate and/or trisodium phosphate, which can directly be delivered to the production process and utilized in continuous cook applications, according to the company.

Some of the tool’s benefits for cheesemakers include eliminating challenges associated with handling anhydrous powders; allowing for the consolidation of the number of ingredients ordered; and production consistency due to its weight-based allocation system, the company says.

Mason, Ohio

Contact: 866-936-7300, email:, website:

New product: Intelligrated has debuted its newly enhanced Alvey 891i palletizer.

The updated 891i palletizer best suits food, beverage and consumer packaged goods operations that have reduced or eliminated secondary packaging.

Intelligrated’s Alvey 891i palletizer offers an updated and user-friendly design that provides versatility and maintainability, according to the company.

Ideal for both single and multi-line operations, this high-level, row-forming palletizer can manage intricate stacking patterns and handle various package types, such as packaged food, beverage, converted paper and personal care products. The 891i also includes enhanced features for improved safety, ease of use and maintenance, the company says.

International Media and Cultures

Contact: Venkat Mantha, senior technologist/sales, 303-337-4028 x112; fax: 303-337-5140; email:, website:

New products: International Media and Cultures (IMAC) has introduced new organic and non-GMO products, including anti-caking agents for Italian and American cheese types as well as for grated Parmesan and Romano products. In addition, the company has unveiled its yield-enhancing internally-buffered primary starter media for Italian and American cheese types.

IMAC’s organic and non-GMO products are one of a kind on the market, the company says. The products can be used in finished organic products that are gaining popularity in the marketplace.

IMAC’s yield-enhancing internally-buffered primary starter media do not need neutralization and help improve the yields and quality of cheese, the company adds.

The company also is developing grated Parmesan, Romano and other cheese toppings, which all will be available plain and with different seasonings.

Keller Technologies
Mantorville, Minnesota

Contact: A. Kent Keller, president, 507-259-1817; email:, website:

New product: Keller Technologies Inc. has introduced a new system for producing Ultra-Pure Lactose, a pharmaceutical grade lactose that can be manufactured at the cost of edible grade lactose.

The profitability of cheesemaking is dependent on profitable utilization of whey, according to the company. Many cheese manufacturers recover most of the protein from the whey as whey protein concentrate and/or whey protein isolate, but a majority of the whey is left over as permeate, the company says. Permeate typically is used to produce dried permeate or to produce the milk sugar lactose. Lactose is produced in two grades: pharmaceutical and edible. Historically, pharmaceutical lactose has been expensive to produce; therefore, the lower grade, edible lactose, is used for most applications.

With Keller Technologies’ new process, markets, such as infant formula manufacturers, now have access to an extremely high-quality lactose at an affordable price, according to the company.

Keller Technologies has trademarked this new product as Ultra-Pure Lactose. The company says a 40-percent total solids solution of Ultra-Pure Lactose is “crystal clear and water white.”

Koch Membrane Systems
Wilmington, Massachusetts

Contact:, website:

New product: Koch Membrane Systems has announced the launch of Causti-COR Nanofiltration Standard Systems for caustic recovery and reuse. The systems specifically are designed to recover and purify caustic for reuse in food, beverage and industrial applications.

Causti-COR Systems offer a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way to recover up to 95 percent of caustic from solutions used to clean process equipment in industrial applications, according to the company. Patented KMS SelRO spiral wound elements allow purification of up to 20 percent sodium or potassium hydroxide at solution temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius.

The Causti-COR line of standard systems couples features of SelRO membranes with the company’s process and system design knowledge. Causti-COR systems recycle caustic for reuse, consume less energy, reduce material and disposal costs and lower effluent and waste discharge into the environment, according to the company.

Six models of Causti-COR systems are available to handle flow rates up to 32 cubic meters per hour. There are three batch mode systems for processing feed flow rates between 1 and 15 cubic meters per hour and three continuously operated systems for processing feed flow rates between 4 and 32 cubic meters per hour, the company says.

Custom-engineered systems are available to treat larger or application-specific flow rates.

Multi-Conveyor LLC
Winneconne, Wisconsin

Contact: Clint Koelbl, sales account manager, 920-582-7960 or toll-free at 800-236-7960; email:; Jim Paulsen, sales account manager, 920-582-7960 or toll-free at 800-236-7960, email:, website:

New product: Multi-Conveyor LLC recently released its new Slim-Fit Sanitary, Low Profile Conveyors, which will debut to the cheese industry at the 2017 Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference April 12-13.

The Slim-Fit line was designed as a low cost, pre-engineered conveyor that may ship in as low as three days, according to the company.

The equipment’s purpose is for small product transfers, sanitary conditions and narrow or tight spaces. The system is maintenance friendly with tool-less belt removal for washdown purposes, the company says.

Some other features of the Slim-Fit include a low-profile frame footprint; 6- or 12-inch belt widths; and center-driven drive pulley design.

Multi-Conveyor continually is providing new solutions for cheese manufacturing applications, many of which are custom-built, according to the company.

Nelson-Jameson Inc.
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Nelson-Jameson, 800-826-8302; email:, website:

New products: Nelson-Jameson Inc. is a single-source supplier of various dairy products, and it has released a number of new items.

Tingley Flite Safety Toe Knee Boots are made from EVA material. The boots are 40-percent lighter compared to most steel-toe PVC and rubber knee boots, making them anti-fatigue for wearers, according to the company. The seamless upper is 100-percent liquid proof, while the slip-resistant, nitrile rubber outsole “spits out” debris and provides grip on dry, wet and contaminated surfaces, the company says. The boots feature a 15-inch height with Calf-Relief Topline (CRT) for more calf space and allow for easy take-on and off. In addition, the boots have a beveled heel for reduced back and leg strain, as well as tread wear indicators to show when half of the tread has worn away. The boots resist fats, oils, hydrocarbons, certain acids and caustics, making them a good fit for food processing and chemical applications, the company says. The boots’ composite safety toe meets ASTM F2413 M 1/75 and C/75 EH and will not set off metal detectors. They are available with a Chevron-Plus Outsole for slip resistance or with a Cleated Outsole for grip.

For more information on the Tingley Flite Safety Toe Knee Boots, contact Melissa Pasciak, assistant product manager, MRO, at

Nelson-Jameson’s Best Sanitizers BSX Boot Scrubber Units effectively clean rubber boots before sanitizing, according to the company. All units feature a stainless steel frame construction and handrail, which helps eliminate hidden and hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to clean and can harbor pathogens. A variety of options and sizes are available.

VIKAN Total Color Bottle Brushes have extra-stiff polyester bristles along the sides as well as in the front, which are effective at removing debris from surfaces, the company says. The one-piece construction of the handle and head is made from FDA-compliant polypropylene. The brushes are available in white, red, yellow, blue and green.

For more information on the Best Sanitizers BSX Boot Scrubber Units or the VIKAN Total Color Bottle Brushes, contact Amanda Hilgart, product manager, MRO, at

The compact Clarke AM2400D Air Mover provides the power and versatility to quickly dry floors and circulate air. A three-speed induction motor with thermal protection delivers airflow up to 2,400 cubic feet per minute while minimizing energy usage. Four position settings provide flexibility for directing air movement while the built-in power outlet allows for daisy-chaining up to three units. The AM2400D, with an optional trolley kit with transport wheels and retractable handle that is sold separately, is lightweight and stackable, making it easy to carry, store and transport, the company says. In addition, the AM2400D is protected by a roto-molded housing.

To learn more about the Clarke AM2400D Air Mover, contact Sandy Sjoman, product manager, MRO, at

The design of Nelson-Jameson’s new YGROS EDF Shutter Check Valves is based on the application of a magnetic field. The magnets built into the valve body keep the shutter in a closed position. When opposing flow is applied, the shutter moves away from the magnet, offering low resistance. After the opposing flow stops, the magnet will attract the shutter back to its seat, stopping any backflow. Because it operates without springs or discs, all vibrations are eliminated and the valve is hygienic with no area of stagnation, according to the company.

EPDM (standard), HNBR, FKM (Viton), silicone and FEP seal materials are available. The YGROS EDF Shutter Check Valves are made of 316L stainless steel and suitable for CIP, the company adds.

To learn more about the YGROS EDF Shutter Check Valves, contact JR Banks, product manager, process systems, at

Nelson-Jameson also is offering stainless-steel tubing in case quantities. When an unforeseen event occurs that requires system repair, companies with the stainless steel tubing are prepared with the material needed to get the job done, the company says. Cases are priced to make projects or expansions more economically efficient, the company adds.

To learn more about the tubing by the case, contact Samual Hayes, product manager, process systems, at

Mettler Toledo UV/VIS Spectrophotometers offer an optical design and performance across a wide range of applications, including micro-volume measurements. In the food and beverage industries, UV/VIS spectrophotometry is used to monitor and improve product quality and consistency. In addition, the influences of packing materials and stabilizers as well as chemical deterioration and degradation processes can be observed with this method, the company says.

Examples of applications include determining the calcium content in cheese and glucose levels in food.

Tuttnauer Autoclave benchtop sterilizers provide a fast, safe, dependable and convenient means of sterilizing liquid, media, instruments, glassware, clothing and waste, Nelson-Jameson says.

Each stage of the cycle, including water-fill, heating, sterilization, exhaust and drying, is microprocessor-controlled and automatic with these electronic models. The digital display continuously shows users temperature, pressure and running time. Four fully adjustable, single-button programs make these sterilizers easy to use and ensure reproducible runs, the company adds. The hand battery backup helps ensure that all parameter settings and controls are retained in the event of a power failure, and the self-contained helps eliminate external plumbing and hardwiring for easy installation.

To learn more about Mettler Toledo UV/VIS Spectrophotometers or the Tuttnauer Autoclave, contact Jessica Goessl, product manager, lab, at

The BHB Check, PortaCheck’s award-winning beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) blood ketone meter and test strip that is distributed by Nelson-Jameson, has gained recognition as an accurate and useful tool for dairy producers monitoring transition cows and herd nutrition levels.

With one drop of blood and five seconds, producers can determine if a cow has subclinical ketosis, the company says.

The DeVere Co. Heads Up 5 and Heads Up 10, distributed by Nelson-Jameson, responds to customers seeking an effective, multi-purpose acidic cleaner to replace the popular Grid products. The DeVere Co. manufactures the Heads Up 5 and Heads Up 10 products to meet the cleaning and sanitizing needs of dairy producers and food-processing facilities.

To learn more about the BHB Check or the DeVere Co. Heads Up 5 and Heads Up 10, contact Doug Urban, product manager, lab, at

The Sapphire line of Bottletop Dispensers has innovative dual valve technology, which helps save users time, make chemical handling safer and increase lab productivity, the company says. This dispenser, with the use of its dual valve option, allows users to rinse and refill bottles without dismounting the dispenser. The functionality facilitates operating in four modes, including dilution, rinsing, dual liquid handling and recirculation. The product comes with five bottle adapters and a Calibration Certificate.

The Thermojack Pro Flip Probe Thermometer is a thermocouple, fold-out thermometer that has accuracy to +/-0.2 degrees when measuring -30 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius, with remaining ranges accurate by +/-0.5 degrees Celsius. The 4.25-inch probe is waterproof (IP65), which makes it ideal for high humidity areas. Celsius and Fahrenheit are switchable, and resolution is 0.1 degrees Celsius with a 4-second response time in water.

To learn more about the Sapphire line of Bottletop Dispensers or the Thermojack Pro Flip Probe Thermometer, contact Cathy Laube, product manager, lab, at

Nelson-Jameson continuously is expanding its Color-Coded and Metal Detectable offerings to ensure plants have the essentials to maintain safety and quality. A complete color-coded program helps sanitation programs by assuring that plant tools stay in the areas they are meant to be in.

A metal detectable system maximizes food safety in processing plants by detecting contaminants, the company says. Increasingly demanding government regulations continue to fuel the importance of using metal detectors to detect and reject harmful and intrusive objects, the company adds. Nelson-Jameson’s selection of Color-Coded and Metal Detectable products runs deep.

To learn more about the expanded Color-Coded and Metal Detectable offerings, contact John Leonhardt, marketing support, at

Delavan, Wisconsin

Contact: Mary George, marketing manager, 262-725-9026; fax: 866-673-4621; email:; or Jeff Tocio, national sales manager, 630-917-6317, fax: 866-673-4621, email:, website:;

New products: Pentair Südmo’s SVP Select Fill Valve, intended for product intake on filling machines, is now available. This valve can be used on any filling equipment or high-speed operation for yogurt, ice cream, cheese block formers and other applications that utilize air-actuated valves with high cycle counts, and it is compliant with 3-A Standard 53-06, according to the company.

The SVP Select Fill Valve features a unique actuator design that, when used in combination with an aseptic stem and high performance seals, provides long operating cycles even though the cycle speed is high, the company says.

For more information about the SVP Select Fill Valve, contact Mary George, marketing manager, at 262-725-9026 or at

Pentair also has introduced its Biogas/CO2 Recovery Systems.

Food processing waste streams, such as condensate of whey and wastewater, often is treated in anaerobic digesters that generate biogas as part of the procedure of processing the waste. Pentair Biogas Recovery Systems utilize membrane and cryogenic technology to recover 100 percent methane with minimal carbon dioxide emission, the company says. This biogas can be converted to biomethane of natural gas grid quality and carbon dioxide of food/beverage quality, creating a dual value stream.

The high caloric biomethane can be fed into the national gas grid, used as vehicle fuel or consumed onsite. The purified carbon dioxide is ready for food grade applications and can be used onsite or sold to a third party.

In addition, stand-alone CO2 Recovery Plants are available as “bolt on” solutions for existing sites that are recovering biomethane from anaerobic digester biogas but want to recover and use the carbon dioxide emitted from their existing system. The recovered carbon dioxide can be used back in their operation or sold to a third party.

For more information about Biogas/ CO2 Recovery Systems, contact Jeff Tocio, national sales manager, at 630-917-6317 or at

Quest Industrial LLC
Monroe, Wisconsin

Contact: Mark Brzeszkiewicz, sales manager, 608-325-5850 or 608-325-5928; email:; or Jack Deem, sales, email:, website:

New product: Quest Industrial LLC has introduced its Quik Box Case Erector.

The Quik Box Case Erector is fast, compact and reliable, with erecting and taping speeds of up to 20 cases per minute, the company says. The product has a footprint starting at 86 inches long by 36 inches wide, to 120 inches long by 45 inches wide to accommodate case sizes ranging from 8 inches long by 6 inches wide by 6 inches tall, to 24 inches long by 18 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

The Quik Box has an easily refillable magazine to help prevent production interruption. It is robust to withstand industrial environments but is easy to open for maintenance, according to the company.

The Quik Box comes with a human machine interface for simple batch size entry, diagnostics and troubleshooting at users’ fingertips. For unforeseen cardboard variances, users can utilize the manual adjustment to fine-tune the machine’s performance while production is running.

The Quik Box can be ordered in mild or stainless steel and custom designed for left- or right-hand corrugated boxes. It can be configured to use tape or glue, and it also can be upgraded with an intelligent robot arm for high-speed case erecting, the company says. The Quik Box also allows for interchangeable tapehead replacement, facilitating changeover from one brand to another if needed.

Quest Industrial’s engineers use leveling casters for ease of mobility, growth and change if the Quik Box Case Erector needs to be moved. It also is network capable for full-line integration.

Later this year and moving into 2018, Quest Industrial plans to release several other products, including a Sanitizing Mobile Robot, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and a Robotic De-Rinder.

The Sanitizing Mobile Robot will be a mobile robotic platform that scans the environment to know where and what to sanitize, the company says.

The AGV will take pallets of product from the end of production lines to storage by using environmental/atmospheric mapping. The environmental mapping AGV will have no need for wires in the ground or routers in the ceiling. It will be available in configurations for material handling, mobile robotics, help kiosks and more.

The Robotic De-Rinder will robotically and efficiently remove rinds from blocks, wheels or wedges of cheese for a decrease in product waste, the company says.

Canton, Massachusetts

Contact: Scott Cummings, sales manager, 781-821-1290; fax: 781-821-1316; email:, website:

New product: Reiser recently added a new Variovac form/fill/seal packaging machine to its line of equipment for the cheese industry.

The Variovac Optimus form/fill/seal packaging machine is an entry-level thermoformer with a low cost of entry, yet it is a full industrial machine. Intended for smaller cheese packagers looking to move up to form/fill/seal packaging, the Optimus delivers the high-performance and package integrity of larger, more expensive systems and uses less parts and fewer add-ons, according to the company.

The Optimus produces modified-atmosphere and vacuum packages from flexible and semi-rigid materials as well as vacuum skin packages. It uses RAPIDAIRSYSTEM for quality, high-speed forming and sealing, and a four-point lifting station further improves the forming and sealing of packages, the company says.

Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and engineered to meet the highest standards of hygiene, the Optimus is capable of operating three shifts per day at up to 14 cycles per minute.

The Optimus also is designed for complete washdown and can be cleaned quickly and safely. It comes complete with a multi-language, user-friendly and programmable touch screen including diagnostic software.

Sulbana Inc.
Monroe, Wisconsin

Contact: Ruedi Bucher, president, 608-426-6415; email:, website:

New products: Sulbana Inc. presents its new USDA-inspected pre-press vat with an integrated curd height measurement system, as well as its automatic conveyor belt cleaning attachment for its boosted pressure foam cleaning system.

Sulbana’s USDA-inspected pre-press vat is fully automated and designed to separate whey from curd. The curd can be filled under whey level or dry, so that all the whey drains in the pre-press vat, the company says. The curd is then pre-pressed into a cheese mat, which can then be cut into different cheese formats and automatically placed into a variety of cheese molds.

The integrated curd height measurement system measures the height of the entire cheese mat to assure exact piece weight accuracy, according to the company. The cheese then gets pressed further to obtain its final shape and press grade.

The fully-automatic system offers an enhanced flexibility to produce different recipes and formats, and it is built to the highest hygienic standards and is CIP-cleanable, the company says.

In addition, Sulbana is introducing an automatic conveyor belt cleaning system.

The Foamico boosted pressure foam cleaning technology is an all-in-one cleaning system for the food industry. With one system, users are able to rinse with a pressure of 330/725 PSI, foam and sanitize with up to three different chemicals. The automatic conveyor belt cleaning system allows the user to pressure-rinse, foam and sanitize conveyors with minimal labor.

The equipment, made of stainless steel, is flexible and the product range includes Grundfos BlueFlux Booster Pumps, Main Stations, Satellites and Mobile Units. The equipment’s advantages include its design for three chemicals and 80-foot coverage with one unit; reduction of cleaning time by 30 to 40 percent; and less energy and water use, according to the company.

Synder Filtration
Vacaville, California

Contact: Kim D’Costa, marketing & inside sales supervisor, 707-451-6060; fax: 707-451-6064; email:, website:

New product: Synder Filtration has unveiled its Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes for oil/fat separation to treat feed streams containing residual fat.

Synder’s nano-, ultra- and micro-filtration membranes have been used throughout the dairy industry for more than 20 years, according to the company, which has recently added three new PAN membranes to its UF line.

These membranes, PX (400kDa), PY (100kDa) and PZ (30kDa), specifically were developed for oil/fat separation and potentially can be used to filter feed streams carrying some residual fat. Oil removal is important when it comes to meeting discharge regulations in wastewater treatment as well as for making the permeate suitable for production or reuse, the company says.

Compared to other oil removal techniques, ultrafiltration is an effective alternative in terms of both cost and efficiency, the company adds.

Made with polyacrylonitrile, Synder’s PAN membranes serve as a more hydrophilic, lower-fouling alternative to Polyvinylidene difluoride for oil/fat separation and wastewater treatment applications. In addition, these membranes are suitable for use in a variety of other applications, from oil removal in tailing ponds to enzyme purification.

The PAN membranes are available in both flat sheet and spiral-wound element configurations.

The company’s goals for the rest of the year include optimizing some of its most popular membranes for improved flux and separation performance.

Tetra Pak
Lausanne, Switzerland

Contact: Local sales representatives at, website:

New product: Tetra Pak Processing Systems has introduced the Tetra Pak Pasteurizer D, a pasteurizer for a variety of products including milk, cream, ice cream mix and other low-acid liquid dairy products.

The system’s capacity is 2,000 to 60,000 liters per hour, according to the company.

The pasteurizing system focuses on product safety, product savings, low operational running cost and environmental savings, according to the company.

The pasteurizing system’s divert system ensures correct pasteurization. The temperature of the product is verified both before and after the holding cell, and it only can continue out of the pasteurizer if it has been heated to the correct temperature and held for the appropriate length of time in the holding cell. If this is not the case, a signal automatically is sent to the divert valve, and the product is diverted back to the balance tank for recirculation, the company says.

Another feature of the system is a pressure differential to ensure food safety. Booster pumps create a differential pressure between the pasteurized and unpasteurized side of the unit. To further help enhance safety, the differential can be monitored by pressure transmitters. If the transmitters detect that the differential has not been maintained, the product automatically is diverted back to the balance tank for recirculation.

Other features of the Tetra Pak Pasteurizer D are automatic hibernation, which helps minimize energy consumption during water circulation; target-based production that helps save time and reduce the risk of human error; an integrated leakage test that lets operators pressurize the system before or after production runs to verify there is no drop in pressure in the plate heat exchanger or downstream, which otherwise could lead to contamination from the pasteurized to the unpasteurized side of production; a low-loss balance tank to help minimize product loss; and continuous pressure control that helps increase food safety.

WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG
Witten, Germany

Contact: Alexander Kampschulte, +49 (0)2302 8901 0, fax: +49 (0)2302 8901 3, email:, website:

New product: WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG’s new Patbox, a data logger for pressure and temperature, is now commercially available.

The contact-free data logger is a mobile solution for measuring pressure and temperature rapidly and accurately in food processing packaging and other packaging production, according to the company.

The device can be use for some cheese and dairy applications. For example, if products are packed under a modified atmosphere, such as sliced cheese, the Patbox is a suitable tool for testing and doing the setting at the packaging machines, the company says. These machines are working with a vacuum and then put a gas mixture into the packages; the Patbox can go through the packaging machine and check that the pressure inside of the machine or the packaging are correct, the company adds.

The compact instrument with OLED color display is easy to operate, the company says, as it does not have to be connected but instead registers pressure and temperature via integrated sensors. This allows the setting and monitoring of machines that work with vacuum, such as inert gas packaging or pressurized lines, the company adds.

Once initiated via the button or timer, the box registers its measurements at intervals of 100 milliseconds, one second, 10 seconds or one minute. The logging runs until it is canceled by pressing a button, or until the memory is full or battery is empty. The internal flash chip records 600,000 entries; at 10 measurements per second, it is capable of precise progress monitoring for up to 16 hours as well as random sampling.

The Patbox is 3.55x1.97x0.80 inches in size and communicates pressure and temperature data via the Near Field Communication standard. This cordless near field communication based on RFID helps ensure simpler data transmission — an advantage compared to USB in other systems, the company says. The measuring range extends from 10 to 2,000 mbar or -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. The data can be read via smartphone or tablet app for Android.

The 550 mAh battery can be charged wirelessly on a charging base.

Zepnick Solutions Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Helen Stoffel, 920-393-1533; email:, website:

New products: Zepnick Solutions Inc. has introduced three new products, including its Process Engineering Capability, its Dual Camera 40-pound Cheese Block Vision Inspection System and its redesigned 640-pound Cheese Box Robotic Stacker.

New in 2016, Zepnick Solutions diversified and expanded its engineering offerings to include process engineering services. Its process engineering capabilities span from small, local systems to complete plant process systems, all designed to be compliant with sanitary and/or industrial standards, according to Zepnick.

The company says it has the skills, know-how and experience to design and manage users’ process systems through initial concept, design, installation, start-up and final implementation, and its process engineering resources are prepared to provide the deliverables needed to complete a given process project.

In 2016, Zepnick Solutions also upgraded its 40-pound Cheese Block Vision Inspection System to include a second inspection camera, which can be dedicated to inspect the 40-pound cheese block bag seal. The camera improves identification of slow cheese block bag “leakers” due to a poor seal quality, the company says.

Zepnick Solutions also recently upgraded its 640-pound Cheese Box Robotic Stacker design for improved reliability and operational simplicity. It automatically stages 640-pound boxes, helping to free operator time to attend to other production needs and permit them to move 640-pound boxes to storage on their schedule, the company says.

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