PG Wood Imports offers high-quality wood packaging options, top customer service

By Alyssa Mitchell

Photo courtesy of PG Wood Imports

STURDY AND SAFE — PG Wood Imports offers wood packaging solutions for the cheese industry. Wood’s primary attributes are its durability and strength to “hold” the shape of the cheese and keep the product safe and fresh.
 Photo courtesy of PG Wood Imports
FRESH PRODUCT — “Hardwood hinders the growth of bacteria,” notes Dmitry Huryn, owner of PG Wood Imports. “Wood also cools down slower and more evenly and therefore better preserves the quality and taste of the cheese.”

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Safe, natural and sustainable. These are attributes many consumers are looking for today as they shop for foods and beverages, and the cheese industry is poised to deliver on these requests with the use of sustainable packaging materials, including wood.

PG Wood Imports is a provider of wood packaging solutions for dairy and other industries, The company — which is based in Georgia and has distribution channels in nearly every corner of the world, from Eastern Europe to North America, South America, Australia and Asia — continues to exceed industry standards in wood quality as well as customer service, says owner Dmitry Huryn.

Huryn is one of two founders of the company and serves as president of operations and a managing member. PG Wood Imports has been in business since 2003, serving the cheese industry in the United States and Canada with its hardwood 640-pound cheese box since its inception.

Wood long has been a staple in the cheese industry, not only for packaging but also for aging cheese. In 2014, FDA clarified its position on the use of wood shelving in artisan cheesemaking — ultimately reaffirming it was acceptable — after cheesemakers, lawmakers and other dairy industry stakeholders voiced concerns over a policy statement issued by the agency earlier that year. The American Cheese Society also issued a position statement that year noting that cheesemakers continue to use wood for production due to its inherent safety, unique contribution to the aging and flavor-development process, and track record of safety as part of overall plant hygiene and good manufacturing practices.

Huryn notes wood packaging’s primary attributes are its durability and strength to “hold” the shape of the cheese and keep the product safe and fresh. It’s also environmentally friendly as a reusable source and can easily be repaired.

“It’s very much in demand, even outside of dairy among consumers in the furniture and flooring industries,” he says. “It’s a cost-effective, reliable and natural solution for many applications.”

Huryn adds that shipping and storage require tight tolerances and no room for error. PG Wood Imports’ offerings not only provide the strength to meet customers’ needs but also ensure that packaging components are fabricated to designated specifications so there’s no question as to the integrity of the product during shipment or storage.

“Hardwood hinders the growth of bacteria. Wood also cools down slower and more evenly and, therefore, better preserves the quality and taste of the cheese,” he notes.

In addition, the surface of wood often generates unfavorable conditions for microorganisms and has the particular characteristic of producing antimicrobial components able to inhibit or limit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, notes a study published in a 2016 edition of the journal Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, a publication of the Institute of Food Technologists.

Huryn says wood packaging is a cost-effective alternative to other common materials like plastic, particularly from an initial investment standpoint and for customers who order in bulk.

“If a customer wants to place a large order, it’s a capital investment to save money over time,” he says.

He adds that customers have requested an option to make boxes lighter without increasing costs or sacrificing quality. One popular option is the company’s “combi-plywood.”

“We decreased the weight of the box by about 8-9% but kept the price the same,” he says.

PG Wood Imports’ 640-pound cheese containers are used by leading cheesemakers and reconditioners, Huryn says.

He adds most of PG Wood Imports’ boxes are produced from sustainably managed forests. They are FSC-certified, which means the wood used in the product and the manufacturer that made it meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

“This certification has been in demand, more in other industries, but I think it will continue to grow in the cheese industry as well,” he says.” A large percentage of our general sales — about 60% — are sustainably certified sales.”

Huryn notes PG Wood Imports conducts yearly audits to ensure certification is verified throughout the supply chain. Those audits are just one example of PG Wood Imports’ commitment to customer service and attention to quality.

He adds the company is well-connected with a strong logistics system and warehouses across the country and internationally.

“We can service customers located anywhere in North America very cost effectively, whether it’s on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Southeast, etc.,” he says.

Huryn notes PG Wood Imports listens to its customers and addresses any problems or issues right away.

“If a customer is not happy with our product, we’ll pick it up at no cost to the customer,” he says. “Our mission is to provide better packaging solutions. Better packaging preserves better quality of cheese.”

For more information, please contact Huryn at 404-822-3585 or email


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