New Products for Cheesemakers

Updated October 2016

Cheese Market News’ new products directory provides you with a listing of new products and services introduced in the past year for dairy manufacturers. If you have a new product or service that dairy manufacturers should know about, please contact Kate Sander, editorial director, at


Alpma USA
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contact: Axel von Wardenburg, 414-559-5961; email:; website:

New product: Alpma USA notes that doctors have discovered that native micellar casein concentrate (MicCC) produced from skimmed milk helps prevent muscle atrophy in older age and brings a more sustained improvement in general fitness, particularly for older people, than conventional whey protein concentrates on the market. Alpma’s German parent company has responded to this trend and recently built and delivered several plants for the production of MicCC.

The Alpma process comprises a combined microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) unit that produces MicCC by means of protein fractionation and subsequent concentration of skimmed and pasteurized milk — a readily available and inexpensive raw material.

The resulting MicCC concentrate from these MF/UF plants has a casein-to-whey protein ratio of up to 95-to-5 percent and a total protein content of more than 83 percent. In addition, the MF permeate is processed to a high-quality native WPI 90+ (whey protein Isolate) powder, Alpma says.

Arla Foods Ingredients
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Contact: Arla Foods Ingredients, 800-243-3730; email:; website:

New product: Arla Foods Ingredients is promoting the possibilities presented by acid whey as part of a new campaign called “Maximum Yield.” The awareness drive is seeking to change perceptions of acid whey and explain how dairy companies can use it to maximize their output, increase profits and significantly cut waste.

Acid whey is a byproduct of a number of popular dairy goods — most famously Greek yogurt, but also a number of cheeses including cottage and cream cheeses. Traditionally companies have treated acid whey as waste. But when further processed in combination with whey proteins, it offers enormous potential as the base for a range of dairy products, Arla Foods Ingredients says.

Yields for some dairy products are typically only 25-50 percent of the milk used. In the case of Greek yogurt, for example, only 33 percent of the milk ends up in the finished product and the remaining two-thirds is acid whey. To enable dairy processors to maximize their yields, Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a range of Nutrilac whey protein solutions which, when added to acid whey, make it possible to transform it into a wide selection of dairy products.

Possible applications include cream cheese, processed cheese, dips, beverages, stirred yogurts and deserts. In addition to supplying the Nutrilac whey proteins, Arla Foods Ingredients provides full technical support to help dairy companies use them with their acid whey.

Bemis Co. Inc.
Neenah, Wisconsin

Contact: Sarah O’Hara, marketing manager, 920-527-7300; email:, website:

New products: An increased number of snack pairing trays and multi-compartment packages have recently hit store shelves, and Bemis Co. Inc. has partnered with several brands on current commercial designs. As millennials crave more daring tastes, textures and portable options, Bemis has launched an array of design services to quickly bring snack concepts to retail.

Bemis Co. also has launched Curwood Flow-Tite shrink rollstock, a shrink bag alternative. Bemis says recent commercial launches have seen significant labor savings, a reduction in leakers by up to 50 percent and an increase in throughput by up to 10 percent.

Shrink rollstock provides a clean, easy-to-read appearance on small packages or complex shapes that is not possible with traditional shrink bags, Bemis says. It also can be enhanced to offer easy opening for consumers’ convenience.

Shrink rollstock also minimizes SKUs be eliminating the need to inventory many different bag widths and lengths, the company adds.

Meanwhile, Bemis Co.’s new Bemis Innovation Center has become a customer destination for creativity and collaboration, the company notes. The facility offers a space where customers can develop breakthrough packaging and boost speed to market. The center offers rapid prototyping that allows customers to conduct early exploratory trials at low cost and leave with tangible samples.

Bosch Packaging Technology
Waiblingen, Germany

Contact: Markus Schlumberger, +49 8231 6005 918; website:

New product: Bosch Packaging Technology has introduced many liquid food filling and packaging machines to the North American market, compliant with 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (3-A SSI). Most recently, Bosch’s Ampack carousel filling machine for dairy food in preformed bottles and cups received a 3-A SSI certificate.

As U.S. food safety regulations continue to strengthen, the Ampack carousel filling machine assures a hygienic filling and packaging process, from which users benefit from easy cleaning and lowered time and labor costs, the company says.

“We see growing market demand in the U.S. for simplified cleaning, minimized risk of cross contamination and reduced product waste,” says Markus Schlumberger, managing director of sales at Ampack GmbH, part of the Liquid Food product division at the company. “These needs determine our commitment to hygienically designed filling and packaging equipment specifically tailored to the North American market.”
The company adds it is striving to extend the certificate to its in-line filling equipment soon.

Cherney Microbiological Services Ltd.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Contact: Stacey Murphy, project manager, 920-569-4690; email: smurphy; website:

New products: Cherney Microbiological Services Ltd. has launched a course specific to the cheese industry, “FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food,” within Cherney College and Nutritional Labeling Capabilities, the training division of the company.

The course offers FDA-recognized training for Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals and ensures staff remain compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act, the company says.

Later this summer, Cherney College also will provide “Chemistry Analysis in the Food Laboratory,” which prepares dairy industry staff for making financial decisions using science and best practices based on data from analytical methods, such as proximate analysis.

In addition, Cherney Microbiological Services Inc. says it has started conducting database nutritional labeling using a database of components to provide a 3- to 5-day service that is cost effective and compliant with FDA requirements.

Also on Cherney’s radar is an upcoming FSPCA course that will be done in partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB), which will be open in August to WMMB members.

Chr. Hansen Inc.

Contact: Kristen Katzman, product manager, food cultures and enzymes, 262-505-4434; email:, website:

New products: Chr. Hansen has introduced EASY-SET A3000, a Cheddar culture program that brings together the taste-texture advantage of traditional mesophilic starters and the dependability of Direct Vat Set.

EASY-SET A3000 enables cheesemakers to deliver premium quality and flavor, convenient formats and a budget-friendly price point while optimizing profitability for cheese production and conversion.

“Consumers are keen to explore new flavor sensations and retail pack formats — not only do they want their good, familiar cheese — they are also curious to try new mild, mature and even sharp varieties in convenient sliced, shredded and snack formats,” says Kirsten Kastberg Moeller, global marketing manager. “However, the product must remain all-natural and with a clean label.”

Kastberg Moeller says the new culture program brings together the best of two worlds. The culture enables cheese manufacturers to produce clean and balanced flavor profiles similar to that of traditional bulk starter cultures, and it improves production profitability primarily due to its extreme phage robustness and high final product consistency, she says.

Chr. Hansen notes SICO (Single Components) technology, a carefully controlled co-fermentation of up to 20 different bacterial strains, has enabled a breakthrough in the development of starter cultures so that a single solution delivers simultaneously on several performance criteria.

Over the last 20 years, North American Cheddar produced with the use of direct starter cultures like EASY-SET has increased from 20 to 40 percent, the company adds.

Clean Water Technology Inc.
Los Angeles

Contact: Linda Englander Mills, vice president of sales and business development, 414-336-8735; email:, website:

New products: Clean Water Technology Inc.’s (CWT) Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) System utilizes a unique approach to flocculation and floatation technology, which greatly outperforms any Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System currently used in the cheese and dairy industry as primary treatment, CWT says. Rather than aerating a tank and relying upon the “particle collision method” to float contaminants, the GEM System dissolves air into 100 percent of the waste stream and separates solids and liquids using CWT’s patented GEM technology.

According to CWT, after several installations at various milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy processors, CWT’s GEM System was able to achieve up to 99 percent total suspended solids (TSS) removal, 75 percent biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal, 80 percent chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal and 99 percent fats, oil and grease (FOG) removal.

Compared to conventional DAF systems, CWT’s GEM System provides the highest contaminant removal with respect to TSS, FOG, Turbidity and COD, the smallest environmental footprint (50 percent to 90 percent smaller than conventional DAFs), drier sludge (savings on hauling costs) and more efficient chemical usage, CWT says, adding that the GEM System is flexible in terms of loadings and flow. CWT can retrofit any DAF that is either undersized for flow or contaminant loading, providing efficiency and compliance with limited costs.

Meanwhile, CWT’s Dewatering Screw Press (DSP) is the newest technology in sludge management. This fully-automated system is capable of starting up, operating and shutting down with zero operator intervention. CWT’s DSP easily dewaters waste activated sludge, digested sludge, chemical sludge, DAF sludge and raw sludge. CWT’s DSP has removed the need for thickeners, sludge storage and separate dosing facilities, the company says.

Clear Lam Packaging Inc.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Contact: James Foster, senior marketing manager, 847-439-8570; email:; fax: 847-439-8589; website:

New products: Clear Lam Packaging Inc. has introduced its SealChoice PET Lidding Films, SP705 and SP707, which are designed to seal to amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (APET), recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and crystallizable polyethylene terephthalate. The company says it recommends the SP705 model for cheese snack kits, and the SP707 model for high-pressure pasteurization processing of premium food products, such as cheese platters.

The company also has released lightweight, resealable and portable packages, Fitment Pouches, that absorb distribution abuse and prevent outside contamination. The packages include graphics and are flexible, making them suitable for various dairy products, such as cheese dips and sauces, Clear Lam adds.

In addition, the company now offers foamed APET and rPET rigid rollstock to produce portion control cups, cheese trays and meal kits. The product is designed to reduce weight, add strength and comply with existing recycling programs. The rollstocks are available in a variety of colors.

Data Specialists Inc.
Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Contact: Tom Filak, 262-723-5726; email:, website:

New products: Data Specialists Inc. (DSI) presents its new DairyHauler software application. The app can eliminate more than 90 percent of data entry at the point of intake. The app eliminates data entry at the plant by allowing haulers to input data directly at the farm. Processors can follow along as their haulers move milk through their routes, pick up producer milk and deliver to their destination.

The milk ticket is “live” in the DSI Producer Payroll system as soon as the route is started, DSI says. An intuitive web portal allows staff to see the location and status of deliveries, helping to better coordinate movements and allow decisions to be made with real-time information. The app provides the processor the opportunity to change a route or end it depending on their needs at the plant.

DSI notes integrating the DairyHauler software with DSI’s Producer Payroll system enhances the software capabilities. The software is able to validate information as the process is happening, verifying that drivers are picking up milk at farm “x” and providing milk temperatures and tank-specific stick charts among other key pieces of information. It also allows for the downloading of routes that are specific by hauler, as dictated by DSI’s Liquid Scheduling module and the ability to handle co-mingled loads, which is often difficult in other milk procurement systems, DSI says.

DSM Food Specialties
Delft, Netherlands

Contact: DSM sales team, 262-547-5531; Gert van den Hoven, product application expert, 0031 6 205 948 26; email:; website:

New products: DSM Food Specialties has announced new white cheese cultures that enhance white cheese’s taste, affordability and shelf-life. Part of a larger solution with coagulants, lipases and technical support, the cultures can be used for all white cheeses, the company says.

The cultures help producers achieve the milder taste of white cheese, such as Feta, which has grown in consumer demand due in part to increasing adoption of healthier diets and lifestyles, along with the cheese’s ability to be served conveniently crumbled or in small cubes, DSM adds.

DuPont Nutrition & Health
New Century, Kansas

Contact: Jeff Lambeseder, regional product manager/North America - cultures, 913-738-3630; email:; websites:;

New product: DuPont Nutrition & Health has extended its CHOOZIT cultures product line with the CHOOZIT Classic 800, a culture range designed to meet producers’ technological needs when making semi-hard cheese. The culture range facilitates the development of flavor in semi-hard cheese while maintaining a short ripening time. CHOOZIT Classic 800 serves different market needs, as it can produce a buttery-flavored semi-hard cheese or a sweet and nutty cheese under the correct ripening conditions, DuPont says.

CHOOZIT Classic 800 allows early onset of acidification in the vat to enable optimum curd draining, which provides consistent acidification in the curd, creating the correct balance of cultures for flavor formation, the company adds.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
Muskegon, Michigan

Contact: Jill Batka, dynamic conveyor, 800-640-6850 ext. 107; email:; website:

New products: Dynamic Conveyor Corp. has introduced the DynaClean line of food conveyors, manufactured to meet the demand for custom food grade conveyors. These conveyors provide a quick and easy clean, as they can be driven by Van Der Graaf’s stainless steel continuous profile drum motor, which helps cut sanitization time in half compared to typical geared motor or conventional exposed drive, the company says.

The drum motor allows the conveyor to operate without sprockets, as it uses an all stainless-steel profile to direct the belt on the conveyor. This assists in lower risk for bacterial contamination, as food byproducts cannot get trapped in areas between the sprockets, the company adds. Furthermore, the conveyors require no additional tools.

E-Sep Technologies LLC
Belmont, California

Contact: Trish Choudhary, founder and CEO, 650-720-0295; email:; website: www.eseptechnolo

New product: E-Sep Technologies has created ESEP 1000, a system that combines the functionality of nanofiltration and the preciseness of traditional resin-based ion exchange and electrodialysis without using chemicals or complex machinery, the company says. The system has undergone several trial runs with a variety of feeds, including whey, UF permeate and others, and also has processed acid whey from Greek yogurt plants to neutralize and separate lactose and lactic acid/milk minerals in one step.

The self-cleaning system operates on a continuous process using a stackable and modular design. With power and water, more than 90 percent demineralization is possible in one time through the system. It runs on the company’s programmable software and proprietary, energy-efficient power supply. The system has an operating temperature range from 33 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, is pH stable from pH 4-pH 10 and is a low-pressure system using 20-100 PSI, the company says.

The system also can remove all ions simultaneously regardless of size, charge and valence, and it also can recover these as natural milk minerals once pulled from the feed solution, the company adds.

Flexicon Corp.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Contact: Flexicon Corp., 888-353-9426; email:; website:

New product: Flexicon Corp. has introduced a new bulk bag lifting frame with telescoping arms that accommodates bulk bags processed in an increasing range of sizes.

The telescoping arms can be adjusted using clevis pins and safety clips to a range of settings to accommodate bulk bags from 32 to 47 inches square at the upper sew seam. This adjustability also allows the lifting frame to work safely with rectangular bags, the company says.

Available in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings or stainless steel, the adjustable frames are standard equipped with Flexicon’s patented Z-CLIP strap channels that hold the straps securely while allowing rapid insertion and removal.

FoodTools Consolidated Inc.
Santa Barbara, California

Contact: Doug Petrovich, vice president of sales, 269-637-9969; email:; fax: 269-637-1619; website:

New products: FoodTools Consolidated Inc. has developed the 5-AF-CW cheese wheel cutter for slicing semi-hard and hard cheese wheels into two to 24 wedge-shaped portions. The machine is manually loaded, rotated and unloaded, and two horizontal strips hold the wheel in place as the blade slices vertically. In addition, holders for the cheese wheel can be custom-made for many varying diameters and portions.

The product is made of stainless steel, hard-coat anodized aluminum and ultra-high molecular weight food grade plastic materials. The pneumatically-operated blade also is made of stainless steel, and the product is designed to meet dairy standards and is sanitary, the company says.

Another new machine for the company is the FoodTools 5W, which uses wires to cut cheese blocks into rectangle or square shapes. The wires also can slice in three dimensions to meet any size and shape.

GEA North America
Columbia, Maryland

Contact: Email:, website:

New products: GEA North America has introduced the new GEA CMT CombiPlus Model cooking-stretching machine. The product is available in production capacities from 2,000 to 13,000 pounds per hour (1 to 6 metric tons per hour). The CombiPlus is designed for extreme flexibility using steam, hot water, or a combination of both for heating. This flexibility provides the potential for substantially reducing the generation of cooker water, GEA says. In addition, cheese yield is enhanced by delivering precise moisture control in the product.

The CombiPlus is well suited to production of Mozzarella, Provolone, pizza cheese and other firm pasta filata varieties such as Caciocavallo and Scamorza, GEA says. Performance of the CombiPlus is further improved with the application of the patented GEA CMT VULCAN non-stick surface treatment on product contact surfaces. Unlike competing surface coating technology, the VULCAN surface treatment will not chip, flake or peel, GEA says.

General Machinery Corp.
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Contact: 920-458-2189; email:; fax: 920-458-8316; website:

New products: General Machinery Corp.’s (GenMac’s) new Model 1820 and 1820W Single Direction In-line Cheese Cutters are designed to slice cheese blocks into uniform portioned logs for use with slicing machines. Both models have stainless steel frames and manufactured parts with 100 percent wash-down components, and the stainless wire harp on each model can easily be removed for cleaning and wire changes, the company says. In addition, each model comes with an adjustable speed control and operates with 4 CFM at 80PSI of air.

The cheese cutters can handle product load level height and discharge of 35 inches, and the cutters’ heights are adjustable with leveling pads or casters to accommodate different discharge methods. According to GenMac, both models use a two-hand, anti-tie down control unit when the cutter is in motion, which prevents user interaction while the machines are slicing. Upon release of the anti-tie down control, the pusher returns to its home position immediately, the company says.

The machines also allow loading while unloading product, which the company says helps reduce production time. The cheese cutters accommodate both right- and left-hand loading by flipping the hard/platen and product stop, GenMac adds.

Another new GenMac product is the Model 3090 Dual Direction Pneumatic Cheese Cutter, which has adjustable pusher speeds and is designed to cut 40-lb. cheese blocks into uniform portions for retail or wholesale purposes, the company says. The cheese cutter has a stainless steel frame, manufactured parts and 100 percent wash-down components.

The model also can accommodate for both right- and left-hand loading and has a product load and discharge height at 35 inches, with either adjustable casters or leveling pads, GenMac adds. The machine operates on 4 CFM at 80PSI of air, with a cutting cycle time of about 60 seconds depending on the cheese type and portion size. The model’s overall footprint is 52 inches by 63 inches by 46 inches.

Also on GenMac’s docket are two new Cheese Wheel Cutters. The company is developing Model 3601, which will be a single-stage cheese wheel cutter that will be operated by either air or hydraulics. The model will accommodate various sizes of wheels and wedge sizes. Model 3602 will be a two-stage unit that will core and cut cheese wheels. More information on these cheese wheel cutters will be available later this year.

Haden & Custance
Hastings, New Zealand

Contact: Nathan King, vice president of sales, 414-882-8924; email:; website:

New products: Haden & Custance, a supplier of several cheese-block handling technologies, has debuted several new items.

The De-palletize, De-carton, Repalletize/Process for multiple blocks (DDRP-MB) is a multi-format de-cartoning system unit that is designed to work with various carton types — both lined and unlined — using knifeless carton removal technology.

The company says DDRP-MB safely removes outer packaging, presenting undamaged wrapped blocks each time. The system also reduces labor and allows staff to conduct higher value work, minimizing their injury risk and risk of product contamination, among other benefits, the company adds.

The De-Bagger Multi Block (DBMB) is a bag-removal unit made to manage complex in-feeds. The unit accepts multiple product types without changing the operator interface or tooling, and it minimizes the likelihood of leaving plastic residue on an outgoing cheese block, the company says.

Similar to the DDRP-MB, the DBMB reduces labor and decreases contamination risk while efficiently managing plastic waste, the company adds.

Also new to Haden & Custance is the Defect and Foreign Object Detection (DFOD), a system that provides the critical control point prior to further processing, the company says. There are three options that all work to detect defects while slicing 20-pound to 40-pound cheese blocks. First is inspection through a clear plastic bag to find any visible color defects prior to de-bagging; second, inspection for visible color defects after de-bagging; third, inspection for visible color defects and detection of clear plastic bag residues after de-bagging — an unprecedented feature, the company says.

The system also can detect mold prior to bag removal to help prevent contamination, and the company says it will work with users if they want the system to detect any other particular objects, such as cardboard, wood or gasket material. The system can be retrofitted to existing lines and handle multiple block sizes, the company adds.

International Media and Cultures

Contact: Venkat Mantha, senior technologist and sales, 303-337-4028 ext. 112; email:; fax: 303-337-5140; website:

New products: International Media and Cultures (IMAC) has introduced its patented corn starch and potato starch anti-caking agents, with and without cellulose. Due to the company’s manufacturing process, the agents enhance functionality in raw and baked cheese, IMAC says.

For example, the anti-caking agents improve upon baking performance in terms of browning and stretch, among other factors, when compared to its competition, the company adds.

Peabody, Massachusetts

Contact: Olivier Réglat, F&B industry manager, 978-535-6060 ext. 1247; email:; website:

New product: KROHNE Inc. has introduced an OPTIMASS flow meter with entrained gas management, which resists negative effects of entrained gas in raw milk to improve flow measurement and allow for continuous monitoring of raw milk, the company says.

The meter helps users obtain an accurate measurement quickly when receiving milk at a dairy plant, with the global error at equal to or less than 0.2 percent for the full transfer of a truck tank. This helps reduce the risk of bacterial contamination compared to slower methods, such as de-aerating the milk, the company says. It also says the product will lessen capital costs, since users will not need to purchase a de-aerator or other measurement tools that can cost five to 10 times more than the meter.

Marchant Schmidt Inc.
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

IContact: Curt Ninmann, inside sales manager, 920-921-4760; fax: 920-921-9640; email:; website:

New product: Marchant Schmidt Inc. has developed a new continuous weigh system for applying cellulose powder to shredded or grated cheese. The system captures cheese volumes being converted and accurately deposits a percentage of cellulose, typically used as an anti-caking agent in cheese, to ensure consistent levels of powder being applied to the cheese prior to packaging.

The new weigh measurement system was designed to extinguish concerns from customers who want to properly manage accurate distribution of cellulose, the company says, adding that a critical aspect of accurate cellulose distribution is understanding how much cheese the shredder is processing at any given moment and having the ability to adjust cellulose instantaneously.

Cheese converting facilities can set the cellulose application level to their desired amount that allows the customers to have a preset recipe depending on cheese type. Software developed by Marchant Schmidt Inc. allows the customer to set the value of cellulose applied to a range of 1 to 3 percent (industry standard typically is around 2 percent).

Converters also can track current or past data associated with a particular production run.

Nelson-Jameson Inc.
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Contact: Nelson-Jameson, 800-826-8302; email:; website:

New products: Nelson-Jameson Inc. is a single-source supplier of various dairy products, and it has released numerous new items.

The Benchkote Surface Protector is an absorbent and impermeable material made to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The material includes Whatman paper that absorbs spills quickly and a laminated polyethylene layer that prevents leakage to the working surface. After use, the sheet can either be incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations. It is available in sheets or full rolls.

The Sapphire Bottletop Dispenser include dual-valve technology, saving time, making chemical handling safer and increasing lab productivity. With the dual valve, the dispenser can rinse and refill bottles without dismounting. Its functionality allows for four modes of operation, including Dilution, Rinsing, Dial Liquid Handling and Re-circulation. The dispenser also comes with five bottle adapters and a Calibration Certificate.

For more information on the Benchkote Surface Protector or the Sapphire Bottletop Dispenser, contact Cathy Laube, product manager-laboratory supplies, at

The LactiCheck RapiRead Milk Analyzer is an automated system that assays fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein composition. The system is designed to test unprocessed and processed cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk products and can provide a complete milk composition profile in about 40 seconds, the company says.

The Tuttnauer Benchtop Sterilizers provide users with a safe means of sterilizing liquids, instruments, media, clothing, glassware and waste. Each cycle stage is microprocessor-controlled and completely automatic with these electronic models. The sterilizers also have four fully adjustable, single-button programs to ensure reproducible runs and do not have external plumbing or hardwiring, allowing for easy installation, the company says.

For more information on the LactiCheck RapiRead Milk Analyzers or the Tuttnauer Benchtop Sterilizers, contact Jessica Goessl, product manager-laboratory supplies, at

The 6110PF Biodegradable Disposable Nitrile Gloves are biodegradable 4-mil nitrile disposable gloves made with Showa’s Eco Best Technology (EBT). Useful for many applications, the powder-free gloves perform the same as non-EBT nitrile disposable gloves. The gloves are 9.5 inches in length, provide a second skin feel and have a rolled cuff, the company says. There are 100 gloves per box and 10 boxes per case.

Tingley High-Visibility Clothing provides JobSight apparel, which is designed for excellent daytime and nighttime visibility, comfort and safety protection in the work environment, the company says. Users can choose from T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and vests. Also available are Phase 2 and Phase 3 High Visibility Jackets, which are breathable, insulated and wind-resistant, the company adds.

For more information on the 6110PF Biodegradable Disposable Nitrile Gloves or the High-Visibility Clothing, contact Ashley Heiman, product manager-MRO, at

The Best Sanitizers SmartStep Footwear Sanitizing Stations is a foot-operated sanitizing unit that employees can use prior to entering the facility to reduce cross-contamination from footwear, the company says. The HACCP-certified product is available with or without a handle, which would mount to the floor to provide a safe and secure hand hold while in use. It utilizes 50-80 PSI air with 1 CFM to deliver an atomized spray of Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer onto footwear soles, providing coverage at 0.2 ounces per foot.

For more information on the Best Sanitizers SmartStep Footwear Sanitizing Stations, contact Amanda Hilgart, product manager-MRO, at

The Single Pin Squeeze Clamp is spring loaded and allows users to easily tighten the wingnut while holding fittings in place, creating efficient and simple cleaning and maintenance processes, the company says. Pressure ratings reflect wingnut tightened to 25 inch-pounds of torque.

Nelson-Jameson also offers high-quality stainless steel tubing in case quantities. Case pricing aims to make users’ projects or expansion more economically efficient and ships directly from the manufacturer.

For more information on the Single Pin Squeeze Clamp or Tubing by the case, contact Betty Wrege, product manager-process systems, at

The Chemical Drum Pump Package, a 55-gallon drum chemical dispense package, comes ready-to-use and includes a corrosion-resistant pump, variable speed motor, 6-foot hose and dispense valve, and mounting bracket. The package’s centrifugal pumps have high-flow capability, do not have seals, run dry and stall against a closed discharge without damage. Various pump lengths are available, such as a 27-inch, 52-inch or 72-inch pneumatic pump motor, with maximum flow rates based on water.

For more information on the Chemical Drum Pump Packages, contact Gina Kretschmer, product manager-process systems, at

Labalog is Nelson-Jameson’s first department-specific catalog, which results in part from customer suggestions. With more than 250 pages, the Labalog consists of products that address food safety and quality control concerns. The catalog includes special features, such as a four-color insert with 3M Food Safety products, product headings and other tools that make for a more organized process when ordering laboratory supplies.

A wide variety of 3M Safety Products, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and food safety items, help facilities run safely and efficiently. PPE includes hearing and eye protection, among others, and food safety equipment helps users ensure they are meeting food quality standards, the company says. Catalogs are available upon request.
Nelson-Jameson also offers expanded color-coded and metal detectable offerings. A complete color-coded program helps ensure a facility’s tools stay in the areas to which they are assigned, maintaining safety and quality, the company says.

In addition, as government regulations continue to emphasize the importance of using metal detectors to identify and reject harmful objects, the company says its metal detectable system maximizes food safety in processing plants by finding contaminants. Catalogs are available upon request.

For more information on the Labalog, 3M Safety Products or the color-coded and metal-detectable offerings, contact John Leonhardt, print and web manager, at

PDC International Corp.
Norwalk, Connecticut

Contact: Gary Tantimonico, 203-853-1516; email:; website:

New product: PDC International Corp., a global manufacturer of precision shrink sleeve labeling and shrink banding machinery, has introduced its F-160 Sanitary Design Shrink Bander.

F Series Shrink Banders are ideally suited to the application of tamper evident shrink bands to tapered and straight-wall tubs used for spreads, ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal, toppings and dried fruit, the company notes. F-160 Shrink Banders apply tamper evident bands 1 to 2.3 inches high and 2.5 to 6.75 inches in diameter. They are compatible with major commercial shrink sleeve films, including PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films in gauges as thin as 30 micron, depending on throughput and cap configuration.

Fully mechanical, PDC F-160 Sanitary Systems perform without vacuum or pneumatic devices or spinning knives, reducing some of the major causes of difficulty and downtime, the company says. These systems are all stainless steel and use exclusive PDC blades that have an average service life of months or longer and can be re-sharpened.

Sanitary construction features include zero penetration of hollow frame members, motorized washdown modes for cleaning and stainless mesh guarding instead of the typical polycarbonate. Systems have a touch screen interface, static eliminator and low material and material-out sensors. Other standard features include full safety enclosure, heavy-duty mechanical construction, PLC control and servos, tool-less changeover, upstream photo-eyes and motorized material unwind.


Contact: Azam Khan, product manager; email:, website:

New products: PolyOne’s ColorMatrix business has licensed the right to manufacture, market and sell a high-performance light blocking technology for liquid dairy packaging from PET resin and concentrate manufacturer Novapet.

Novapet’s DCU (Dairy Concentrate Ultra) additive protects liquid dairy products packaged in monolayer PET bottles from degrading due to light. Novapet already has established DCU additive as a reliable light-blocking solution and will retain commercial and manufacturing responsibility for the product in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Meanwhile, PolyOne will manufacture, market and sell the product as ColorMatrix Lactra SX Light Blocking Additive in all remaining markets.

“The DCU additive fits perfectly with our existing portfolio of specialty additives for protecting liquid dairy products,” says Bjoern Klaas, general manager, ColorMatrix at PolyOne. “We appreciate Novapet’s in-depth understanding of the PET packaging market and its strong focus on product development and innovative product solutions.”

ColorMatrix Lactra SX is supplied as a solid master batch, and provides the ability to tailor the level of light protection by adjusting the dosage (percent) to match the needs of each individual product. As an alternative to multilayer preforms, this additive can easily be added to PET using a single-stage process that gives identical light blocking performance at a lower machinery cost, PolyOne says. The simpler injection process also can lead to reduced production waste, while the lighter-weight bottle lowers production costs, the company adds.

Powder Process-Solutions
Chanhassen, Minnesota

Contact: Scott Lodermeier, component sales, 952-279-5424; email:, website:

New products: Powder Process-Solutions (PPS) has introduced Sanitary Rotary Magnets, uniquely designed to remove ferrous and weakly charged magnetic particles from product flows that tend to plug and bridge in stationary magnetic grates.

“Not only is the rotary magnet a wonderful design for powders because of the rotary action and high strength magnets, but it also sets itself apart from other rotary magnets on the market by obtaining USDA Dairy Acceptance,” company officials say.

The rotary action prevents the product from bridging the process stream while breaking apart soft lumps and cohesive materials. The rotary action also provides a superior product to magnet contact ratio versus conventional grate magnets, PPS says.

In addition, there is no area inside the housing for product to accumulate due to ledge-free designs, and rotor magnet is supported on slide rails for easy and quick disassembly for cleaning, PPS adds.

Quest Industrial
Monroe, Wisconsin

Contact: Phone: 608-325-5850; email:, fax: 608-325-5928; website:

New products: Quest Industrial has released a new pick-and-place system, Quik Pick & Pack Plus, offering versatility to its users. The modular and expandable system can manage items from a half ounce to 20 pounds and has product in-feed rates between 20 and 400 pieces per minute.

Available in various types of stainless steel, the system is sanitary and safe for use in high-moisture environments . It is made with FDA-compliant plastics and corrosion-resistant coatings, and users can select various finishes and other custom features, such as pile and base stacks, random cuts to shingle stack, and 2-3 stack to twin stack.

To launch later this year, Quest Industrial also has announced its Mini Boxed-Bot, an automated palletizer that has been reduced in size but does not alter in functionality. The Mini Boxed-Bot’s footprint is about 6 feet by 7 feet and can speed up to 40 units per minute based on the product’s type, size and weight, handling up to 60 pounds per unit.

The machine comes with an Allen-Bradley touchscreen and can be designed with raw 304 stainless steel or polished, matte or powder-coated mild steel based on the Mini Boxed-Bot’s environment. The Quest Engineering team also designs the machine using FDA-compliant plastics and cast metals finished with corrosion-resistant coatings.

The Mini Boxed-Bot comes with the company’s QBox Technology, a system that facilitates a user’s ability to design or adjust pallet stack patterns with its interactive touchscreen system, the company says.

Willmar, Minnesota

Contact: Tom Gumpert, sales engineer, email:; Steve Ejnik, vice president of cheese systems, email:; phone: 320-231-2210; website:

New products: RELCO LLC has introduced Tru-Block, a mechanical device that presses cheese curds into cheese blocks by applying appropriate pressure and time before placing the cheese block into a package for sealing and packaging.

Tru-Block is built from the company’s legacy Stoelting towers, along with customer input, to create a newer model that addresses the changing marketplace. Tru-Block provides improved sanitation, increased thruput performance, decreased waste and user-friendly software, among other benefits, in comparison to the previous model, RELCO says.

The company also anticipates the arrival of several other products this year, such as the Perfect Cheddar Belt Technology, the Salting Belt Technology and a High-Yield Horizontal Cheese Vat.

Solvaira Specialties
North Tonawanda, New York

Contact: Chad Douglas, director of dairy sales, 717-669-7277; email:; phone: 888-698-1936; website:

New product: Solvaira Specialties has introduced Flo Am Dairy, a dairy-based anti-caking agent intended for use with shredded, cubed and crumbled cheeses.

Flo Am Dairy was made to help improve the efficiency of cheese processing, extend shelf life and increase producers’ profits with the additional benefit of using natural, dairy-based, non-GMO ingredients, the company says. The product also provides excellent flow, low-dust characteristics, and non-browning oven melt performance, in addition to having flexible formulation and application levels for various quality needs and broad functional requirements, the company says.

SPX Flow
Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact: Chad Hawkins,, or Scott Dillner,; website:

New products: SPX Flow is offering new and upgraded solutions for butter making.

The SPX Flow Continuous Butter Making Machine, recently updated to the latest European Union standards for machine safety, integrates cream pre-heating and buttermilk cooling. It offers a high degree of remote or automatic control and a high level of flexibility in working intensity and moisture distribution, all designed to help improve operational efficiency, the company says.

The GS Butter Reworker can rework butter directly from cold storage without prior tempering. Designed to simplify production logistics, the machine has no cutting at its inlet, so it minimizes mechanical shear for lower energy use. The technology can process high volumes of butter while ensuring consistent moisture levels through controlled butter flow and in-line moisture dosing, the company says. When used in repackaging applications, the Reworker reduces air content to low doses and enables flexible adjustment of final product composition through the inclusion of additional ingredients such as water, buttermilk or salt. A melting unit can be installed after the reworker if required.

Sulbana Group
Monroe, Wisconsin

Contact: Ruedi Bucher, president, 608-426-6415; email:; website:

New products: Sulbana Group has released two new products.

Its Fully Automated Brine System is designed according to each user’s measurements to achieve maximum use of floor space, the company says. The system does not have an overhead crane and comes with a continuous salt concentration device.

The cheese is mechanically guided throughout the entire brining process, with brine cages moving up and down as the cheese floats in and out of the brine. The brine solution is continuously circulated, cooled and filtered, the company says.

The Foamico Low Pressure Foam Cleaning System is an all-in-one cleaning system for surface cleaning and open plant disinfection in the food and beverage industries, Sulbana Group says, and it enables users to rinse with a pressure of 330PSI and foam with caustic, acid and sanitizer.

The stainless-steel cleaning system is durable and ranges from Grundfos Booster Pumps, Main Stations, Satellites and Mobile units, the company says. Benefits of the system include a design for use with three chemicals, 30 to 40 percent reduction in cleaning time, and less energy and water consumption, among others, the Sulbana Group says.

Synder Filtration
Vacaville, California

Contact: Kim D’Costa, marketing and inside sales supervisor, 707-451-6060; email:; fax: 707-451-6064; website:

New product: Synder Filtration recently earned the Kosher Pareve Certification from the Earth Kosher Certification Agency and the Halal Certification from the Islamic Services of America.

The Kosher Pareve Certification allows products made from Synder’s membrane filtration elements to be consumed and utilized by Jewish community members. Additionally, other products created through Synder’s membrane filtration also can be used by other companies that require kosher certification for production processes. An example is whey protein, a byproduct of cheesemaking that typically involves membrane filtration. The whey undergoing the company’s membrane filtration during processing would be labeled as kosher and/or halal compliant, the company says.

The Halal Certification deemed the company’s sanitary membrane filtration products to be in accordance with halal standards and qualifications, recognizing that the company’s membrane filtration products are compliant with Islamic religious requirements. Both certifications are subject to renewal on an annual basis.

WOW Logistics Co.
Appleton, Wisconsin

Contact: Jamie Wally, vice president of sales, 800-236-3565; email:; website:

New product: WOW Logistics has introduced the 4PL Service, which is designed to assist companies seeking warehousing solutions in various locations to improve efficiency and operational performance. With WOW’s knowledge and leadership in dry- and refrigerated-food storage, along with its expertise in food safety, HAACP principals and FSMA standards, the company says it is qualified to meet the needs of the dairy industry.

The service is geared toward helping identify qualified warehouse providers in optimal locations and streamlining operations for administrative processes. In addition, the company says it will provide one invoice for all operations, verify that all warehouses have necessary insurance coverages, and see that warehouses abide by operations for the handling and storing of dairy products.



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